Expert Says Kim Richards’ Pit Bull Was Raised As Attack Dog


The Kim Richards’ pit bull drama seems far from over as another trainer who claims to have recently works with Kingsley is revealing that Kim is to blame for the dog’s behavior.

“That dog has an issue with resource guarding,” the trainer says. “Resource guarding means that they have a resource and they guard it. Usually the counter-condition and the cure is to remove the resource. If it is a tennis ball, or a bone, or a dog toy, you remove it and then you reintroduce the resource slowly.”

“The problem with Kingsley is that the resource is Kim,” the expert, who wanted to remain anonymous continues.

“With Kingsley, if you go anywhere near Kim or in her proximity, he just goes into attack-mode,” the trainer tells RadarOnline. “That is dangerous. We wouldn’t call this a protection dog, we call it an attack dog.”

“Her dog had trainers prior to me, and everything they did, they did wrong because they did not diagnose the dog correctly with the issues that he actually had,” the trainer insists. “The problem with previous trainers is that they removed the dog instead of removing Kim.”

“She loved on it so much that she never laid down boundaries and with an empty-nester like Kim, where people are leaving the home, that dog attaches itself to its owner,” the expert adds. “That dog is a male. Kim is a female. There is a lot that has to do with that as far as dog as the dog’s willingness to protect.”

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  1. Has that dog not been put down yet. I am not a hater of pit bulls just irresponsible owners that don’t know how to train a dog. In UK a cocker spaniel bit the owners young daughter and it was put to sleep immediately by the owners. That is responsible dog ownership. They didn’t try to make excuses.

    1. That is cruel. Dogs should NOT be put down for the mistakes of their owners. There are many people who could train dogs to behave despite a rocky start. Putting down a COCKER SPANIEL for a single bite is cruel.

      1. Agreed. In a case like this (cocker spaniel) the child may have provoked the dog. The owners have a responsibility to teach the child how to behave around the dog. Too often animals are blamed for the ignorance of people.

        1. It REALLY frustrates me. Especially because too often the upset child will exaggerate the story and the dog cannot protest. People who can’t be around animals responsibly, shouldn’t.

    2. Well, thank goodness it’s not up to you to decide a dog’s fate. Not every animal should be “put down” due to what humans have done to him. The “trainer” isn’t a trainer at all. Real trainers don’t use language like this person did. I’ve been training and around trainers for years, I own 2 large, protection trained German Shepherds. The only “resource guarding” would come from an animal that was starved. They sometimes get aggressive around food. That’s called food aggression. It can be fixed, with a lot of work and patience. Kim isn’t any kind of shape or state of mind to take on a dog like a pit bull. She needs to rehome Kingsley with someone who knows how to deal with them and that has a lot of experience with them.

    3. Go to England then if you approve so much of their methods. Maybe their child hurt the cocker spaniel & he tried to stop her the only way he knew how. Why not put down yourself. You sound cold hearted to say the least.

  2. The dog doesn’t have to be put down, as this trainer stated, and so has others it MUST be taken away from Kim, who cannot, and more importantly, WILL NOT , learn to properly train and handle a dog. Why should the fog die because Kim is a stupid idiot who chooses to ignore professional advise? And, if I recall, one issue with Kingsley that would/could be easily remedied- he needed to be neutered. A famous dog trainer who adores Pit Bulls, Caesar Millan could easily rehab Kingsley- but rehabbing Kim – like rehabbing her other addictions- is another story. Because she didn’t listen to the trainer and refused to follower any suggestions.

  3. I had immediate concerns when, on the show, the trainer brought Kingsley back to Kim after a training session and advised Kim to follow through with the training. It was Kim’s decision to ignore that advice. It was no surprise when Kingsley became the unstable dog he is today.

    The last trainer to work with Kingsley, renowned L. A. trainer Kyle Schwab of Smashface Rescue, wrote on Facebook that he tried to help Kim with Kingsley and that she went M.I.A. and never paid him. The following is from RealityTea:

    “Kingsley never showed up the next Wed morning after I worked with him and made room. I believe I was his only hope. Even though he tried to kill me. I thought he was workable and was going to do a joint custody thing where he was with me during filming for the safety of the staff and crew. And or I would maintain him on set (off camera) during filming days.”

