Family & Friends Want Cynthia Bailey to Leave Peter Thomas


We all know there has been trouble in the marriage of RHOA stars Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas and RadarOnline is reporting that the Bravo curse might be happening to them.

“Cynthia was humiliated on national television after footage of Peter canoodling with some random woman at the bar played out on RHOA,” an insider said.

An while you may see them fighting on your television screen apparently behind the camera it isn’t much better. “Peter spends nearly all of his time at his bar in North Carolina these days, the marriage has basically run its course” the insider said.

“Cynthia and Peter lead very separate lives,” the source continued. “They can go weeks without speaking to each other.”

“Cynthia’s mom has pleaded with her to leave Peter, and her friends think he is just no good for her,” the source said.

The source finished by saying, “How much more should Cynthia put up with? She needs to kick this loser to the curb.”

Interesting that it is just as bad behind the screen. What do you think? Comment Below.

Photo Credit: Bravo