Our Favorite Moments From Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney-Schwartz’s Wedding

This season finale of Vanderpump Rules was not like any other. We got to see Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz marry in front of their friends and family and share their day with viewers who have watched them for years. In case you missed the festivities, or want to relive any of it, we have put together or favorite moments from Katie and Tom’s wedding weekend.

Jax and Tom Sandoval Fly Schwartz’s Brothers In

Tom’s triplet brothers had an adventure getting to the wedding. They missed the flight Sandoval and Jax booked them on, but eventually they got there. When Tom saw his brothers one by one, he was overcome with emotion saying of the surprise, “it’s truly the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.”

Tom Schwartz’s Wedding Vows

Over the years Tom and Katie certainly have had their ups and downs, but at their wedding they couldn’t have looked more in love.

Saying, ‘I Do’

By the time Tom and Katie said, “I do,” everyone was emotional… even Jax!

What did you think of Tom and Katie’s wedding?

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8 Replies to “Our Favorite Moments From Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney-Schwartz’s Wedding”

  1. Favorite part of show for me was not one scene where Katie was acting like a total douche and actually was nice to Tom.

    1. Yes it was !! I want to go to that location . It’s apparently not far from me but I’m too lazy to find out where exactly

  2. Wedding was ok but sorry about this “The dress is horrible” I think Katie is a very pretty girl but her wedding dress is so unflattering. I think she could have done so so so much better.

  3. OMG. Sheana makes me ill. Clearly they rehearsed that scene a bit which is why Shay came in the room already in tears with eyes red. He could not hold it back. She had to tell him she wanted it on camera (so they could reap maybe some extra pay too?), since the screen says, “3 months later”, and then they are in a room…like Sheana said to production…please add my divorce in after the wedding! She needs to be the center of attention. She undid a wedding by pushing that divorce scene on us in that last episode. Really? Sheana is the worst. That scene was terrible. Shay looked like he lost weight too. I am sure it was not exactly as Sheana said it, but he probably was still on drugs, Adderall or not. She has always been so into herself to really care about anyone. Whenever he spoke, she started talking about herself and never really heard him, and then he just stopped talking to her. I would too if I was him, but he said he still loved her…the woman he thought she was, maybe….Love is blind. It was sad. She is now flaunting her trip to Europe with her new beau.
    Yes, Katie’s dress was awful. It was a very expensive designer gown, but clearly meant for someone with a different figure to accentuate it. Accentuating her body in the wrong ways was just terrible…and made her look matronly.
    So, Stassi went on the honeymoon? They did not mention that…but I don’t get it. Stassi and Ariana bonded over loving murder…wow! That is who I want on my honeymoon…a girl who loves murder?!

  4. Rain I was about to comment on her dress too. the dress itself is ok but she looked like an old woman in it and her body type did not suit this dress at all. you would think a bunch of trendy bridesmaids would have told her how bad it looked on her before she bought it. Geez I actually preferred Schenna’s crop top/wedding dress. I’m sorry but I don’t think Katie looked beautiful at all on her big day. I love Schwartz. hope it works out for his sake. I agree with ur comment about Shay. acts like his single so why is he upset now? and he cleaned out their bank account too? wow. Scheanna bounced back really fast so she could not have been that heartbroken.

  5. At fist I didn’t like Katie’s wedding gown from the photos, but when I saw her going down the aisle, I was saw that it was a beautiful dress! It has an old fashioned vibe to it! I think Katie looked beautiful. It seems Katie is a more serious type of person as I noticed she didn’t seem to smile much on her wedding day. Although she is a pretty woman she was missing that wedding day, being in love glow. I always felt that our greatest most beautiful accessory is our smile! Especially on our wedding day.

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