Faye Resnick, Brandi Glanville Feud! Faye Explains Herself…

Faye Resnick

Faye Resnick made an appearance on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and her feud with Brandi Glanville at Kyle Richards’ dinner party left a lasting impression on viewers. Faye told Brandi she needed to apologize to Adrienne for her hurtful comments, leading to a tiff between Kyle and Lisa, and Brandi walking out of the dinner party. In her Bravo Blog, Faye explains to viewers why she felt the need to get involved.

Faye writes, “After 2 years of working on the design of Kyle and Mauricio’s home, I was very happy they were thrilled with the result and had the home they always dreamed of. I knew Kyle was looking forward to having everyone over for the dinner party since the dinining room now complete. However, a few days before the dinner party, Kyle told me what had transpired with regard to Brandi’s unprovoked attack of Adrienne and Paul at Mauricio’s event. I was shocked and saddened by what I heard.

I’ve known Adrienne and the Maloof family for 25 years. I have always known Adrienne to be a woman of great integrity and with one of the kindest hearts in Beverly Hills. I felt deeply for Adrienne because I knew she would never say anything like that to anyone else or wish it upon anyone else. I called to check on Adrienne and heard the hurt in her voice as she cried on the phone. It broke my heart. Worse though, I knew this did not just affect her and Paul, but would also affect their children.

I knew Brandi was going to be at Kyle’s party, unfortunately, because of what Brandi had said, Adrienne would not be present. I thought it was important for Brandi to understand the severity of what she had said and offer her a solution on how to try to make amends. I don’t know Brandi, but I expected that like any other normal human being, she would recognize that she had stepped over the line and would want to apologize at the very least. . .Boy was I wrong.

By raising the issue at the dinner party I was hoping Brandi would shed some light as to what would drive her to reveal something so intensely personal and private. Brandi’s response was confusing. She first said she was sorry for what she said but didn’t want to apologize — yet. I didn’t understand? If you are sorry for something you have done and carrying it on your mind, and it’s upsetting you, why not just apologize and move on? If your truly sorry, you apologize and cleanse your aura. But minutes after saying she was sorry she said she wasn’t going to apologize because Adrienne hadn’t apologized to her. Apologize for what?

She then went on to further to attack Adrienne, and when she said that Adrienne had bought a book deal, that thew me over the edge. “Who buys a book deal?” Instead of apologizing to Adrienne she continued to attack her. And as far as her telling everyone at the table that “it’s none of your business”, she should have followed her own advice. What business was it of Brandi to involve herself in the most private and personal business of Adrienne and Paul’s?

It’s very difficult for me to sit back and watch anyone be mean to people that I love. The damage Brandi caused Kim and her family last season was reprehensible. The attacks on Adrienne and Paul was beyond belief. These statements are made with no purpose other than to be hurtful and cruel. And while afterwards she claims to be “sorry” for what she said, the harm has already been done, so saying, “Things just come out my mouth” or “I’m sorry” time and time again this behavior becomes disingenuous.”

UPDATE: Bravo has DELETED Faye’s Bravo Blog from their website! After Faye’s blog was posted viewers and fans were NOT pleased wit her reaction or her confronting Brandi! So did Bravo remove it because of the negative attention? You can still find Faye’s bio and picture under cast & info!

Tell Us- Do YOU think Faye had the right to say something to Brandi?

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21 Replies to “Faye Resnick, Brandi Glanville Feud! Faye Explains Herself…”

  1. Faye, who cares what you think!!! 2 years to decorate, wow, not impressed. Why do you even have a bravo blog? No one other than Kyle gives two hoots what you think.

  2. You paint Adreinne to be a saint. kind Hearted? This is the woman eho lied to police over and over to take her sons away from Paul. Goin as far to say Pail broke the finger of a boy by abusing him when the truth was the boy fell off a ride at school. She is manipulative amd will lie to get what she wants. She is a spoiled brat

  3. Faye Resnick is the last person on earth who should offer any comments or advice. She doesn’t have one iota of credibility. This is all about little Miss Manipulator Kyle Richards. She involved Faye because she knew that Faye was still holding a grudge and is extremely jealous if young, sexy Brandi. These old chics are all intimidated by Brandi’s youth. They are scrambling. If the secrets that Adrienne declared to be secrets were never uttered then no one would have know the true facts. This is all Adrienne’s fault. She opened her mouth. If you put a personal issue out to anyone, its no longer hidden. This is reality, reality TV.

  4. Wow! I felt bad for Brandi. Faye, you just basically attacked her and it’s not your fight. As far as the “mean girl mentality”, weren’t you part of the “lets dig up nude photos of Camille” party a while back? YOU are a mean girl. Shame on you! Brandy, only you know how you feel and what you need to do to move on. I’m with you.

  5. faye, remember the old saying, “Those that live in glass house’s should not cast the first stone”. check yourself befor you wreck yourself…..lots of secrets in this valley….and a lot of people know them here….

