Exclusive: Teresa Giudice Signed On For RHONJ Season 7


We have some brand new exclusive information about the fate of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. An insider tells us that Bravo has officially decided to wait for Teresa Giudice to get out of prison before they begin filming season 7. But that’s not all! Giudice is currently the only cast member that has signed with the network.

“They are waiting for Teresa to get out to film,” our insider exclusively tells us of RHONJ season 7. “The other ladies have not signed on yet.”

Although we previously reported that Jacqueline Laurita would be returning to season 7, our insider reveals that may not happen now. “Teresa is refusing to film with Jacqueline. So her return is no longer guaranteed,” our source says. “Bravo has given a lot of power to Teresa.”

“They should be careful about giving her too much say in what goes on,” our insider says, but adds, “People will definitely watch out of curiosity!”

Our source also confirms that Teresa’s husband Joe Giudice has inked a deal for a show featuring him and the couple’s four daughters in their everyday life while Teresa is away.

“Teresa is supportive of Joe,” our source says. “She has been involved in all the decisions that have been made.”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Hi Well I Would Be Very Happy To See Theresa Back On RHONJ. And Whoever Decides To Return Also!! Thanks Lenny S.

crime DOES pay!


You don’t need to watch! Just saying!!

You don’t need to comment, just saying!!

@Karen BWAHAAA!! Nice. 😉

There’s no RHONJ without tre. I was hoping tre would come out and take jac on her crazy bullshit, maybe she can’t be bothered to fight with her anymore. I hope they add loads of fresh blood to season 7. Would love danielle to return to

It would hurt Jac more if Her contract wasn’t renewed!!

Really, Danielle? I thought she was kinda ugly. But new people would be so good, as long as Theresa comes back. I want to hear what she says now, because they already hired her back so what else but wait to see?

wow good scoop. it’s about time we heard something about this show! hope they know what they’re doing

I predict Teresa’s heyday is over and Bravo won’t see the ratings they are hoping for.

I won’t be watching anymore. Teresa has been a lying thief from jump… Never liked the poser. I’m totally over NY AND ATL…

Oh Goody!!! Moriah I agree. Teresa is NOT going to give as much information about prison as Bravo thinks. She is going to try to push this under the table as far as she can. It will be a show about how hard it is to raise 4 children on her own –Oh Boo Hoo (I raised 5 on my own) Then we will constantly hear how her family has never been there for her. That’s the season don’t bother with watching.

@Melodie–Teresa will use opportunity and plug in her book about prison life while filiming…

Fuck teresa & fuck bravo. Thats it im done

Are there two of you? Because I just read a post from “anonymous” that chided people for being hateful.

If people wouldn’t watch Teresa going through the whole case leading up to jail then why would they watch her after? When it’s all over…

Teresa is the reason a lot of people no longer watch Jersey, including me.

everyone needs to take this anger and frustration to the Bravo website and let them know exactly what we are thinking. Posting it here is fine but who knows if Bravo pays attention to any of these posts. Make it count and go to bravo.com and find anywhere to post your feelings I have. I will continue to voice my opinion until Bravo gets it through their skulls that NO ONE wants her skanky ass back.

So, do you think every social program that we Americans have been fighting for since forever should be gone too? I was in Spain when the whole Rodney KIng thing happened. I was talking to a guard at the Picasso museum who was dumbfounded that anyone who had been incarcerated would, if they survived, ever commit another crime. Apparently those prisons actually deter people from committing another crime. There are so many programs that try to rehab. felons that actually commit crimes physically against people, but now that it is someone who is loved, who had money and fame, be… Read more »

Huh? Don’t understand your point. Give Teresa a chance because someone loves her? There’s no recidivism in European prisons? Sorry, that’s hard to believe and someone loves all the people Teresa stole money from so she could finance her phoney lifestyle. If I’ve totally missed your point, maybe you could explain it better.

