Family & Friends Want Cynthia Bailey to Leave Peter Thomas


We all know there has been trouble in the marriage of RHOA stars Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas and RadarOnline is reporting that the Bravo curse might be happening to them.

“Cynthia was humiliated on national television after footage of Peter canoodling with some random woman at the bar played out on RHOA,” an insider said.

An while you may see them fighting on your television screen apparently behind the camera it isn’t much better. “Peter spends nearly all of his time at his bar in North Carolina these days, the marriage has basically run its course” the insider said.

“Cynthia and Peter lead very separate lives,” the source continued. “They can go weeks without speaking to each other.”

“Cynthia’s mom has pleaded with her to leave Peter, and her friends think he is just no good for her,” the source said.

The source finished by saying, “How much more should Cynthia put up with? She needs to kick this loser to the curb.”

Interesting that it is just as bad behind the screen. What do you think? Comment Below.

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27 Replies to “Family & Friends Want Cynthia Bailey to Leave Peter Thomas”

  1. IMO it probably is over but that time is different for all of us, how much we are prepared to put up with! I have been there only put up with it once! That’s my level but friends have stuck it out and it’s worked so who knows. I really dislike Peter I think he acts more like a housewives than Cynthia.

    1. I agree especially with your last comment. He always seemed to be right in the thick of the women’s arguments. She can do better. Even on her own. I just couldn’t get past the weight comments, his commenting on their sex life, & his complete disregard of her opinions on financial matters. He isn’t what I would call handsome either. Or particularly smart. Or funny. Or protective….

      1. I agree with most of this, but in former times I thought Peter was attractive for a mature, older man. I think the silver look can work well on many men. He definitely has not aged well in the last few years, though. I think I even spy a bit of a belly under those Island Whites he’s always wearing.

      2. That’s just it. The early stuff makes me think that he had exactly no respect for her at all. But this last night in the show, where he started crying! I heard the usual “I FEEL LOVE for you.” Well, love isn’t a noun, it is a verb. And just because he has a soft “feeling” of love inside means nothing if, like she said, SHE doesn’t feel it coming in the form of action, and in his case, non-action. Any guy that fondles another woman, then gets caught and makes light of it isn’t really a mature in love husband. He should be old enough to be able to have a sincere talk and LISTEN to his wife. And if after 5 years he still can’t do that at their age, he never will.

        1. Amen…and you can also feel anger for someone and get over feeling angry so if you don’t make love an action word you will get over feeling love for someone.

    2. I think it may be over as well. To me her commentary on the show, coupled with her public appearances (some televised, some not) point in the direction of marital break-down. As for what what you’re willing to put up with- I hear you. I am completely the same way in terms of betrayal.. In many ways I am a traditional Christian woman who is fine with my husband being head of household, but make no mistake I believe the woman is the NECK, and misogyny and I have never been friends. I do not put up with or stick around for abuse of any kind and will not advocate it for anyone else. But, everyone has their own pain threshold and level of flexibility for how much they can withstand in a relationship. That said, I wish Cynthia happiness and stability for herself and her darling daughter. Noelle has been making more forays into the public with her mother recently and she is a very well-mannered, well-adjusted young lady. Cynthia has done well by that child, and I wish them the best.

  2. I just think comments which feel marriage is so disposable are sad. Marriage does not have a course to run. The course keeps going depending on how much time and work everyone puts into it. Marriage isn’t disposable or something that should be taken so lightly or gone into with thoughts “oh if it doesn’t work there is always divorce”. If that’s your thought then don’t get married.

    1. Well, I agree up to a point. The Bible states that adultery is an end to a vow. And at that point the vow has been broken by the person that commits adultery. I really don’t like the way he just made light of that whole thing about fondling the woman in the bar. Getting angry because she has a question is just juvenile. It is a defensive position to get automatically angry when your partner is hurt. The trust she is “supposed” to be able to have is in trouble at that moment. He didn’t even acknowledge her right to question. If you have nothing to hide, hide nothing. She has the right to expect transparency in everything he does. He acted like it was an insult to question him. Then last night saying because he “feels” love that should just make it all ok. Love is not a noun, it is a verb.

      1. Oh I completely agree 3D…..I was just saying it is nice to hear someone say fight for your marriage. I hear (especially tv and movie actors) say things like “the relationship ran its course” or “we fell out of love”. Marriage has just become so disposable. It was just nice hearing someone say it’s not. However I am 100% in agreement about adultery and I also feel abuse is breaking the vows. As God tells men to love your wife like I have loved the church.

