Exclusive: The Real Reason Behind The Caroline & Dina Manzo Feud


We’ve heard many rumors explaining why Real Housewives of New Jersey Star Caroline Manzo has been on the outs with her estranged sister, Dina Manzo. Now, an insider tells us EXCLUSIVELY what actually caused the famous feud between the sisters. Our insider reveals that the feud has a lot to do with Chris Laurita and his wife Jacqueline!

If you watched Season 1 of RHONJ, you might remember that Jacqueline and Dina got along and talked about how close they had been at one point.

“When Jacqueline first moved to New Jersey, Dina and her did everything together,” our source EXCLUSIVELY tells us, but adds how being on the show was the final straw that started the family feud.

“Remember the table flip?” our source recalls. “Dina believes Jacqueline threw her under the bus for calling her out for lying about the book written about Danielle Staub. Dina was also very angry that her brother Chris told Danielle she was welcome in his home anytime. This is what ignited the feud and led to family members who do not speak.”

Our insider adds, “Dina made a big deal out of the situation and made members of the Laurita family feel like they had to choose sides. It put stress on the entire family.”

“After the fight Caroline stayed on the show with Jacqueline, and Dina feels like Caroline took Jacqueline’s side. Caroline justifies supporting Jacqueline because she loves her brother, Chris,” another source tells us.

“But Caroline and Chris aren’t the only siblings Dina isn’t speaking to,” our first source reveals. “There are many siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews that Dina is estranged from. However, her daughter Lexi still communicates with the family.”

Many viewers have wondered why Teresa Giudice has been blamed for the feud between the sisters. Our source sheds some light on the topic.

“After the fight happened, Teresa Giudice would tell Caroline and Jacqueline everything Dina would say about them,” our insider shares. “This just made the situation even more complicated, and as things continue to happen tempers will flare.”

UPDATE: Dina Manzo speaks out about family feud at RHONJ reunion.

UPDATE: Caroline Manzo breaks her silence on feud with Dina Manzo.

UPDATE: Have Caroline, Dina and Jacqueline FINALLY made amends?

UPDATE: Jacqueline Laurita reveals the family feud has ended.

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74 Replies to “Exclusive: The Real Reason Behind The Caroline & Dina Manzo Feud”

    1. I heard this story before too and it’s 100% on target. There is more also, and I truly think that Dina hates JacDaniels because in her mind this stripper/party girl trapped her brother into marrying her and so he ended the relationship (engagement) to Dina’s friend.

    2. The reason Dina and Carolina are not speaking to each other is because Dina had a show on HGTV about throwing events that she was hoping would be a hit. When her brother was marrying his boyfriend, she was ecstatic as it was a blockbuster move at that time. All was well until Andy got wind of the wedding and said to Caroline, you have to get that wedding on our show, I don’t care how you do it. It’s history in the making. So Caroline went to the brother and talked him into having it on RHONJ because it would get far more exposure and further the cause of marriage equality. Bravo would pick up the whole tab from start to finish. So Caroline stuck the knife in her sister’s back. End of reason.

      1. She “MAY” have stuck the knife in Dina’s back. BUT She also got her Brothers entire wedding paid for and shown on national television. She can’t please everybody!

    3. Big D, your zen is a joke. Always, if they need me I’d be there, then GET THERE !

      Sick of all of you except Jacqueline.

      Now you fool you blame Teresa for spilling your mouth.

      Gracious, take responsibility D………zen my foot

      1. Yes, isn’t it amazing, she is not talking to numerous family members, which correct me if I’m wrong. When all that BS came out at Teresa’s “table flip dinner” about the book about Danielle. didn’t Caroline cover/take the blame for bringing the book out into the RHONJ group and to the Bravo audience, when all along it was Dina who brought the book to every ones attention? Yes Jacqueline did speak up and tell the truth to Danielle. But Dina kept her mouth shut, if I remember correctly,. So Dina is mad at Caroline for WHY??? Trying to cover for her and still standing by her sister-in-law Jacqueline. You know what I call that Dina?? Family Loyalty!! Do you have any? Oh wait. I saw your loyalty when you told Teresa she should apologize to Nicole and Teresa for spreading a rumor that Teresa heard from V. Gotti. The same rumor you were about to repeat to one of the twins, before she shut you down….Hmmmm!!

