Faye Resnick Blames Brandi Glanville For Adrienne Maloof Divorce!

Faye Resnick

We’ve all seen the previews for the next episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Faye Resnick is back, and she is claiming Brandi Glanville is responsible for tearing Adrienne Maloof’s family apart, and that Brandi had a lot to do with Adrienne’s divorce from Paul Nassif. If you thought the backlash from Faye’s comments were bad before, wait until she goes after Brandi again…

During the episode Adrienne is shown talking down to Paul during a party they are throwing. Paul ends up leaving the party, and viewers learn that the couple has officially separated.

Faye wastes no time sticking her nose in and defending Adrienne. “Do you feel good about yourself? Breaking up a family?” Faye asks Brandi. “You put them through hell,” Faye adds.

Yolanda Foster has earned respect from viewers for the way she has handled the drama between the women, and she steps up to Faye calling her behavior, “pathetic.” Yolanda doesn’t hold back and says, “That is b– t Faye!” Brandi is shocked by Faye’s allegations, replying “are you joking?”

Yolanda eeventually takes Brandi away from Faye. But as she turns, Yolanda says to Faye “that’s pathetic.”

Photo Credit: Bravo