Exclusive: The REAL Reason Al & Caroline Manzo Moved To An Apartment In Hoboken, Manzo To Run For Political Office?


When season 5 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey premiered many viewers were confused why Albert and Caroline Manzo were living in an apartment in Hoboken. The couple still has their home in Franklin Lakes, but Caroline insists she likes the “sanity” of her new apartment. It was assumed the apartment was purchased so Caroline could be close to her sons, Albie and Chris, but an insider is EXCLUSIVELY revealing to us the main reason Caroline and Al are spending a lot of time in Hoboken.

“Caroline and Albert moved to Hoboken in Hudson County because they plan for one of their sons to run for political office,” our source reveals. “Name recognition is important in politics, and the Manzos want to establish a presence.”

“Albert’s good friend that was the Passaic County Sheriff is no longer in office, but Al is friends with the Hudson County Sheriff. Albert wanted to move to a county where his friend has power, because he is used to getting the favors he had in the past.”

With BLK Water not doing as well as the Manzo boys hoped, and now that they are officially business owners in Hudson County with their restaurant, Little Town NJ, our source shares, “Expect one of the Manzo sons to run for office soon enough.”

Photo Credit: Bravo