        1. Caroline sure DID take the blame onto herself about the book being brought up! Several family members aren’t speaking to Dina because of drama??? What’s the common denominator in all of these situations?! DINA! They’re all obviously speaking to each other, just not speaking to HER. Maybe she should take a good, long, hard look at herself before pointing the fingers at others. She’s about as “zen” as I AM! Zen is about calmness, peacefulness, love and light. I seem to remember another housewife claiming the love and light path and she turned out to be a complete psycho! (Danielle) If she were so Zen she would be making concerted efforts to mend fences with her family, not blaming everyone else for the rift. Get a grip Dina….YOU’RE the problem, not everyone else!

    4. Karma is a bitch. This is a large family and squabbles will happen all the time. I think that life is just taken to seriously for them to be arguing about such petty stuff. Who cares what Danielle thinks, Theresa or anyone else for that matter. Caroline thinks she is just the know it all, Jacqueline is another one who is not the person she tries to portray herself to be as well. They have allot in their closet, they should not criticize Theresa to much, Jackie and Chris have almost some of the same issues as she (money) and legal issues. Dina, is the classy, but she tries to portray herself as pure, she loves a good gossip as the rest of them. As for the twins, come on they go on and on and on. I really like them, but their voice gets on my nerves. I like Amber the most, she has told it like it is, her husband loves and appreciates her. He defends her to the hilt, now saying that I don’t care for him, but I can respect some of the things he feels. I do not like the way he belittles women, after all one day his daughter will be grown up and I am sure he would not want anyone speaking that way to her.

  1. Dina is such a beautiful and classy lady. I saw her in CVS, and wished her well on her new show. She was so gracious and thanked me. She is so stunning in person (even more than on TV). She has such beautiful hair, and a beautiful smile – and is TINY (very thin).

    I wish her well, and hope they all work it out. The only winner here is Bravo.

  2. And let’s not forget how JaCoWaCo befriended the blogger LynneinChicago and told her all LIES about Dina frauding her charity! I think that reason alone severed all ties with JaCo Caroline, and Dina. Who could ever stand by a lying, vindictive sister-in-law after doing something so disgusting. That should tell people about the REAL Caroline and her false crap about family. Her need for fame and money overrides her loyalty to Dina on every level. JaCo is one dangerous biatch and I hope she and Chris serve some time in the pokey. Lol punishment for JaCo would be not being able to have her monthly beauty enhancements. Ever wonder why she didn’t opt for the lapband like the rest?? Because her fattening alchol addiction wouldn’t have bern curbed by a lapband so tummytuck it is. And wtf is it with her and screwing over charities??? Talk about a black heart and no soul.

    1. Pinky: I don’t know how you got the information that it was Jac who gave Lynn information about Dina’s charity? As much as I dislike Jac & would want that to be true, that is NOT the case. Lynn came across that information by entirely a different source. I know, I was there & friends with Lynn and the source.

    2. Jackie 0 is not playing with a full deck the way she pretends to be sleeping saying random crazy shit . The way she treated her daughter was narrassist at best turning on her child when she needed a mothers love not an angry drunk

      1. I thought Jackly constantly crying (meno) blinded her to the way her very pretty daughter batted her lashes at Chris. He would remain quiet and look a long time at Aaaassh-lee with a dead pan face and I for one wondered what he was thinking. I think Ashley saw it too because she would look to him when her screwy Mother was ranting and trying to put her on time out. I’ve never seen a grown woman cry so much and so hard. I will not miss her menopausal rants and tears.

        1. Ashley needed exactly what she got……tough love. When she was forced to grow up, she did. She was totally coddled for too long and became very entitled and a little bitch. Jac AND Chris finally made her grow up. She had everything handed to her and threw it their faces. Glad she finally grew up.

        2. But not Ashlee is crazy too… But there was back then, Ashlee did not know which way to turn n her mother ignored her, treated the then kid terrible. Jacq is really mental n evil. I think Chris did cheat on her. I also think Jacq was jealous of chris n Ashlee. Who knows what went on there?