    “I will tell you he is the most dangerous dog I have worked with in terms of his level of aggression,” Schwab wrote. “I’ve trained more dangerous dogs like Neos and Corsos. But I have never experienced such a willingness and drive towards humans as Kingsley. One trainer was attacked, one was unable to enter the house, one FaceTimed Kim and was unwilling to enter the house.”

    “I walked in and worked with him and Kim for four hours,” he continued. “I’ll be seeing them in court after the new year for non payment.”

    “He has been removed from the house and according to Kim herself,” Kyle continues. “The trainers at the boarding/training facility where he’s at are unable to approach him. After that. Radio silence. They will not return my calls, texts, or emails. They have now registered the dog in someone else’s name thinking the bite history won’t follow him.”

    “He a dangerous dog in the hands of the wrong people and I will get paid for my work,” the trainer says. “I have all the documentation, pictures, texts, and videos. Interesting that coming to the end of the year my only two outstanding invoices are celebrities. Or in this case. A wanna be. Can you say entitled?”

    “Kim is not emotionally or physically capable of handling this dog,” he concludes. “It will strike again. It’s not if. It’s when. Unless they just keep it in the $6,000 cage Bravo built in her backyard. I’m not going to put my life in danger and not get paid. It’s principle. Not the money. Where there’s risk. There’s reward. Until you deal with entitled celebrities.”

    Kim has had multiple opportunities to get help for Kingsley and has opted out. It is no wonder that Kingsley turned out the way he did, and it’s entirely Kim’s negligence that’s at fault. It is certainly not Kingsley’s fault and he should not have to pay for Kim’s lack of responsibility with his life. All damages rest solidly on Kim’s shoulders and she should pay accordingly to the full extent of the law, and then some.

    1. I totally agree you Matin, and thanks for putting all that background info in your post. My sister is a Dog judge for American Pit Bull Terriers and has raised numerous Grand Champions and has fought the bad images that idiot dog owners like Kim perpetuate. She has owned Pits for 20 years, judged them Internationally and has never had a problem with a dog. Problem with owners not with dogs. Personally I don’t think Kim is fit to own a goldfish.

    2. OMGosh, that certainly puts everything into perspective! What an awful and dangerous situation Kim is putting so many people into!

      If I were Kyle, read Mr. Schwab’s assessment of Kingsley, and knew Kim put my children at risk, I’d never speak with her again! At least not until she cleaned herself up, apologized and begged for forgiveness.

      I’m a hugely overprotective father and that just flipped my trigger. Not protecting kids is like a capital offense to me. I get chills just thinking about it. And I can’t imagine any parent not feeling the same way. Familial bonds are one thing. But there is not a bond stronger or a responsibility greater in this world than that of a parent to a child.

      I no longer feel sorry for that contemptible moron- only for her family. And I’m even more shocked and disappointed with Bravo for enabling this person who clearly lacks the mental clarity and life skills to properly function in society, much less to own a pet- OR TO PROVIDE A SAFE ENVIRONMENT TO HOST HER NEICES!

      Shame on you Bravo. And shame on you, Kim, for putting so many lives in danger. What a selfish loser!!!

  4. That poor dog, my heart goes out to him. He was trained to be vicious, he was not born that way. I wish people would educate themselves on pit bulls. They were not born to attack, now he will pay the price, not his needy owner.

  5. You people are crazy…when it’s your child who is attacked then the story will be different. This dog had attacked 4 people. My children can poke, pull pinch and grab my dog and she just looks like please help me. There should not have another chance for this dog to bite another child. The next one could be fatal and that should be out of the question. I understand that it’s Kims fault and she should not be able to own another dog ever. This poor dogs fate was made when kim became his owner but it’s not some other persons fault who will get bit in the future because like the trainer said “it’s not if its when” and that should not be an option.

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