Exclusive: Did Vicki Gunvalson Really Make Up with Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador?

During part two of the RHOC reunion, we saw Vicki Gunvalson actually apologize to her former friends Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador for spreading rumors about their families and marriages.

The episodes leading up to the reunion showed the ladies having fun in Iceland and some viewers were secretly hoping for a reconciliation among these three. Especially, Vicki and Tamra.

“I’m sorry,” Gunvalson told Beador and Judge. “I never meant to hurt either one of your families.”

“I won’t talk about it ever again, as God as my witness. I promise you. I’m sorry. I totally surrender,” Gunvalson told Judge, embracing her in a hug. “I love you, I really do, and I’m sorry I hurt you. I don’t want to hurt you and I don’t want to hurt anymore.”

Vicki continued, “Shannon, I want to hug you too because I’m sorry. I really am sorry. I’ve asked for forgiveness and I’m sorry,” she told Shannon, who joined them for a hug. “I feel for you. I do, I’ve literally been through it twice. It sucks. We gotta build each other up not tear each other down. We all are good people.”

“Vicki and I are good together, and that’s the truth,” Tamra said, referring to their friendship as “Lucy and Ethel” from I Love Lucy. “We’re good together. We’ve had this thing the whole time and I think for me, my love for Eddie and the love he has for me, and the relationship we have and the family life we have is so precious. Call me ugly, call me fat, call me stupid, but just don’t … I’ve had such a hard time with [my estranged daughter] Sidney and [my ex husband] Simon and all that’s going on. Just don’t hurt my family.”

Vicki vowed to never speak about Eddie’s sexuality again. She also told Shannon, “I want to be there for you. You got this. I’m sorry. I admire your strength and you’re going to be okay. And if you want a job at Coto Financial, we’re hiring.”

The episode ended by the ladies walking off the set for a break and Vicki hugging Tamra, Gunvalson asked, “Are we back?”

“We’re back,” Tamra said.

It seemed like both Tamra and Shannon were receptive to Vicki’s apology and even invited her to come join their couch.

So, was the reconciliation real?

An insider exclusively tells us, “Yes, the reconciliation between the ladies is real, but was very unexpected. They are currently on good terms.”

“Both Tamra and Shannon really want to believe that Vicki is being genuine,” our insider continued. ” They all have a fun time filming together and just want to move forward.”

Season 13 is starting to look very interesting.

What did you think of the reunion reconciliation?

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70 Replies to “Exclusive: Did Vicki Gunvalson Really Make Up with Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador?”

  1. I hope they all become friends again. It’s much more enjoyable when they’re having fun. All the fighting was uncomfortable to watch week after week.

  2. I already knew it would happen and said it would. These two women are reality tv masters who are very adept at their jobs. Neither of them is going to let the show tank and force the hand of Evolution Media to choose someone to fire since the attempt to isolate Vicki and oust her from the show didn’t work last season. Production has previously dropped hints in the media that it was a very challenging season to film and both women are pillars of the franchise, but they believe Vicki & Tamra well understand they will always make the best decision for the survival of the show (insert reading between the lines of that paraphrased statement here). I’m not saying that there wasn’t real hurt and initially a genuine rift between Vicki and Tamra, but this show means a lot to both of these women, and is a huge part of their identities. Making this show work is a game for both of them and they play to win, which means each holding their place on the show as the central duo, since it clearly doesn’t work with simply one or the other. That said, I hope the infighting is over. It was too draining to watch and the show definitely took a hit from the standoff.

  3. So, I’m confused. Next year, is Vicki going to deny she ever said anything about Eddie? Seems like she’s back to denying everything about the cancer scam. You could tell on Tamra and Shannon’s face that they wanted to confront her about that again, but for some reason they decided to let it go. So, are they the masters? Are they mending fences for the show to continue? Vicki is a real piece of work.

    1. Yes, but Eddie seems to legitimately not care for Vicki one bit. I know, who gives a flip about the husbands; just saying, Tamra should care instead of jumping back into that friendship. Faux or not.