  3. I’ve heard this before. Dina needs to get over it just like Teresa. Their brothers married who they wanted to marry whether they like it or not. This is the reason Teresa and Dina remained to close. They have a lot in common with each other. It’s sad because Jac and Chris have been married so long and Dina still can’t get over it.

  4. I knew it and I have said it many many times before about that no good walking lying bitch from hell, Jacqeline is just no good and I do feel really bad for Dina because we all seen it how Jaco-wacko really is,” She’s a drunk,Takes pills and the most of all she hurts everyone that she comes around . Caroline shoulda known better but with this one she’s a very selfish person an she don’t care how she hurts to try “TRY” to get what she wants she’s no better then Jaco-wacko for sure. The rest of them Laurita & Manzo’s are some nasty people for taking a lot of “Money” from good hard real working people, Everyone of them should be Comparable for each one of their own actions “I just can’t believe how much money and Charities they Stole from those kids I feel so bad I really hope the Judge throws the book at them all and makes all of them pay everyone of those people Back , They all knew Exactly what all of them were doing an where that money was coming from so so gross an sicko’s,

    1. If its true what people are saying about the reason behind the falling out between Carolyne & Dina then that is so stupid amd imature of Dina. Life is short and family is important. She is so petty. Now I dont agree with Jacqueline not backing up Dina with her lie about Danielle’s book, but you got to respect her courage for wanting to do what she thought was right. Besides I she was quite during the entire time that Dina & Carolyne was lying to Danielle about Dina’s involvement. It wasnt until Dina turned to Jacquline and asked her to back her up in her lie. Dina put Jacquline in the spot and asked to to go against her principles. I believe that Jaquline whould have kept her mouth shut if Dina didnt put her on the spot. Dina seems to be just like Teresa and that is why they are still friends. Grow up Dina and respect your brother Chris’s decision on who he chooses to spend his life with.

    2. Lori-Anne, I just came across your post. Not meaning to be mean, but the Lauritas and Manzos didn’t take money from hard working people….that was the Guidices, Joe and Teresa. THEY are the ones convicted of fraud. Nowhere has there ever been a mention of the Lauritas or Manzos defrauding anyone out of money, unless you count Dina, who HAS been rumored to be stealing funds from her Ladybug Foundation. If those rumors are true…SHE needs to be the next one to be sent “away”.

  5. Lori Anne, Anyone who reads your post will have no idea what you are saying due to the grammar. Read back over the posts you write before you post them, please.

    1. That’s absolutely shocking pointing out grammar or spelling mistakes. How do you know this person or anyone who posts here do not have a condition called Dyslexia? Shame on you Teri. Hope spelling and grammar meets with your approval!!!

  6. I don’t personally know these people. So I don’t know if this is the “reason” for the fight.
    Season 1–the table flip episode: Jac and Caroline whispered to each other something to the effect of “I knew who she was …” What did that mean? Well I found out there were fraudulent charity practices of the Ladybug Charity (from I Hate Jill Zarin where Lynn from Chicago accused Dina of charity fraud and being a crazy poster “multiple personalities).
    Season 4–during the Reunion both Caroline and Chris claim to be on the outs with their sister, Dina.

    Who knows why the fight. But I do have to agree with Juicy Joe on one point when he said “Caroline you are a know it all. Everyone is judged wrong by you.”

  7. I dont like Dina Or how she treated Danielle Im glad shes off the show. Shes good friends with Tre.. enuff said!!

  8. If this is true it’s so childish it’s unreal grow the fuck up!!!!one marries who they wont not who their family wont’s as 4 Dina well she’s ok maybe but this goes 2 show me she’s no lady or she wouldn’t act this way as 4 Caroline I 4 one like her alway’s have jac’s 2 all can say Is grow up Dina

  9. It’s always because of JACQELINE and it will always will be this girl is a scum bag , Jac loves it too she don’t care al all who she hurts . Look what she did to all those people that were WORKING so Hard in their Business an Jac an Chris never pay them back or Charity’s that they TOOK FROM ,WOW I would never ever Trust anyone one of those people ( Jac,Chris , Chris’s Brother an the wife they kept taking all kinds of money from those hard working people as well as Charity so sad , Shame on them ..

