Eyewitness Insists Jacqueline Laurita Went After John Karagiorgis With Stiletto


Even though the case involving Jacqueline and Chris Laurita, Joe Gorga and John Karagiorgis has been dropped, Jacqueline is still insisting she did not hit John over the head with her stiletto, as reported. “Case was dismissed 4a reason! Disgusting that He lied about me hitting him w/a shoe! It never happened! I didnt do that! Raw footage proves that!” Jacqueline tweeted last week. But an eyewitness is telling Wetpaint that Jacqueline’s story is false.

“The truth is Jacqueline did take her shoes off and run at him,” the eyewitness who stood only a few feet from the fight reveals. “It happened directly after Chris Laurita and Joe Gorga were pulled off Johnny. After the men were separated, everyone in the crowd thought the fighting was over, but Jacqueline just snapped. She took both her high heels off and went running at Johnny. She went at his neck with one of her stilettos.”

The site reports Jacqueline was pulled off Johnny and then she left the event with her husband. “The whole cast including Caroline, Teresa and Joe Giudice and Joe and Melissa Gorga left very quickly after that. They were disgusted,” the insider says.

But Kim D was left cleaning up the mess. “The salon got torn up during the fighting. Sinks were smashed and there was glass everywhere. And this was her brand new salon. She was livid,” the source says.

Photo Credit: Bravo