  4. I watched the reunions, but I did not watch one episode this season. I am not sure about next season, but the reunion made them look a little more human. Maybe it was all an act to secure their jobs, yes, but it was still nice to watch. I cannot stand constant fighting and grudges for life.

    1. To me, saying they’ve moved on and put things behind them is fake. Let’s face it, these women work together. No way you forgive and forget some of the horrible things they’ve said and done to each other. Look at your own life. Would you be friends after that? I doubt it.

      1. I agree. Fake or not, it is nice to not watch the fighting, but I agree, it is most likely all an act to protect their jobs for next season. They all are attention whores, really, and they like the $$$.

  5. This was so heart-warming & what I would call somewhat of a Christmas miracle for viewers. I genuinely hope it is a wonderful reconciliation as they’ve been so good together in the past. All were coming from a place of pain, so I’m really happy this has happened.

  6. Just in time for season 13. I believe that these three plus Kelly will be back. Its interesting that they have all “made up” when this season got such a poor fan reaction for being so disjointed and the wives being so broken up. I think that they were told by producers that it was time to start building bridges and repairing things or they faced the axe. Neither Tamra or Vicki want to loose this show.

    However, I do not reckon it will last. Since season seven Vicki and Tamra have been back and forth of being friends and falling out.

  7. I got the sense this year that Vicki was really worried about getting the axe. Tamra holds the center orange and had Vicki on the ropes. Bravo could cut Vicki’s salary in half and she’d still jump at it.

    1. No i believe Tara saw the writing the wall. She was very blah this season. Kelly was slowly taking her place as Vicki’s”ethel” and resident hell raiser. Sorry, but she and Shannon have 0 chemistry, Meghan is boring and condescending. So what else is she to do. They heard Vicki say she is done and off the show, then miraculously they able to forgive?

  8. Oh boy I’m a sucker for a good makeup session I am. I even found my eyes wading in tears. I hate all conflict, I can’t help it,,,I hate seeing anyone ostracized even bad intentioned people it still gets to me. Vicki G., well I’ve scorned her heavily for her lies, her bogus cancer involvements, all of it. But I’ve come to truly see that people are as sick as their secrets and their bullsheeit. Therefore, I deem V as a very emotionally unhealthy woman. Very. But the spiritual side of me always wants to rise above all the human errors we all make and see the naked truth of ones core pain,,,,and when it goes unchecked for so long it becomes infected and spreads like a virus ….. and damages others. Time will tell if Vicki Gunvalson can and will learn from her foibles. I don’t know, I hope so. Until then, she will be on notice by a lot of people and her road will be very tough to get back any respect and love from many if at all. I just wouldn’t want to ever be in her shoes, that’s a sad lonely ass place to be I would imagine, and for that reason alone I feel her pain.

  9. I don’t believe Shannon’s “forgiveness” of Vicki for one second with all her side looks and eye rolls at the reunion. She seems like the type who holds on to grudges forever.

  10. I know I’m going to be in the minority, but I think Brooks lied to Vicki about having cancer. I think she was so in love with him that she believed everything he said and now that she has removed the “love goggles” she can see him for the lying cheat that everyone else sees.

    1. I agree with you 100%. I’ve always thought Vicki was conned by him. I had a friend in a similar situation and this guy raked her over the coals and she let him. Like Vicki she is a very successful woman too.

    2. Of course he lied. But Vicki lied for him too. She had some suspicions, asked a few questions and turned a blind eye because she can’t go 5 seconds without a man. She’s as culpable for aiding and abetting.

  11. Meghan: “The polar ice-caps are melting. That’s so sad. ”

    Peggy: “Yeah but you hurt me. You really hurt me. You hurt me. I was hurt. I’m hurting. I was hurting. I’m still hurting. You hurt me.”

          1. She’s not used to anyone standing up to her. She’s a spoiled brat.She’s used to being a princess that everyone bows down to. I laughed out loud when Tamra and Shannon were bowing to her.

  12. I love it. I would love to see them move forward and have a lot of laughs. Vicki has suffered enough for her sins. Its time to leave it behind.

  13. You could tell Shannon didn’t want to make up. When Tamra wanted to sit by Vicki and switch seats Shannon had a look on her face like, “I’m not going anywhere!”