        1. I could understand enough of her post to know that she’s got her facts as mixed up as her sentence structure is. It’s NOT the Lauritas OR the Manzos that stole money from, and I copied and pasted “those hard working people as well as Charity”, it was the Giudices!!!! Seems to me that not only should she pay attention to FACTS as well as grammar.

  10. Interesting. This makes sense to me you could always tell Dina and Jacqueline didn’t like each other.

  11. I am sick of Caroline’s ” I say it how it is”, No she says it how SHE see’s it. And she needs to fix her own screwed up family and marriage before sticking her nose in other peoples.

    1. Can’t stand Caroline. She should be fixing her own problems and not getting into other peoples. She has a cheating husband and three spoiled bratty kids. Her whole life is a joke. Tell it like it is , don’t think so.

  12. WOW… Having 2 jobs and working my ass off has left me behind. What the hell is going on I have read thru the comments and all I get is something about a CHARITY??? people please hold up … would someone please be kind enough to bring me up to date here. I will and am OFF August 28, 29 … PLEASE someone tell me what is going on who has done what to whom I know about Teresa I hear on tv she caught some charges I do feel for the kids. If anything I hope they go to her parents and not with his mother, I don’t know her but she just looks like someone I wouldn’t want to know. She just looks mean.

    1. Caroline is still saying family is family, blah, blah, blah. Teresa is still chipping away at Melissa and pretending she doesn’t. Jacqueline is still alternately crying and giggling, trying to make sense of all the craziness that’s going on around her. The Giudice’s still don’t discipline their kids so they are still screeching like banshees, punching each other, and pouting…. but louder and more obnoxious because they are waaay too old for that, and the parents haven’t gotten any smarter about anything. And Kathy is still sweet and ignored by the rest of them. In other words, you haven’t missed a thing.

  13. JacoWaco for sure ! She’s loosing her mind and wants to meddle in other people’s life because she jealous of Teresa ! Dina is gorgeous and the best from the show besides Teresa . No wonder Dina and jacowaco don’t get along . Carolyn …. You don’t know a thing about family…. Stick your blood!!!

    1. If its true what people are saying about the reason behind the falling out between Carolyne & Dina then that is so stupid amd imature of Dina. Life is short and family is important. She is so petty. Now I dont agree with Jacqueline not backing up Dina with her lie about Danielle’s book, but you got to respect her courage for wanting to do what she thought was right. Besides I she was quite during the entire time that Dina & Carolyne was lying to Danielle about Dina’s involvement. It wasnt until Dina turned to Jacquline and asked her to back her up in her lie. Dina put Jacquline in the spot and asked to to go against her principles. I believe that Jaquline whould have kept her mouth shut if Dina didnt put her on the spot. Dina seems to be just like Teresa and that is why they are still friends. Grow up Dina and respect your brother Chris’s decision on who he chooses to spend his life with.

  14. Well, if its true about Dina? Diña, GTFU. You dont have to like Jacqueline, but respect your brothers wishes. Evedentally, he loves Jacqueline, & there is NOTHING you can do about it!

  15. This are people with real problems, just like every body….I really wish every one the best but in a way some of them think they are above every one else and they need to be brought back to earth.

  16. Wow! Ive always wondered what was behind Dina & Caroline’s falling out and I did sense that Dina & Jacqulyn where not close. But if its true about the reasons for the falling out then I think Dina is stupid and has a lot of growing up to do. I believe that it was wrong for Jacqueline to not back up Dina with her lie about Danielle & the book but you gotta respect Jaqueline for her ethics. I mean during the argument when she new Carolyne and Dina where telling a bunch of lies she stayed quite and I believe she would have stayes out of it had it not been for Dina asking her to lie for her. Dina is the one that pur Jacqueline on the spot by asking her to go against what she thought was wrong. So how dare you Dina. And how childish for her to be upset with Chris for braking it off with his fiance to marry Jacqueline. Dina needs to grow up and mend her relationship with her family. Life is too short and family is important. Also during the Housewives reunion Andy had asked Carolyne and Jacqueline if Dina has reached out to Chris n Jacqueline since there sons Nick was diagnosed and she said no. That in itself should tell everyone what kind of person she is. That is her nephew. That is so sad and unsensitive of her.

