Exclusive: Who Will Be Fired From RHOC After Season 11?


There have been many reports circulating the web about which cast members may or may not be fired after the dramatic trip to Ireland on the Real Housewives of Orange County. Our insiders are giving us the exclusive scoop about what’s really going on with the casting for next season.

“No one has been fired,” our source tells us. “These false reports come out every year. Most likely everyone will be asked back, but none of the women will know for sure until January when contract negations begin.”

Our insider also reveals that we will see new footage from the Ireland trip when the reunion airs. “Viewers didn’t see everything that happened,” said our source. “The audience will get the full story when the reunion airs.”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Shannon needs to get out, get away from Vicki and Kelley. Vicki will be back so I won’t be watching again next season.

I’ve decided to quit OC cold turkey . Not even watching the finale or reunion

I don’t blame you, it’s not going to be very nice!

Really, Rain – wow I’m shocked! Happy Halloween to all my HW peeps!

Happy Halloween kt! Xoxoxoxoxxox

How are you this *haunting* morning?

Yummy now I want ghost peeps

Hello gorgeous kt ❤️❤️❤️ How’s my lovely girl doing?? Wel yes I’ve been saying for a while that this will be my last season unless major firings happen, which doesn’t seem to be the case. It’s not fun for me anymore watching the show or the conflict it creates in blogs. . I spent yesterday doing some phone banking and supporting some ballot measures etc and I felt great . Then you read this crap and I feel deflated . But we’ve still got RHOBH my dear and I’ll always be here because you guys are my family now ❤️❤️❤️

I’m doing great…busy as always! I haven’t watch OC in years, I can’t stand the screaming. If anyone ever screamed at me in that manner…oooo…girl….! I’m ready for BH!

NYC and BH are the two that are still “must sees” but for some reason I haven’t taken OC off the DVR. It’s a funny kind of hate thing. I have had such negative feelings about Vicki for years, about 11, that I tune in every season hoping all the other women have finally seen the light when it comes to her.

Happy Halloween ! Me too Suze. I haven’t seen an episode. I only watch the commercials and read this blog. The commercials are disgusting enough. They do neeed to start fresh. None of them have a storyline. Shannon does not neeed to sell her sole to the devil any longer for a paycheck. She needs to jump ship while she can still swim!

Hi Amy xoxox I think a lot of people will give up. I know I don’t miss it. I would miss the blog if I couldn’t comment here! Xoxoxoxxo

Good points Amy. Now I feel that I’m the one selling my soul by waching 🙂 it has gotten ugly . And I do love ❤️ Shannon , she’s not perfect and has done a lot of mistakes but as my friend 3Ds always says, I’m not perfect either. But one housewife is not enough for me to continue watching a show . And yes , happy Halloween ! Since I’m so short, I’m a smurf again this year 🙂

How smurfing cute Rain sweetie . I’m sure you’re adorable

What would you be Daisy? Xoxoxoxxo

Maybe a sane person . Nobody would know that it was me

Hahahahahaha! Xoxoxoxoxxo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I think if I was dressing up it would be one of the seven dwarfs, Grumpy lately I think!

Lol Suze that’s funny . Maybe I will be snow white then

We could trick or treat together! We just need six more shorties!

Yes Suze yes . That sounds like great fun. Rain is short so she can be one

I just noticed that the lovely kt is here so she can be snow white and I will be the wicked witch . I promise no apples though

Snow white…man do I have y’all fooled – LOL Uh, Daisy — How bout them Cowboys…oh wait…sorry you’re for that other TX team! ;0)

Hi lovely normally I would say yep the Texans but without #99 it’s all the same to me

Yeah, JJ makes Sunday eye candy!!! I’ve been Cowboys fan since I was a little girl!

Eye candy indeed . Actually I also like the Cowboys but ya know got to support my home town team . The Cowboys were it when I was younger . I didn’t care much for that other Houston football team . I know I know let the boo’s begin

Count me as one the dwarfs 🙂 I’ll be ‘titty’ , the long lost dwarf from the land of Oz … hahaha

Lol too funny . I love titty …. oh wait um never mind

Daisy , we learn something new about you every day lol

I know scary isn’t it

We can always count on you to make us laugh! I will stick to grumpy it’s appropriate! Xxxxoooo

Daisy, really? Do you ??

Lol Suze do I what ? Swim in the lady pond ? Nope but I do appreciate a good rack lol

Daisy, with Bear I never thought you would but your comment was funny xoxoxoxo turned me from grumpy dwarf to happy dwarf! Xoxoxoxxo

EVERYBODY should appreciate a good rack , you don’t have to dip into the pond 🙂 remember, titties feed the world ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Woo hoo that makes my day sweetie Suze . I always want you to be happy

Rain it’s easy to appreciate a good rack when you have one! Xoxoxox

At my age ,they are down to my knees now Suze ! I need duck tape to keep those bitches up 🙂

Rain stop bragging, far better than a couple of poached eggs even with duck tape! Xoxoxoxoxxo

Ladies, I have to run…gonna try to get nap before I go on night shift. Everyone stay safe this Halloween. Here’s hoping I don’t get puked on too much…kids and their candy!

Suze, at my age it’s more dragging than bragging 🙂
Take care kt ! ❤️️
Daisy , stay out of that pond LOL

Yes, hi doll, how could we expect perfection since no one ever could be. Wow, thanks for remembering I said that. I don’t even like everything I do, but I look every night as I go to sleep, and do my best every morning. Mistakes build character, that’s why we have a conscience. IMO.

