Exclusive: Therapist Supports Tamra, Says Simon Barney Lied


Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge has been battling for custody over her three children, Sidney, 15, Spencer, 13, and Sophia, 8, with ex-husband Simon Barney. Simon filed suit against Tamra in March to get full custody of their children, claiming that Tamra was a neglectful and unfit mother.

On June 13th, 2014, Tamra filed a declaration in response to Simon’s accusations, calling his allegations “flat-out lies” and that “the only abuse our children are suffering” comes from him.

In the June 13 declaration, filed with the Superior Court of California, Renee Hulse, therapist for the Barney family, wrote a letter to the court advocating that Tamra is a loving and caring mother and also claims that Simon misrepresented the truth under oath!

AllThingsRH has obtained the 23-pages of court documents which includes Hulse’s explanation that there was never any indication of abuse or neglect by Tamra OR Simon.

“I am currently the therapist for Sidney Barney,” Hulse writes. “I have met both Simon and Tamra on numerous occasions about all three minor children and the parenting skills of both parents. Based on my numerous meetings with both parties and the children, I have no problem advocating that Tamra is a great mother of her three children. She cares deeply for all three children and has never done anything intentional or purposeful to hurt her children.”

Hulse continues, “She tries hard to fill their needs and cares about their feelings and wants to support them in any way she can. Tamra is conscientious to instill responsibility in the kids as well as teaching them the value of work and respect towards others.”

“She provides a loving home for them and supports her children to connect with their father, Simon, often.” Hulse states. “I have never heard anything in session from Sidney or Simon or Tamra that would indicate she has ever done anything out of the ordinary, that would hurt, abuse or neglect her children in any way.”

Hulse goes on to state that she is shocked that her previous letter [written on January 5th, 2014] to the court was made public, and states she was not advocating for Simon or Tamra, but for the health of the children. Hulse claims Simon misrepresented her letter when stating Sidney suffered from anxiety.

“I am troubled that the contents of my letter have been utilized in a manner that the comments made to me by the minor child, Sidney, have been disclosed in such a public fashion,” Hulse says. “I have recently reviewed an online news article that completely twists the content of my letter and completely omits the important conclusion at the end that Sidney is improving. The public release of my letter, which has generated various headlines, has no positive benefit to Sidney.”

“I have reviewed Simon’s declaration filed with the court on March 28th, 2014, and made a part of the public record, where he states at page 5, paragraph 37:

“One of the therapists whose findings concluded that the physical pain Sidney was experiencing was due to anxiety.”

Simon attached my letter dated January 5th, 2014 to support his statement,” Hulse says.

“The comment and representation by Simon , under oath, is a lie,” Hulse insists. “Nowhere within my letter is the word anxiety or physical pain even referenced. My letter has been taken out of context and it is being misrepresented by Simon.”

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  • Ann

    Good for Tamara. Doesn’t anyone remember what a Hitler he was and still is evidently.
    She should have full custody. And he supervised visitation because of the shit he will
    try to instill in the children.

    • Cara Marie

      I remember! Simon is an asshole and I’m so glad he’s caught. You know he manipulated all those monster mom stories to radar. Sick man

    • Anonymous

      All you have to do is watch the show and know that Tamra is a pathological liar, she will do anything to make herself look good. I am not saying she is an unfit Mother, because I don’t know that, but I am saying if she acts off the show like she does on it Simon has a point and she is not a good role model for her children. She didn’t seem to mind Simon when he was giving her Rolex watches and diamonds.

  • Jules

    Good for you Tamra! So glad this asshole is being shown for what he is. Way to go AllThingsRH

  • Avery

    He was always such a jerk. I agree tam should go for full custody

  • Lauren

    I love Tamra. It’s obvious she is a good mother. Shame on you simon for putting your kids through the media!! You’re obsessed with Tamra!!!

  • Ash

    Not a Tamra fan but rooting for her against this asshole. He was awful on RHOC

  • Anonymous

    I agree so obvious simon tipped Radar off. I hope he is exposed.