    1. Her ethics?! That is a really sad excuse for Jac’s behaviour.
      It had nothing to do with an ethical stance, if it was it was a very immature stance to start with. Jac clearly doesn’t have a problem with keeping quiet about things if it suits her.

      It’s not ethical to tell someone who clearly has a narcissistic personality that the person they hate is the source of information about them. By doing so, you are ensuring that the person who gave you that information is faced with a lot of problems.

      Jac should have never mentioned the book if she was unable to comfortably not mention Dina as the source. She could have not got involved and so been much more ethical in her behaviour. Instead she chose to use the information but also throw the source under the bus.
      She had no problem causing issues for someone in her family.

  17. I don’t get why people think Dina is immature and ‘should get over it’ if this is the real reason for the feud.

    Just because this may have initiated problems in the family it doesn’t mean that it was the only factor in the feud. One spark leads to a lot of little fires and they escalate until the problem and anger is too large to sort out. People get hurt or upset and it accumulates.

    So, it’s not all Dina’s fault, even if this was the main reason why the feud began as it’s not the only reason why the feud continued. She has the right to feel unhappy about her brothers actions if it hurt her friend. Other things then started to drive a wedge between the family, people started taking sides, defending each other’s actions, getting involved where they shouldn’t have.

  18. I never liked dina she’s always acted like a bitch and of course teresa has something 2 do with it she’s slimy and 2 faced what’s up with all these njhw living in these horrible gotty looking house’s I mean everyone except kathy is so well they look like someone trying 2 hard with no taste

  19. I like Dina, never liked Caroline or Jac and as for Chris, absolutely no personality. I am liking the show better now that the trouble makers are gone. The next to go should be Melissa Gorga, what a tramp.

  20. dina needs to grow up. she obviously has no faith or moral values or she would forgive and move on . without peace in your family and with god you have no peace

  21. I just finished this season of RHONJ, and I can’t be more sickened with 2 women then u am with Dina & Melissa…Talk about shit starter! Melissa ur a f##king back stabber, and I have watched this show from the beginning, and quite frankly I am really sick of u & stinky looking husband (I LOVE JOE GUIDICE) I mean make up ur freaken minds!! Id watch Theresa & Joe any day over u & ur boring husband (and please don’t go on TV comparing urselves to (THE BEST OF ME) it’s hardly the same, it was a yr. not 20, not to uncommon, so get over urself, please. And the worst, Dina, ur just the fakest, & the most annoying one of the bunch, I mean the twins seem to have no f##king soul, both at least their honest… U my dear walk around like ur better then everyone, and everyone & anyone should be honored to be in ur presence… And stop acting like ur some tuff bitch, u wouldn’t last a sec. outside around REAL PEOPLE!! Ur a spoiled little Brat that can’t hold on to anyone, including family (I got a sister like u, minus the money) who holds grudges & throws tantrums when things don’t go her way, that is y you will end up alone with ur animals in the long run.. Y lied about the book to Danielle, and u know u did, Jacklyn called u out on it, ipps there’s goes Jacklyn out ur life, and the rest followed like dominoes, grow up, stop talking about BRINGING THE ZEN, cause that’s phoney to, when it comes to u… Let me tell u I was hoping Theresa would of grabbed those twins by the throat at ur charity, cause u threatened that who ever did would lose a friend, HAH!! believe me their better off without u, not to mention ura shitty friend for not sticking up for those dim- wits for calling ur FRIEND stupid… U need to exit the show again. Much better with ur sister & Jacklyn, take ur zen and leave…

  22. I’m not a big fan of Dina, BUT if someone (family or not) continued a friendship with someone -Danielle-who falsely reported me to the authorities for CHILD ABUSE, I’d never speak to them again either!

    1. I had not heard that, Tawni. I wonder if it’ actually true. How about Dina being all buddy-buddy with Teresa, even after Teresa was throwing it in Caroline’s face how her sister didn’t want to be with her? That seemed below the belt to me.

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