Amy sorry I forgot the Happy Halloween, I’m staying put, we don’t have any kids near us, they all think they are too old to go trick or treating! I bought lots of sweets last year and ended up dropping some off at their house and ate the rest myself! So none this year!

Duchess of Wienerschintzel

All those women should be fired, starting with Vicky…she has no story line, other than she´s shagging a guy without being married to him

Vicki, Shannon, Tamra need to go and Heather and her finger pointing in people’s faces need to go….. Also Kelly… all that is left to stay is Megan

One of the rudes things you can do…. is point your finger in someone’s face… so disrespectful and ugly.

Meghan wants to move to St Louis so that leaves….no one

FIRE ALL!!! Best way to go.

Megan is not returning.

Wasn’t it last week that Tamra and Shannon said they want nothing to do with Vicki. How is that going to play out while filming. Oh wait, I forgot, both said the same thing after Brookgate. I won’t follow the OC after this year. Not in previews nor comments. The show’s first season was fun but over the years has devolved into too much ugliness. I’ll finish out this season but then it’s over for me.

I can’t stand this show anymore. not sure i’ll watch the reunion either BTW. Why does Vicki always look like she SQUEEZES into everything she has on? It makes her look fat. I can’t go on about this POS anymore… I’ll read the blog

Yes I’m boycotting tongiht’s episode and the reunion .

It isn’t surprising so many are giving up either now or next season. I haven’t even watched the current season but I haven’t missed anything. The blog is more than enough!

Suze I hope you see this comment . I just checked my email ( something I hardly ever do). Thank you so much you really are a dear. In response to your question yes of course you can , I love you

Daisy, thank you Sweetie I’m just glad I saw it! Xoxoxoxoxxo

Me too Suze , thankfully it’s not the one I use for personal stuff . My tablet keeps jumping and me being me I don’t notice until it’s too late . .oops . Thanks again sweetie

I agree ladies . This show really is unwatchable now days

Now my dreams of the RHOC being thrown into an inescapable black hole have been competely shattered.

That show needs fresh air and fresh meat….all those women should leave

All those wenches should walk on the plank…and new damsels should be brought into the show

Have a happy and safe Halloween everybody!

If Megan is leaving I would like to see Lizzie brought back. I think the drama always begins with Tamra, (or her FILTHY mouth) so axe her.

Definitely when Tamra goes, I go. She’s been the #1 reason I have stuck with the show. I just wish they wouldn’t have gone the “Jesus jugs” character thing. Tamra was a lot more fun before she took a dunk in the water.

I don’t think Meghan will be fired, I would think she’d be quitting. She’s talking about moving to St. Louis because there’s too much separation between her and her husband. Besides, let’s be honest, how many phone calls were for Meghan in the last reunion? Oh, wait, that was Jules in NYC, but I still find Meghan pretty boring. I was thinking Kelly. I was hoping Vicki. And bring back Gretchen and Adrienne.

Meghan has already said she won’t be back. She and Jim are moving to Kansas City so they can focus on the baby and she will have family around to help. Kelly cannot imagine she would want to come back. She is CRAZY… and Im not being funny, she is crazy. The rest of them most likely come back but to tell you the truth….. I could care less. All that ever happens on that show is yelling and screaming. I could never understand anything they say. It would be nice to watch one of these HW’s (I only watch… Read more »

I love Heather and Tamra. Jeez it’s wonderful to have someone actually call Vicki on her lies. And her calling it “my show”? If I were Andy I’d fire her on the spot! It’s actually his show.

I’m a fan of Tamra’s too. Always have been.

The only one I began to like this season was Megan when she rolled her eyes over Heather being a two faced b*tch on the bus and calling her out last night. Last year I couldn’t stand her, but this year she was the only one I liked. Glad she is smart enough to move away from that toxicity.

ITA! Love it when Megan called Heather out. I don’t blame her for wanting to bring up her child in another place.

I like the show and all its craziness. If you don’t like it, don’t watch.

I hope Tamra, Heather, & Shannon are gone next season. They are so boring. I wish they would bring back Jeana & Lizzie.

Heather, Shannon and Tamra are my favorites. I can see them all being asked back, but I think Shannon might have the good sense to quit the show in order to not have to spend time with Vicki. Vicki will surely still be on, and while she does need a sidekick, I dunno if it will be Kelly, only because fans responded very negatively to her. With so many people allegedly swearing off Vicki, they might need to cast another person to film with her.. I’m hoping for Gretchen. Or maybe Jeana.

Vicki’s story line is tired and so is her “whoop it up” comment. Kelly claims to have no personality disorders…hmmm? Vicki better watch her step….Kelly is like a venomous snake under a rock and slithers out only to bite and send that poison straight to your heart. If she’s not creating pain she’s not happy.

Vicki needs to leave “her show” and take Kelly along. Almost any of the previous housewives would be nice to revisit.

Vicki needs to go. She is selfish, greedy and needs to act her age of 54 instead trying to act Briana’s age. Everyone is on to her.

This season on the oc is nothing short of absolute disgust!!! I got hooked on watching bravo 2yrs ago. Always has good interesting shows. This year between Teresa Gudice, of which I hope the US kicks Joe into deportation. Put him back where they came from and out of our court system paying up keep on both of them. There are plenty of other women like Siggy and Delores, put something more able to make contributations to the county they live in and not a liability. Just Saying….. Next Vicki and Kelly!! Unbelievable, does not matter how long Vicki has… Read more »