Exclusive: Tom Sandoval Talks Vanderpump Rules and Charles McMansion’s New Video


I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my favorite cast members from Vanderpump Rules this weekend, Mr. Tom Sandoval. Tom was super friendly and easy and fun to chat with and we talked about everything from the show and his cast mates to his musical inspirations and his new song T.I.P.!

We got to see a preview of your new music video T.I.P. from Charles McMansion on Monday. What is your musical background?  
Tom Sandoval: “I’ve always liked dance music ever since I was a child. I would get in dance contests and I would win. I was a back-up dancer for a short period of time. I was working on music with James [Kennedy] previously and a lot of that had guitar in it, and even before that I played lead guitar in that band Pierce the Arrow [we played in Lake Arrowhead] and I played lead guitar in a rock/punk bank. So this is like my fourth music project I’ve had recently. It’s completely different than really anything I’ve been involved with in the past. I’ve been wanting to do a duo sort of a setup for a really long time. I was going to do it with James, and obviously that didn’t go through, which is unfortunate. When you spend that much time and effort and passion into a project and it goes sour, it’s like a break-up. I didn’t pick up my guitar or do any music after the James thing for like a year.”

How was Charles McMansion formed? 
TS: “My publicist was actually the one that introduced me to Issac Kappy (Tom’s bandmate). He was actually in another band and was in a similar situation as I was. He toured Europe at one point. He’s really talented and we both have a lot of history and training as far as music goes. He’s a great producer and they kind of brought us together and we started working together on the song even though we were both reluctant. One day he sent me the hook and then we went to his house and basically wrote the song in a day and we wrote the bridge another day.”

Will we ever see your music on the show? I know I would like to see more of it on the show.
TS: “It is frustrating to me too at times. They follow a lot of that with Scheana. I feel so lucky to be on such a successful show and to have such a good launching pad for something like this. I’m not doing this as a hobby. I’m doing this to make money, it’s my passion. You are going to see some stuff with the music. You are going to see me start to talk about it and hopefully the music video. They [Bravo] were there for the first two hours on set. I executive produced the video and put a lot of work into it.”

Who are some of your musical inspirations?
TS: “I have a lot that are blanketed over all of music. I’m a huge Van Halen fan, Michael Jackson, Prince, Usher, Incubus, Muse, Radiohead, Chromeo, Pharrell, Timbaland. I also love 80’s music. Hall & Oats, Tears for Fears, and Duran Duran.”

Who is an artist we would be surprised you listen to?
TS: “I loved N’SYNC even though I was like 16-18 when they came out and I grew up listening to 90’s rap, which I think some people would be surprised to know.”

We have seen such a different side of you since you’ve been with Ariana. Would you go through the heartbreak of Jax and Kristen cheating again just to be with Ariana?
TS: “Oh yeah. 100%. I would. I actually thought about that recently that too.”

When it was revealed that Jax and Kristen slept together, my mind was blown. I can’t believe that was your real life… What made you finally leave Kristen?
TS: “It was just one of those things where I woke up one day and I was like, ‘Dude, I can’t do this anymore. I cannot be in this relationship. I’m just going through the motions. I’m distracting myself from all these things that are so wrong and I can’t do it anymore.’ I just had to do it, and I have to tell you, the hardest thing was actually breaking up with Kristen. It was so hard, because we had been together for a long time, but also there becomes a comfortability.  The actual breaking up with her and getting her to move out and trying to shed myself of her was the hardest thing. She wouldn’t move out. She wouldn’t leave me alone. It was so messy. It took me two months to get her to move out after we had broken up. She wouldn’t leave. I stayed with Scheana for awhile and gave her some money so I didn’t feel like I was imposing.”

Who do you blame more Jax or Kristen?
TS: “I actually put a lot of blame on Kristen because I know that she came on to him both times it happened. When he told me the story… I’ve heard other stories about Kristen, and I know what she’s done with me when she’s been in the doghouse. It was literally verbatim the same thing.”

Do you think Scheana has been a fake friend to Ariana by being friends with Kristen?
TS: “There are other things you are going to see this season that will answer that and make that more clear. As me and Ariana have gotten in a relationship and gotten closer it’s caused tension in our friendships with other people and I really don’t know why. I mean I do in a way, I think a lot of it has to do with… I mean look, I don’t want to hang out with my ex. But I’ve never been like, ‘You can’t hang out with my ex.’ I don’t give people ultimatums and neither does Ariana. Scheana has already tried to push that we have, but we’ve never done that. If it’s you’re birthday party and there’s a ton of people there, of course we’ll show up, but if it’s lunch with Kristen, we aren’t going to show up. It’s really frustrating.”

Do you regret getting involved with Shay’s substance abuse issues?
TS: “No. You’re definitely going to see how stuff like that unfolds. Next episode you’re going to see the issues that Scheana and Shay have, and I definitely don’t regret getting involved in the issues that they were going through. When I have friends and I feel like I can help them in any way, I want to help them and sometimes I feel bad for Shay, because he’s such a nice guy and a good friend of mine, and he’s kind of shy. He also doesn’t want to burden people. I think sometimes he feels like since Scheana has known us longer he feels like he can’t confide in us, which is totally not true and I feel bad in a way that I didn’t know certain things were going on until after the fact. I tip my hat to Shay, you’re going to see him open up a lot.”

Why do you think Stassi came back to film this season when she has been vocal about disliking so many cast members?
TS: “I know that she didn’t start hitting people up to try and bury the hatchet until the cameras started rolling. That’s how I feel about that. I think that pretty much speaks for itself. I think Stassi, when she went away from our show thought she would get her own spin-off and blow up on her own and it didn’t happen and so she had a freak out moment and wanted back in.”

Watch Tom’s music video below.

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  1. I really like Tom he is a down to earth nice guy. He definitely has some moments of acting like a moron but for the most part he is a good guy. I don’t know if it is the scripted part of the show or reality… but Tom is right. He should not have to be put into a position of being with Kristen every place he goes just because all the so called friends (and I use the term lightly) plan their events and invite her. Scheana is a bitch. I would NEVER be friends with someone like her who befriends enemies. Scheana saw what Kristen did to Tom and Ariana yet she stayed friends with her. Scheana is a two faced friend. She kept saying Kristen did nothing to her. If someone tried to sabotage my best friends life and relationship there would be no relationship with the creep. I am glad Ariana is starting to see the light. I understand this is a show of relationships but enough is enough. Tom and Ariana can have a great relationship without having Kristen in it. end of story.
    As far as Stassi is concerned DID SHE REALLY THINK THAT SHE WOULD GET HER OWN SHOW? About What? An invisible boyfriend? Her dog? She is delusional if she thinks any of her life is interesting to the world. She is a narcissist and she doesn’t have any friends so what does she actually give to the show? THis is crazy

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