Does Faith Have Proof Jax Taylor Cheated? Is Faith Pregnant?

I think the explosive premiere of Vanderpump Rules had all of our jaws on the floor. So, did Jax really cheat on Brittany? Does Faith have proof? Is she pregnant? We’re going to spill all the tea.

A new report reveals producers could have staged the whole thing. An insider says that Faith was “upset she wasn’t relevant on the show years ago,” adding she “used Jax to get back in [the spotlight].”

Is Faith really pregnant? Our sources say no.

Did Brittany and Jax break-up?

“Brittany and Jax were on-and-off after the cheating, but Brittany did go back to Jax and loves him,” the insider told Page Six, claiming the show’s producers “forced them to get back together” after “a very rough spring and summer.”

“She’s trying to work through their relationship and she wants to make it work,” the insider added. “Jax is trying to be faithful and good to Brittany.”

A rep for Stowers did not immediately return a request for comment. Reps for Cartwright and Taylor didn’t get back to us.

Bravo had no comment.

Do you think this was staged? I have to say, I’ve met Jax in person and he is lovely. Nothing like he is on the show.

Photo Credit: Bravo


11 Replies to “Does Faith Have Proof Jax Taylor Cheated? Is Faith Pregnant?”

    1. I was thinking of more rhyming names…like Wax, Fax, Pax, Dax, Lax and Tax?
      Who or what will be next?
      I think Faith wants to be relevant…and on the show as a featured cast member.
      If she does get pregnant or is, it would be on purpose, and that is sad for any child that may be born of this game that she is playing.

  1. I heard a story (not all of it but enough of it) from someone about a nurse who did it with her patient’s husband (a judge) while she was supposedly caring for this sick woman…in her home. Yup. The hubby was very wealthy and the “nurse” is someone who makes a habit of taking jobs around the country and hooking up with whomever…and she is married all the while. Yet, the hubby stays…sad for him, but he is also manipulated by this sociopath. He even said it is a pattern with her, but does not realize he is a pawn in her game…for many years. I won’t name names, but this sociopath was and is someone who treaded where she should not have, and the effects were and are devastating. It is sad for those who are innocent and have felt the pain that this person caused. She/It will stop at nothing lovebombing and using for her own personal gain and then moves on to the next victim.

  2. Nope…Still on the loose. It has a best friend enabler, always helping out so It can go after the next married wealthy man who is weak to Its faux charms/lovebombing. It’s hubby is duped…in too far with a sociopath and does not realize it…sadly.
    I am done with this topic.
    I am still waiting for a repairman…a robocall said the repair person is on the way. That was over one hour ago…

    Have a great weekend.

    Ciao for now.

    1. You are right, Nathan. They are all trash. If faith knew jax was with Brittany, why would she still fuck him? These low lifes are pathetic doing each other’s s.o.’s. faith is no better than Kristin or james jumping into any bed available just to get on the show. Like I said, they are all trash. And too stupid to charge for their services like any good prostitute/whore would.

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