Faye Resnick Drug Scandal


Faye Resnick is known to Housewives fans for being Kyle Richards’ BFF and for stirring up trouble on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but in the 90’s she was notorious for being a part of the O.J. Simpson trial and writing a book about her friend Nicole Brown Simpson.

In Faye’s infamous tell-all book; Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted, she admitted she took three trips to rehab for her self-described cocaine addiction. Despite her previous attempts at recovery, Resnick relapsed on hard drugs in the months just before Nicole’s June 1994 death.

“I’d slipped back into [snorting] and smoking coke two or three times a day, and mellowing the drug’s hard edge with Valium,” she wrote in her 1994 book, obtained by . Nicole Brown Simpson held an intervention for Resnick just days before her brutal murder on June 12th, 1994.

“How can this defeat me again? This will be my third time going to rehab. Is it ever going to end?” Faye said she asked Simpson.

Only three days into rehab, Resnick learned that her best friend was murdered. “A force like I’ve never felt shuddered over me,” she wrote. “The two counselors rushed to grab me as I went into convulsions. I was babbling, shrieking like a wild woman!”

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Why don’t I believe a word this woman says?

Because she isn’t perfect like you must be. Do you know her?

I don’t either. I get a bad vibe from her. She seems like Trouble with a capital T.

She is gross.. looks like an orangutan , as Lisa suggested.. Watching the OJ Miniseries just shows how much of a vile, disgusting, scumball that she is.. who would do what she did? She sold her soul to the devil.. and bashed her friend who was murdered.. all to make money.. this makes me not respect Kyle at all for taking a POS like Faye as a best friend.. great timing to meet her too Kyle..

I hope that people spit in her food when she goes out to eat

I assume this has come out because of the miniseries, I just don’t like anything about this woman and nothing to do with the book or OJ or prior to BH starting.

I don’t care for her either. I think she’s a user.

Hi Queenie! One of the 89’ers! Lol

In the OJ series portrayal of Resnick I can understand why she is referred to as morally corrupt.
I know my friend likes and defends her and I hope that the old Faye has become a nicer person than what I have seen recently on TV in the OJ story.

She is hard to like. I find Faye repulsive.
I am not watching the OJ stuff. I remember it all too well, Johhnny Cochran with “If it doesnt’t fit, you must acquit.” OJ’s glove was leather and had been wet and then dry. Anyone knows that leather can harden and as a result is not pliable. I have old leather garden gloves that became hard like a rock. The OJ case sickens me. I cannot even think about it. It is very sad for the families of those who were murdered too.

Not to mention, Sandy, that the glove was a size XL (the biggest size they made) and we know he had exactly that brand and they did fit. The not guilty ruling was a farce. And Faye Resnick used her friend’s death for her own greedy pursuit of fame. It gave her convulsions? Really? More like withdrawal gave her convulsions.

I totally agree.

I can’t watch her.. I have to fast forward.. she is beyond morally corrupt.. and Kyle is a loser for latching onto her in 1994.. and yet Kyle will out her sister, but be bff’s with a disgusting human POS like Faye????

Not to mention that he put it on over a latex glove. Nobody with half a wit bought that glove defense anyway. Total sham he whole trial, everyone knew and still knows that. Even his lawyers.

I totally agree.

Aunt Bee, I haven’t been watching the series because I am no fan of John Travolta. Can you explain to me why Faye was called morally corrupt. Was it because she wrote her book or was it the drugs or more?

I think she was called that because of what she wrote about HER FRIEND and because of her drug use. I have not read her book and won’t read it – but in this movie it seems like she dwells on every vile sex thing Oj and Nicole did.

That’s the funny thing. I don’t like or dislike her. She was a little aggressive toward Brandy and Lisa. Both times she was correct in her assessment, IMO. When I saw the hate and total bashing of her for something that happened TO HER, I felt compassion. I would defend anyone who got the totally out of line bashing she did. The lowest form of insults were used for her and only a couple posters spoke about her actual appearances on the show, it was about something they do not understand and obviously didn’t want to try to understand. Hey,… Read more »

I truly understand what you are saying 3D but if you are watching OJ and the way she is beingPORTRAYED you would see why she Was called morally repulsive. I do not see her as being a true friend to Nicole in her book. It seems that back then she was writing it for money.

I taped it but I haven’t seen more than the first hour, it looks like a crappy movie and the actor is not at all right for the part. O.J. was a huge guy, this actor is way too slight and I haven’t been able to wrap my head around him as O.J. The thing about Faye is that she was addicted to cocaine. Good or bad, that is a fact. Whether she cared for nothing else is neither her or there, for me. As I quoted before, 90% of people who were addicted to the extent she was are… Read more »

I stopped watching after the first show too for exactly that reason. I like the actor playing OJ but why they chose him for this part is so weird. I couldn’t watch cause I couldn’t get past this. In fact most of the actors picked for the parts suck. Except Marcia Clark. Whoever was in charge of casting must’ve been tripping.

3D you have a truly compassionate take on addiction in general. Once again, so do I, and I agree.

Me and you make 2 Jane B. The whole morally corrupt thing came from the obnoxious conceited Camille Grammar. Both have changed.

Same! I never knew anything about Faye pre housewives, so I could easily see why they called her morally corrupt based off what she did on the show but seeing the actual content of the book really makes it apparent she absolutely is morally corrupt.


Yes, SW, I agree from all that I am aware of, but did not read the book.

“The two counselors rushed to grab me as I went into convulsions. I was babbling, shrieking like a wild woman!”

Oh, Faye, you had this reaction when you started to sober up and realized you were in rehab with no access to your nose candy. I don’t believe the morally corrupt Faye Resnick even had any best friend back then except her dealer.

I’m sure that she was a coke whore.. and she portrayed her murdered friend as that.. who does that?

Doesn’t anyone here believe that people can change in 20 years? I am not defending what Resnick did way back when – but maybe she has learned from her mistakes. If she was drugged up 20 some years ago and is now clean and sober how long does one have to pay. I am sure the OJ movie has not helped her in any way and that is a shame if she is a new and better person than she was in 1996.

(((Preach, Aunt Bee))) *thumbs up*

❤️♉︎♉︎♈︎♈︎ ♑︎ Taurus, Sagittarius and Aries for You, Bee and Me.

What’s the sign for Capricorn?

It’s a mountain goat Aunt Bee. It’s the last squiggly line before the name Taurus up there. It’s a glyph representing the upward struggle and determination of the goat in order to overcome obstacles and succeed. That represents the main drive of the archetype of Capricorn; achievement and honor through hard work; the struggle. Saturn, the taskmaster, is the ruling planet. Did you really want to know all that I don’t know! ; )

Yes I did thank you JB


There are some people you can see right through because they’re trying to be something they’re not they come off so phony and rehearsed…I’m referring to this nasty woman, I can’t say her name anymore, it makes me feel dirty..gotta go wash..Yuck

Her face always looks dirty and greasy. She tries to come off as smug and superior but just looks like a phony ass.

Lol 😀

So, she did five more rehab trips after the one mentioned in the story?

They really should show some class and not allow this loathsome creature on the show anymore.

No one cares.