  14. Everything came out great- everybody left full and with left-overs- I still got cleaning (house) to do , but it’ll get done.. I am tired — How was yours – your lucky your MIL likes to cook– mine has passed many moons ago-
    Did you Black Friday shop- ?? I am cards and cash-LOL -the Lazy way–

  15. looking back at past seasons…. Tamra is the worst with her behavior. She had been mean, vindictive, classless, gross and it was hard to watch…. now she acts like she’s a princess. Amazing. Vicki – she lies to make herself relevant and makes a fool of herself. Shannon has had problems with all the housewives – no brainer – she’s crazy. There needs to be a big shakeup with the cast or the ship will sink.

    1. Agree with you Bluebell. There was an episode where Shannon & Vicki was having so much fun & the way they were laughing, had me in stitches as well.
      We need more of that & less of the fighting.

  16. They will be friends until the next season…then they will fight again so they can bring something into the show

  17. No , but the are reality tv masters. Both of them would have been told by producers in the little break that their jobs were on the line if they didn’t sort it. Plus they knew it was time. Andy was very clear to them when they made up about being careful and not hurting each other. The boss told them off basically

  18. Let me Clarify, my Post Above.
    Lying is Wrong, it is hard to follow Vicki’s Dialogue as it so distorted. You are Correct, Heather!
    Perhaps, at First she believed Crooks, but WTH? She didn’t believe her Own Daughter over Crooks!
    I my Comment is that Smart Women, can get Duped, big time.
    That is what I meant,.

  19. Hi Minx, I see what you are saying.
    To me, Vicki was blinded into stupidity by love of an advantegeous, con man. Way into it, she saw the truth but was so upset with the investigative behavior of the women & their non-stop harassment & ganging up, & being she was mentally, physically & emotionally fried, she said nothing & went along with the fraud. All she needed from her friends at that point, was a very little TLC. If only one showed that, she would’ve folded with the truth. But all they offered were pointed fingers.
    As for Brianna, I’ve had a big problem always with her lack of loyalty to her mother. If she had a problem with her mom, talk to her privately, not talk on camera against her. I Never Applauded that—at all. Especially as Vicki was always there for her & hers wholeheartedly.
    Yes, I am a mother all the way, & my children would never, ever, in this lifetime do what Brianna did. I know because I talked to them about it & they all felt the disrespect Brianna displayed left much to be desired.
    Brianna out rightly showed her total disdain for Brooks (and by all rights,) & she was the one that gave her mom an ultimation.
    he in, or me & mine out. That was a threat & this was Vicki’s home.

    1. Didn’t Brianna say Brookes made inappropriate sexual remarks to her and her mother still sided with that moron???? Can you imagine a mother believing someone like him over their own daughter??? Anyone tries anything to my daughter and they’ll feel my boot up their ass. It’s always someone else’s fault. The other wives should have yada yada yada. They TRIED. She screamed her face off at Tamra whenever Tamra tried to tell her. Vicki was more concerned about having her love tank filled. I am sick to death of the excuses for Vicki. She’s a despicable human being.

        1. Nope. Not until Vicki is completely contrite, stops back-peddling and claiming victimhood. She needs to stop her lying.

      1. When Brianna revealed the incident and her Mother’s reaction, I was sickened.
        Brianna, is a responsible Young Woman and she cares about her Mother.
        I sincerely, doubt that Brianna would make such a damaging allegation towards anyone, unless it was true.
        Judging by Crooks, lifestyle of deception and shady behaviour,
        I wouldn’t put anything past that dark entity.

  20. Clearly Tamra and Vickie will roller coaster and always end up being friends again…..its the fans that need to calm down, yall hate Vickie more than Tamra does…

  21. Hi Minx!
    I see you’ve edited this. I saw an email with the last line saying that Sherrif Cutie showed up at your door with two corsages…. Well, now, I really want to know the rest of this amazing impromptu surprise!
    Share when you are up to it, of course.
    (I would have gone with you if only I was closer…but it sounds like you had an amazing evening!)

