Fans Pay Big Money To Spend A Day With The Manzos!

Caroline Manzo

WWE recently held the Superstars for Sandy Relief Party in NYC and Caroline Manzo offered a personal prize for the auction! Several one-of-a-kind experiences with superstars and celebrities were auctioned off to help with the Hurricane Sandy Relief and Caroline donated one, too. RealityTea reports when Tom Murro bumped into Caroline and Albert at the event, she revealed that they had offered up “a day with the Manzos experience” that includes a cooking experience with Caroline, dinner, and visit to the Brownstone.

Tom checked out the bidding and it was already up to $3,200!  There are still four days left on the auction, if you wanna spend some cash to hang out with The Manzos…

Tom tells RealityTea he tried to bring up the subject of the brawl at POSCHE 2, but he says “when the subject of the recent brawl during the taping of the show came up, we all just shook our heads and quickly changed the subject.”

Photo Credit: Hard Rock/Associated Press


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