Faye Resnick Blames Brandi Glanville For Adrienne Maloof Divorce!

Faye Resnick

We’ve all seen the previews for the next episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Faye Resnick is back, and she is claiming Brandi Glanville is responsible for tearing Adrienne Maloof’s family apart, and that Brandi had a lot to do with Adrienne’s divorce from Paul Nassif. If you thought the backlash from Faye’s comments were bad before, wait until she goes after Brandi again…

During the episode Adrienne is shown talking down to Paul during a party they are throwing. Paul ends up leaving the party, and viewers learn that the couple has officially separated.

Faye wastes no time sticking her nose in and defending Adrienne. “Do you feel good about yourself? Breaking up a family?” Faye asks Brandi. “You put them through hell,” Faye adds.

Yolanda Foster has earned respect from viewers for the way she has handled the drama between the women, and she steps up to Faye calling her behavior, “pathetic.” Yolanda doesn’t hold back and says, “That is b– t Faye!” Brandi is shocked by Faye’s allegations, replying “are you joking?”

Yolanda eeventually takes Brandi away from Faye. But as she turns, Yolanda says to Faye “that’s pathetic.”

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22 Replies to “Faye Resnick Blames Brandi Glanville For Adrienne Maloof Divorce!”

  1. Go away, far away from any form of attention or tv cause NOBODY likes you. You danced on the grave of your best friend for a fast, easy dollar. You bleached you skin, had plastic surgery, hair systems to try to erase a beautiful ethnicity of african american – you are a sad human being – or monster. You make viewers sick. You and Kyle are a complete and utter joke.

  2. #GoAwayFaye You’re like a massive boil with oozing, foul smelling pus. Can you appear on RHOBH without uttering Brandi’s name? We all have Kyle Richards to blame for reintroducing viewers to Nicole Brown Simpson’s friend who profited off of her death. Was anyone aware that Faye Resnick and Kyle Richards run in the same social circle as Snooki?

  3. Fuck outta here. Adrienne and Paul did it to themselves. I used to like Faye but seriously?? It’s not Brandi’s fault Adrienne treats and has ALWAYS treated Paul like crap! Ain’t nobody can deny that!

  4. Faye is really jockeying for a more regular spot on Housewives. She’ll do and say anything; morally corrupt is right…and Kyle is right behind her. Thankfully, Lisa’s got Kyle’s number. Kyle will even prostitute her poor sister Kim’s illness to try and stay relevant. Kim knows her sister better than anybody and should out her. Kyle’s cold, self centered, emotionally vacant. The almighty dollar prevails! Now that Mauricio’s business has taken off, Kyle doesn’t feel she needs Lisa’s friendship or business connection any longer. Kyle and Mauricio have been jockeying in such an obvious way for seasons between Lisa and Camille and even Adrienne; anybody with major dollars. Careful guys, it’s a long way down.

  5. who is she like lol? like she really needs to stop faye we get it your REALLY STARVING TO GET ON THE REAL HOUSEWIVES BUT UR DOING IT IN THE WRONG WAY HUNNIE NO ONE WILL LIKE YOU BECAUSE OF YOUR TRACK RECORD. ive been watching rhobh since season1 and i see how paul and adrienne treat eachother it was a long time coming

  6. Get rid of the slut Faye Resnick. I won’t watch this show anymore with that pig on it. I’ll continue to watch Orange County and New York. I hope Bravo is happy ruining this franchise with Resnick.

  7. Resnick is an infamous old coke whore from the wrong side of the tracks and the blanket, no one with an ounce of brain matter or an iota of decency would listen to a sinle false word she utters, let alone invite her through their door.

  8. @ Lou and @ Pinky You two got it right with this one. Noone likes Faye at all, But unfortunatly while I was reading everyones posts they may bring her on to be friends with Kyle and Kim. Because we know for sure Brandi and Lisa are coming back. Camille and Adrienne are boycotting the show with Lawyers telling all of their clients not to go on RHOBH. If they have money don’t do it. Only if their broke like Brandi. Taylor is up in the air… And the way Faye is hated, it will bring in the ratings and they would have the two teams “Lisa, Yolanda, and Brandi”, “Faye, Kim, and Kyle”. I hope I’m wrong about Faye and Kyle, I really don’t like them. Kyle sits back while Faye shoots her mouth off. Ewww

  9. Ya know, you guys are right. Even though ratings are poor this year….Andy never gets it right. He is so up Kyle and Morris’s butt – he probably is dumb enough to bring Faye on, (appears he is desperate) the hollywood crowd of available women don’t seem too enthused to film with this bunch and I think the Richard sisters and Faye have moved this show to a low level of trash and stupidity. So Andy will reason in his 13 year old pea brain that Faye & Richard’s sis of haters will tune in. And, of course, this show will do so poorly that it will be its last season. Because Andy is stupid and Faye, Kyle, Morris, and Kim think they are stars. Ugh!

  10. Fayke would blame Brandi for bad weather. If Paul and Addie had a good marriage any problems would only bring them closer not tear them apart. I have watched this season with that skanky trash only because it was filmed before Bravo realized how much Fayke is despised by the viewing public but if she is on next year I’m not lowering myself to look at her. I love Yolando–she is a great friend and had Brandi’s back and was spectacular in turning their backs on that snake and walking off.

  11. Fayke would blame Brandi for bad weather. If Paul and Addie had a good marriage any problems would bring them closer together not tear them apart. I have watched this season because Bravo did not know how despised Fayke was with the viewing public, but would not watch if they bring her back again and would hope that the other ladies would refuse to work with her. I love Yolanda. she is a wonderful friend and had Brandi’s back against that snake stalking and attacking her. It was spectacular watching her and Brandi turning their backs on that gutter snipe and walking away.

  12. Brandi did not need to brake up Maloof marrage they did it to them selfs. Now do not get me wrong I do not like Brandi but this time she is in the right. I hope Fay is gone forever but I am affard she is here to stay thanks to Kyle.

  13. I don’t like Kyle, but Faye is just a whole other level of dislike. She is REVILED! And not just by me, but by many! She reminds me of that scene in Mommie Dearest….The one where Joan Crawford is cutting down her rose garden, because she was labeled Box Office Poison. THAT is Faye Resnick to the RHOBH. BOX OFFICE POISON!!!

  14. Faye is trash, pure and simple. It is evident that she wants a spot as a housewife. It would be foolish if Bravo would do so. She needs to crawl back under rock she crawled out from under. Kyle needs to stand up for someone or something she believes in, or she can join Faye under that rock. Yolanda is the heroine on this show. She represents a classy, wealthy woman who stands up for her friends and isn’t intimidated by the likes of Camille and Faye. Brandy is truthful to who she really is. You don’t have to agree with her, but you have to respect her for her honesty.

  15. I’m surpirse that A and P didn’t seperate befor the show ever aired, she is themost rude of all the housewives other than the wanna be Fayeker!

    Hasn’t Kyle had her moment in the sun!

    We already know Taylor, Camille are gone and Adrienne!!! That’s a start, now make those ugly Kyle and Kim and Wanna Be go away and get some one that’s not stuff and stitched like a Turkey on!

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