    1. Hello Sandy:
      Yes, Sherrif Cutie showed up with holly & poinsettia, Corsages for my GF and I. My Girlfriend, had gotten the Flu.. Everyone, else was Busy with Holiday Stuff.
      Sherrif Cutie, told me his Grandmother used to sing with the PNW Opera Company and he has Season Tickets for the Opera.
      I love the Opera! (He used to take his Mother, but his Parents are Moving out of State, thus him. having me Board his Horse.)
      He Dashed and Changed, looked Very Dashing, Windsor Knot,and a great Suit. Not, off the Rack.
      Long Story, Short..
      Horrific Traffic, freezing ☔ and we had a lot of time to talk..
      3 & a Half hours in a Parking Garage, Horrible Rains and miserable accidents and such.
      He Honestly enjoyed the Ballet.
      I noticed how Kind he is Naturally.
      Holding Doors open for the Elderly People, etc. No, act. He was raised quite well.
      I drove. I know Seattle well.
      I shouldn’t have Stereotyped him, as I couldn’t imagine a Rural Sherrif enjoying the Performing Arts, much less Opera.
      He was a Perfect Gentleman with impeccable manners.
      Standing on the Correct side of me.
      Opening the Car Door, lending his hand to help me out, while shielding me with an umbrella..
      ” Dr. It” wasn’t This Polished Socially..
      Okay, I met his Parents.
      They visited with Sherrif Cutie and spent time with his Horse.
      I took them out some Coco and Muffins. It was cold, I Gave his Mom, the tour.
      We talked for Hours. Delightful, Woman.( She was a Special Education Teacher at one time. God, Bless her. There must be a Special Place in Heaven for Special ED Teachers.)
      I don’t know why but with his Family Moving, (which is a Nightmare and. Christmas around the Corner.).
      I had planned on just making Dinner for myself & Ranch Hand and Maybe some Students who were far away from home and couldn’t afford to fly home or whatever.
      However, I was drawn to her Spirit and we have a great deal in common .
      They were going to spend their last Christmas eatting out. I couldn’t these beautiful people spending there last Christmas in WA, that way.
      Thus, I invited Her Family, for Christmas Eve Dinner.
      This is when, I generally decorate the Main Tree. ( It was my Family Tradition)
      I went with my gut instincts.
      I just really adored his Mom and it felt like the perfect thing to do.
      The Sherrif is around to see his Horse everyday, anyway.
      I would like to know more about his background and see him interact with his Parents. Lessons, learned
      (I think, Sherrif Cutie is working Christmas Eve)
      His Parents are like rays of beautiful Energy and Positive Happy People.
      I am just hanging out today.
      Groomed ” Sage Spirit” we went for a short ride. I,need to do more work with Him. RH, has but it seems as if MY paint Horse is more bonded to me..
      So, how is life in Sandy-Land!

      1. Hi Minx,

        It sounds like you may have found Prince or Sheriff Charming. He reminds me of someone I nearly married…long story. He was like that, so sweet to people, the elderly, children, and opened doors naturally…a good heart. Our families wer against it so it was doomed, though he did say he regret it (listening to amrumor his sister started about me) many years later.
        Your sheriff seems refined, and yes, you never can judge too quickly. He loves opera and he enjoyed the ballet. Wonderful. He sounded dashing too.
        The best part is his parents are turning out to be nice too…always a great indicator of a well adjusted and happy upbringing. I agree about Special Ed teachers being special people too.
        So, he loves animals, owns a horse, loves the arts, has good looks…and he is thoughtful and a romantic by the sweet corsages, and all the rest.
        Well, maybe thise cold damp Washington days and nights will get warmer.
        I love that you were so thoughtful about Christmas too. It just felt right. Go with your gut on this. Even ranch hand likes this one.
        I am not doing much really. I thought I was going north to visit my BIL whomjust was released from the hospital, but my sister got weird and said her house was messy since the cleaning girls missed the week or something…and so I just did nothing much. Nothing to report. I still have to get my tree decorated….
        Take care and thanks for the update. I know you sound so much better.
        I am happy that that weight was lifted off your shoulders, and you can just enjoy each and every moment.
        You are awesome.



