Our Favorite Moments From Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney-Schwartz’s Wedding

This season finale of Vanderpump Rules was not like any other. We got to see Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz marry in front of their friends and family and share their day with viewers who have watched them for years. In case you missed the festivities, or want to relive any of it, we have put together or favorite moments from Katie and Tom’s wedding weekend.

Jax and Tom Sandoval Fly Schwartz’s Brothers In

Tom’s triplet brothers had an adventure getting to the wedding. They missed the flight Sandoval and Jax booked them on, but eventually they got there. When Tom saw his brothers one by one, he was overcome with emotion saying of the surprise, “it’s truly the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.”

Tom Schwartz’s Wedding Vows

Over the years Tom and Katie certainly have had their ups and downs, but at their wedding they couldn’t have looked more in love.

Saying, ‘I Do’

By the time Tom and Katie said, “I do,” everyone was emotional… even Jax!

What did you think of Tom and Katie’s wedding?

Photo Credit: Bravo