  6. Faye is portraying Adrienne as one who is generous. However we all know that it is not the case. At the last reunion, we saw Adrienne attacking Lisa. Why didn’t Faye mention anything about it. She wants to use any means to be part of the show. FAYE you better find something else to do. You are an attention seeker.

  7. Brandi has no right to dish out anyone personal issues like that especially amoung friends. She has always disliked Adrianne from what I have seen but Why? Lisa had asked what happen between both of them and she has not given a fair enough reason as to why.Is it that private ? Mauricio is the one that they all (kyle,Kim,Adrianne,Paul and Brandi) need to apologize to. Faye was totally out of line. Their is a time and place for everything. I guess you all don’t live by that motto.

    As ladies they all should try and empower each other instead of tearing each other down.

  8. Faye is just a coke who’re fiend! She needs to re-up and do more lines, git back in that bathroom with Kim, close the door. Come out and drop to your knëës, when your all out so you can “earn” your next teener! isn’t that a typical day for you anyway?

  9. Kyle is the worst of them all! She’ll smile in your face, while she’s talking about you behind your back! When I look at her and Kim, all I see is the purest of evil! Kim & Kyle have been on Brandi’s ass since she first walked in on crutches, for no reason! Sooooo jealous! I can see the evil steaming off of them. Perhaps most don’t see what I see, but I can see right thru Kyle and Kim. I know the game their playing and they’ve got another thing coming because it’s a game they cannot win! It’ll all come crumbling down on them. I can’t believe Kim is still playing the “Woahs Me” card, get over yourself! You know you were up to no good that day, with those many trips to the bathroom! Why else does someone go every ten minutes, if not to “do another”? The only mistake Brandi made, was to say it was meth, when we all know it was more likely coke! The rich man’s drug of choice!

  10. Appsolutely Faye had no business bringing that subject up, but that was what Kyle wanted, no matter how much she denies that fact. I already don’t watch Atlanta or Miami, and am debating on NY after the last season with Aviva. Maybe she will turn it around like Cammile, or maybe she’ll just be a Jill. At any rate if they bring Faye on BH as a housewife, that will be eliminated from my viewing list as well. No matter, I can also find fan pages to talk about plenty of shows I do like. Such as “Walking Dead”, “Copper”, “Game of Thrones”, “Last Resort”…..etcetera. Maybe get rid of all Bravo “viewing unenjoyment” that their shows have morphed into.

  11. Yes, as Adrianne’s friend Faye did have a right to talk with Brandi about it. Maybe this wasn’t the best time to broach it, but that’s kind of besides the point. Brandi was totally out of line to say whatever it was that she said that dinner that was so personal Adrianne. How does Brandi not see this and apologize to Adrianne? I think she says these things for attention and to stay relevant. But there’s lines that you shouldn’t cross, esp. when it comes to people’s children and families, and she should know that. I like Brandi for the most part, but this was wrong regardless of what Adrianne has or hasn’t done to her, and she should realize that rather than making excuses for it.

    Oh, and I think Kim had every right to tell Paul and Adrianne what Brandi had been openly saying about them behind their backs. Again, maybe not the best time and place, but like Kim I’m suprised that other’s hadn’t already told Adrianne about it, as her friend.

  12. Faye Resnick isn’t interesting or beautiful enough to be a RHOBH star. Besides, she takes cheap shots at Brandi and Lisa which is predictable and banal — not cool. The less we see of this wanna be, the better!

  13. =/Um Fayke Retchnick…Brandi didn’t attack Adrienne and Paul at Mauricio’s event. It was Kim who caused that fiasco. Poo stirring Kyle and her psycho sister Kim have been the cause of all the drama. Kyle must know Brandi well enough to realize that if you ask her a question you’re gonna get a straight answer from her, good, bad, or indifferent. Asking Brandi about Adrienne seemed calculated on Kyle’s part. Kyle appears to LOVE to get people to say outrageous things and then sit gleefully back and and act shocked. I’ve noticed her trying to catch people’s eye to see who she can count on to gang up with her against that person. She just doesn’t want to look like an instigator. She clearly was on team Adrienne at the reunion. And what the heck has happened to Mauricio? He seems to have contracted Jill Zarin Syndrome aka fame going to ones head. I love how Ken showed his loss of respect for M at the art gallery.

  14. Faye who? She is a wanna be in Beverly Hills, I think she had the contractors at Kyle’s home staple her face too tight! Loosen it up girl!

  15. Faye is an ex cocaine addict, admitted threesome partner in sexual escapades, repeatedly divorced, rude, obnoxious and plan white trash, why would she think ANYONE would care what her opinion is? I found it laughable that she made the comment to Brandi that she would never be a lady. Faye has no clue what a lady is, and Brandi is far more a lady than Faye would ever be. Faye is just a plain awful human being.

  16. If Faye is one of the Housewives I will not watch the show ever again. She is one of the most stupid, evil person on tv

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