Faye Resnick Claims She WAS Invited To Lisa Vanderpump’s Tea!


After accusations flew that Faye Resnick was not invited to Lisa Vanderpump’s tea party on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kyle tweeted saying she would never bring Faye to an event where she wasn’t welcome, Lisa tweeted back saying she didn’t invite her, and then Lisa told RumorFix that she had no idea Faye was coming until the cars were being arranged. Lisa stands by the fact that she didn’t invite Faye to her home, because of the way Faye treated Brandi Glanville.

Now, Faye is speaking to Wetpaint Entertainment, insisting she was invited to the tea. “I was asked exactly the same way the rest of the cast was to Lisa’s tea. Lisa knew I was coming, which is why there was a place setting for me and for Kim. She acted like I ran in and stole Kim’s seat. That’s not true at all.”

“I would never have attended if I thought Lisa was going to use this as an opportunity to deliberately insult me. This is beyond my comprehension. Believe me, I had no interest in going in the first place, although there are certain events the whole cast is expected to attend. That’s why I was so quiet the whole time I was there,” Faye says.

“All the women receive the same schedule and Faye was on the schedule to shoot that day,” a source notes. “A car came to pick her up and when she arrived at the house, she was fitted with a mic. Everyone else knew she was going to be there. I’m not sure why Lisa’s saying she didn’t.”

“Lisa and I have never been close friends, but we had always been friendly until the recent dinner at Kyle’s, where I had words with Brandi,” Faye explains. “It’s clear Lisa will do anything to protect her. I meant what I said to Brandi that night, although I do regret that I lost my cool. I’ve always been a woman’s woman, but I cannot sit back and watch a friend of mine, Adrienne, being unjustly attacked.”

Photo Credit: Bravo