Exclusive: Teresa Giudice’s Alleged Boyfriend Exposed

In the trailer for the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, we see that Teresa Giudice is accused of having a boyfriend while her husband Joe is away.

We can exclusively reveal the man in question and his identity. Multiple sources have confirmed to us that Teresa is allegedly dating Shane Michael Wierks. Shane is neighbors with Joe and Melissa Gorga at the Jersey Shore.

“Teresa has been fooling around with Shane,” our insider exclusively tells us. “He is friends with Joe and Melissa [Gorga].”

Our source claims, “Teresa is constantly sexting him and can’t stay off the phone. He looks like a young Joe Giudice. Melissa knows about their relationship, but Joe Gorga doesn’t. Melissa told Teresa during filming to stop with her phone so she wouldn’t get caught.”

Our source claims that Teresa’s attorney James Leonard also knows about the relationship and that he is trying to keep production away from the storyline so it doesn’t blow up Teresa’s brand and upcoming book.

“Shane also came to the opening of the Gorga/Giudice restaurant,” our source said, adding that they have also been spotted out in public recently.

Shane founded a company called the SMRE Group. According to their website, the company offers many services which include retail leasing, investment sales, asset analysis, and franchise growth.

Check out photos of Shane and Teresa below:

Summer Nights… All about the company #summer2017😎 #bayhead

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Summer nights with my love @joeygorga❤️& @shanemichaelre

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Update: Another insider tells us that these rumors are complete “nonsense,” and that someone is trying to take Teresa down.

Photo Credit: Bravo/Instagram



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  • JerseyGirl

    I’m so glad someone finally revealed the truth!

  • justanothermary

    This guy can’t afford to be associated with a felon like Tre if he’s in asset management and investments.

    • Evil Queen

      Dont let her near checkbook, or anything!

  • Boo

    I don’t believe this article at all.

  • cherry_girl

    Tre has had something done to her face. Fillers? Nose? Facial de masculinization?

  • frankswif3y

    Oh WOW! Mrs. Happy Wife Happy Life I’m perfect and so is my family Teresa is a CHEATER! All that crap she tried to start about Melissa and Joey. SMDH!

  • DindiSue

    Don’t believe it

  • shaw

    Maybe teresa should move! Your husband is in prison and put you prison because he didn’t take the fall for you! Move on tre

    • justanothermary

      Joe didn’t put Tre in jail, Tre put Tre in jail. Tre walked into banks with false W2s and documents in hand and applied for mortgages, knowing full well she wasn’t working. Tre hid assets from the bk court right along with Joe. They are both guilty and both are felons.

      • Evil Queen

        Thank you!

    • Evil Queen

      Treape is the master mind behind all of it!

      • missroxmiss

        Imp I believe the mob is behind it and the both of them were taught how tree neither Teresa or Joe are smart enough to defraud bank creditors out of the kind of money they stole

    • newyawka

      Joe didn’t put Teresa in prison…

  • justanothermary

    I’m not sure if I believe this or not, but Tre should move on. What is Joe going to do when he gets out? What happens when the Bravo money is done? Tre needs someone who can afford her and her girls.

    • newyawka

      Why should anyone be expected to, or saddled with, supporting Teresa Giudice? Let her get a real job & support herself.

      • justanothermary

        I don’t believe Tre has the mental capacity to handle a “real job” that could support her and the girls.

  • Hot Mama

    Why am I surprised that she has a blue need out jumpsuit? I forgot for a moment that it was Jersey.

  • guest2twenty2

    Probably wants to stick it to Joe for running around and being photographed with that blonde while she was doing her time.

    • 80s gal

      I agree. it’s payback time. how does it feel, Juicy? do u get it now?

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  • Dori

    Wow, short, stubby Tre has found someone else to stand on, Hope he has some bucks! They’ll be gone soon anyway. So much for her kids…

  • JMMW

    Bull…T may be many things but I doubt she would not take her marriage vows seriously. I don’t believe for a second she would do that to him or especially her daughters.

    • justanothermary

      So she takes marriage vows seriously but not laws?

      • JMMW

        The rumor is about her marriage not if she broke laws. That’s already out there, she did it, she served time, maybe not as much as others would have liked but she did.

        • justanothermary

          I simply don’t think someone who tosses laws around as if they are mere suggestions, can then turn around and take her marriage vows seriously.

  • SnarkySassyandLilHalfAssy

    In every picture he is right beside Teresa, LOL. Kinda hard to deny that and pretend to be the wife pining away for the convict husband. Awesome!

  • SnarkySassyandLilHalfAssy

    Also please tell Shane that i am available, I also have 4 kids but no criminal record.

  • justanothermary

    Did anyone else notice Melissa’s body language? She seems to be leaning away from Joey whenever possible.

  • Tai

    I don’t belive this “source”. If Teresa did not leave Joe for ALL the other things he has done to her, why would she cheat?? Teresa is old school Italian, it’s not happening. Plus I find it hard to believe that Melissa would co sign on the cheating.

  • missroxmiss

    People forget before Joe went to prison they slept separate beds he cheated on her first

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  • Tara Christine

    the fact that he’s next to her in all the pictures of them together is what is confirming this for me. that huge ass group of people but he always manages to find himself next to teresa

  • Frank Van Der Heijden

    Did someone scream: “Prostitution whore !” ?