  3. It’s unfortunate that she has run from so many relationships and when she finally stops, it’s for this loser. When your in the thick of it, you just can’t see what many others do. If we could just trust the opinions of those we know love us, then I think there would be a lot less divorce’s. But hey, I’m guilty of not listening too. Peter tearing up last night…..please. It’s all about the money and fame he is about to lose and nothing else.

  4. I cannot stand this man! She uprooted her life for that?! This idiot has done nothing but blow Cynthia’s money on all his failed businesses, on top of that he has criticized her looks her weight, its crazy Cynthia is stunning, I cannot understand what she see’s in that twit, she could do 100 times better!!! Run Cynthia and don’t look back at that ugly inside and out smurf!

  5. Everyone has his or her own taste. I feel that Peter got the better part in this relationship. Cynthia seems to like the bad boy type and chose someone who puts her down and never respected her enough from all that I have seen. Everyone else saw this but her. Cynthia, I wish you well whatever you decide. Falling out of love with someone who isn’t respectful is not something to be ashamed of, and life goes on no matter what path you choose.

  6. Cynthia wants to put her best foot forward & is willing to try some more. I just did not like the way Peter was trying to throw most of the blame on her. I hope their marriage can be worked out, but if not, I really believe Cynthia can do so much better, with or without him.

  7. Peter seems to think only the man in the relationship deserves respect and it is all his way or the highway….and Cynthia, after years of trying, seems to be choosing the highway. Both people have to be willing to change and work on the relationship. Since Peter wants to do whatever he wants to do whenever he wants to do it…including spend her money…I think she is making the right decision.

  8. I still think it is a storyline created by Peter to make sure Cynthia stays on the show. She never has had anything. He needs his money for his failing business. Cynthia is probably ok with that. I don’t believe she has a back bone at all.

  9. Cynthia, while clearly not the brightest bulb on the tree, could surely do better than Peter The User Loser. What could she possibly have seen in him to uproot herself & her daughter to move to Atlanta to be with such a disrespectful party animal? He isn’t even good looking, has no career and a history of womanizing. She might believe his obvious lies about the video but the way Peter was running his hands over her, he and the woman seem very, very familiar with each other. That was no casual contact. Of course, the dim Cynthia accepts his ridiculous explanation but we the viewers know better. By comparison, her baby daddy Leon seems to be a much more thoughtful, educated & responsible man, but I question his sanity when he tells Cynthia to fight for her marriage! Fight for it? NO run to the nearest divorce attorney and dump the free-loading cheater! Maybe Cynthia is just dragging this all out for a storyline because she desperately needs one without Nene to fight with. Count our blessings that Nene is no no more though!

  10. I applaud Cynthia’s dispassionate conversation with Peter regarding the state of their marriage. Cynthia did not sob, she was composed. Peter threw down the gauntlet by his vicious intent to hurt Cynthia and now he wants to boo the hell hoo. Really? At this rate, he may not deserve to wear trousers because his behavior is pathetic.

  11. He always treated her disrespectfully…threatening to get sex elsewhere because she had fibroids that took her desire away…I mean he is just so all about himself and narcissistic.
    No wife thinks it;s okay for her husband to want to go to strip clubs but she goes along with it because she doesn’t know how to say what the hell is wrong with you man?????. There are so many more interesting things for a guy his age to do but he’s low. He’s interested in drinking and sex and that’s about it. I like Cynthia’s first husband. I wonder why that relationship didn’t work? It’s hard to say goodbye even to the bad guys but I wish she would have the guts to cut the ties to Peter. He just isn’t right for her on any level.

  12. Cynthia is a beautiful well established female. Unlike alot of Housewives, she had her money all on her own. Peter is no good and too old for the games he’s playing, He’s a liar and and a cheat. He steals money from Cynthia and the business, kisses other females at places his wife owns? The worst part is Cynthia’s sister and mom is all she has, and I hate to see him try to take that away from her too. I knew when they tried to stop the weeding, it had to be good reason. I wish Cynthia the best….without Peter!

  13. Peter and the relationship is her only interesting storyline and therefore she won’t be leaving him in a hurry if she wants to stay on the Housewives franchise.

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