  22. I truly hope you have a very interesting winter. You deserve only happiness, Minx.

    As for my sister. To make this not so long, she is almost more of an aunt than a sister, really. When she was 17 she eloped. Prior to that she had gone to live with our maternal grandmother. She is 13 years older than me. Therefore, she was the one who was my babysitter for the first four years of my life. Then she left home. I don’t remember my grandmother, since she passed when I was 5. She was close to her. My sister therefore became someone we went to visit or I saw her on occasional Sundays for a short time.
    Her husband has had a series of illnesses, and until the biopsy is back…this week at some point, we don’t know if his colon resection was enough to remove the tumor in his colon…that appeared not to spread.
    I told my sister last week, while he was hospitalized, that the trip was too much for us and it had to wait until the weekend, since I am not too close to where she lives. I asked why so many visitors were with him daily…from her girlfriends (not old girlfriends either, but more recent) to others, etc…all the time. I said, it was too soon after major abdominal surgery, and even if I was close, I would never have visited the first day or so…but she seemed oblivious, since she was happy the VIPs, dripping with diamonds, Rolexes, and such, were there, though she did not say it that way. I just know she is very social and loves the company, no matter what her hubby thought.
    Now that he was discharged Friday (from a Monday surgery) and we were asking to see him Sat or Sun and only for a short time, so she did not have to entertain me or make any meals, etc., she still made excuses. No, I don’t think it was as much him as her, since she really is the one who runs the show. I also know she would never turn her cleaning girls away…so it was just an excuse. I could care less about her home not having floors you can eat off of either. She just cannot entertain, since hubby is the one who is the host whenever you visit. He is the one who loves to cook and to pour the wine, etc. So, she basically cannot stand to do it on her own, and until he is well enough to host us, she would find an excuse, though his brother drops in daily without any problems, as well as her girlfriends…and I am certain of it. My niece tells me things…and I know she is making excuses.
    So, I sent up a box of fruits and bakery items from a local orchard that they used to frequent when they owned their summer beach house nearby. It should arrive today if not there already. I don’t know if he will eat any of it…but I did not want them to think I was avoiding them, in case she gave him some other version of this story, like I could not be bothered, since she is so self absorbed most of the time, a true princess, the matriarch and, though quite petite, she makes up for that with somewhat of a Napoleon syndrome.

    That is all. I had to vent because you asked. I would have kept it to myself otherwise. She would have been fine if we visited him the day of surgery at the hospital…I am certain. So it was never about his feelings…ever. Though she would rather the multimillionaire friends of theirs (and their own son and his wife’s family) make their presence known and loudly so. It is like an episode of Jersey housewives…if that makes sense. Can you imagine if Teresa Giudice’s father was in the hospital…and Tre and her brother Joe and his wife, etc. were constantly visiting with friends who were dripping in diamonds and gold…That would be my BIL, a man born in Sicily, and my sister and family. She is brighter than Teresa, but she would fit in with that crowd, though she is older than Tre and Joe’s parents.

    Okay, I would rather hear your stories. This is better than the soaps…or housewives!
    I just missed the end of The Young and the Restless…but that is fine. I can always watch it on Demand.
    I know it was hard for you with your late husband. He was so very young and what a shock. You were newlyweds really. I know you relive that with stories like this. Sorry.
    My sis and her hub have been married forever, over 50 years.. They have a strange relationship, still together, but just not right.

    You do need to heal. Just take one day at a time, as I may have said earlier. You will know when you know, and the person who you meet won’t be love-bombing you from the start, making you weak to hypnotic suggestion either. He will understand your feelings and take it slow, for as long as it takes, and just enjoy your company.
    Making friends is always nice. So just enjoy the company of SC and see where that takes you, Minx, in your own time, on your schedule, and when you want. You have to think of yourself, even if you are a giver at heart.

    Take care and enjoy the day.



  23. The show is much better when everyone is friends but…who makes up with someone that spreads this crap about your family? Really???

  24. Hard to read all of the RHW comments when trying to sift through all of the personal conversations…I give up on this one.

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