    • CC

      Me 2

  • Andrea

    Simon you’re a prick! Not that anyone believes anything radar online reports but this is an awesome story allthingsrh!! Spread the truth

  • TeamJudge

    Go away simon!!!! Think about the well being of your kids.

  • Kimberly

    I feel sorry for the kids. This is interesting though. I’m so not surprised simon lied and ran to ROL.

  • CC

    I agree with all of you. I think Tamra can be a jerk on the show but simon is a chauvinistic controlling asshole.

  • getreal

    And yet Sidney and Tamra are estranged. Why would that be? Why would Sidney claim that Tamra turns people against Simon with lies? Sounds like there are other therapists/counselors involved (not just Hulse) including a court appointed mediator who sided with Simon about not allowing the kids to appear on the show. Where is that story?

    • Andrea

      Because Simon is brainwashing his daughter. It’s so sad. I’m not saying tamra is innocent but this says a lot that he lied under oath!!

      • getreal

        Or maybe Tamra is brainwashing her fans?

      • Housewife Fan

        Lying under oath says a lot about someone’s character.

        • getreal

          So does lying on camera, multiple times.

          • Housewife Fan

            Reality TV is diff than perjury. Sorry

            • getreal

              Lying is lying is lying.

  • Taylor

    The truth always come out!

  • Cameran

    What kind of father makes up things to a gossip site and drags their kids through the media? #twisted

  • Judy McKenzie

    PTL…Now THIS is interesting. PUHLEEEZ BRAVO…BUY THE RIGHTS TO FILM ON SPIN WITH KIDS. Now that’s real. That is if they wanna…definitely not boring.

    THIS IS A J-O-K-E. I forgot how to spell fascious./facetious/???? Or is it true?

  • Housewife Fan

    Shame on you Simon! I hope Tamra comes after you for lying

  • Lori

    I have been a loyal fan of RHOC for as long as I can remember. Also a huge fan of Tamara. This battle that her and Simpon are having over their children is so disturbing to me. There are countless people all over the country having the same battle. There are no fan pages or blogs for those people. The only people hurting in This case are THIER children. Let’s turn off the lights and cameras and internet and let this be a family matter and not a public matter!!!

    • XdeRubicon

      Let’s turn off the lights and cameras …” Isn’t that what Simon is asking for?

  • imaroyce

    who besides myself wishes there was a like button for comments and stories?

    • Housewife Fan

      I do but I emailed allthingsrh aka nikki and she said she had to take them down for some reason.

  • MamaJ

    That is appalling that Simon would lie…. What was he thinking? Doesn’t he know that Tamra and Heather own the copyright to lying and nobody else can do it?

  • Nyameke Williams

    But how do we know for sure that simon is lying. Suppose the therapist is being paid or something. You never know what goes on Behring closed doors.

  • Joyce R.

    Simon has always been an A$$HOLE. He is despicable and will do anything to misrepresent the facts. TAMRA should get full custody of her children; he should have limited supervised visitation since he obviously is a sociopath and will try to instill hate and negative thoughts in the minds of the children. GO TAMRA!!!

    • Anonymous

      You are just as sick and twisted if you think any father deserves to have their child endure supervised access. Who is advocating for the children here? Who cares who lied and what you see on TV. I think they should both back off stop arguing and accept half custody because both parents deserve to share and see their children. Get along, shut up and do what’s best for the children and stop fighting.

  • yorkiemom

    Simon is a narcissist

    • Andrea

      Amen! And a chaventisic asshole!

  • Kimberly

    It’s ironic because I was just watching an old episode where it flashed back to a scene where Simon told Ryan HE was the reason Simon and Tamra had discussed divorcing and fought all the time. The “dad” telling the “son” he’s the cause for the talk of divorce says what kind of parent Simon is… manipulative.

    He is manipulating their oldest daughter into hating her mother. ALL parents have faults, and regardless of what Tamra’s are a parent should never hate their ex badly enough to turn their children on their own parent.

    We watched this jerk manipulate Tamra for years. Even though Tamra has shown poor behavior on the show, I do not believe she is a bad mother.