I don’t believe, no matter what is said unless it’s proven which is impossible, that Theresa knew Joe was committing a crime. When she found out it was too late. what did everyone expect her to do? I am serious. She had gone on housewives and never tried to hide anything to do with money. One of the very first episodes was about her spending money for her new house. She finds out something is wrong financially, after the fact for that too, and she goes out and really starts selling her book. People came from miles around and she… Read more »

Shut up…. SH you got to hit the delete button or mute on this woman …. PLEASE!

You know you can delete me all you want, as I have no clue who you are and I think it’s funny that my opinions bother you.

It’s not funny at all cause you sound like a moron….

It is funny that you call me a moron and can’t concentrate long enough to write more than one sentence. I refuse to be filled with hate for someone, even someone who is convicted of a white collar crime. If everyone who feels strongly enough to write about Tre looked into the criminal history of even 1% of the felons who are walking the streets they would be so filled with disgust and hate that their heart would become damaged.

ONFG!!!! Not everyone is so involved with a phony but entertaining television show that they write a book on EVERY DAMN COMMENT MADE!!! I was trying to be nice before, but frankly you are driving me batty. My phone buzzes with email notifications with your comments at least 20 times q day. You need to slow your roll and stop taking this stuff quite so seriously.

I’m right there with ya, Christopher! My tablet is constantly buzzing. Time to charge it up again! I think the psyche ward needs to remove all technical devices away from this person!!!

AMEN…..not only that but how hateful she gets about some HW, yet Tre can do anything and it’s ok. Then when people call her out or say slow your roll we get “I’m sorry I watch all the shows so my opinion is the only accurate one followed by her life story……..

Wow, everyone needs to relax. So, the new person has a lot to say and you don’t like the sight anymore? I read a bunch of it and I didn’t see her saying anywhere that only her thought means anything. Do you guys all follow up on the stories and court stuff? Cause it looks like you are just as involved and I see your names responding, replying I mean, to lots.

Well, froggy, anonymous and cristoper, It’s a good thing the subject here is over for now. AND, I FEEL EXACTLY THE SAME WAY ABOUT YOU GUYS AND A FEW MORE PEOPLE. It’s always funny when people want to tell me how many hateful things I say by saying hateful things to me. And tell me I call people names by calling me names. By making it look like you’re quoting me by totally misquoting my post and my intent. GOOD. YOU TAKE YOUR ZANAX SINCE YOU WANT SOME AND YOU RELAX AND SLOW YOUR ROLL. I have a certain compassion… Read more »

Who the heck are you talking of? This is a confusing one because the replies are dated, but it still shows as a recent one. I don’t think the nuthouse allows computers.

You know when I was young we had these things called books. They didn’t vibrate or need charging. Sometimes they were hundreds and hundreds of pages long. A few paragraphs were not considered long. We had to write extremely long theories called a Thesis. If I didn’t like a book or a show, I just didn’t read or watch. Same here. If I don’t like what someone is saying, I see their name and don’t read it. Some folks are really trying to explain and others are getting angry.

Well in this day in age my books are on my tablet and are hundreds and hundreds of pages long. Ummmm aren’t you doing the very thing you are saying not to do.


Why do you have your phone on “announce” if you didn’t want to know if there were replies? Oh! I know just mine. Even though I can’t tell if it’s me you’re talking to because I think I have replied to you twice. But, IDFC because I will comment and reply every single time I want to if for no other reason than just to bug you two. It’s a conversation for some, a place to see other conversation’s for others and a place to show exactly how much people hate others who don’t want a conversation. THANK YOU AMERICA… Read more »

You need a Xanax and chill. You have taken this forum too seriously. With your extra long replies, fighting, cussing and name calling……you’ve said you’ve been on here 11 days and you have had more arguments, and poste than people who have been on here months. This is not a place for therapy.

I have my phone set to announce emails because I get important emails. I didn’t expect a really bored lady to send out a book 20 times per day. I suppose I am just going to have to refrain from commenting from now on. I can’t deal with this kind of mindless spam with the same message over and over.

I see your posts are really long sometimes but so are
1. Sidewinders
2. rh_dude
3.Melodie has more than you
4.OneRottonegg has a lot of short ones
6.Anonymos. It seems like a lot of controversy and you do make a lot of people mad.

I think he was referring to the email notifications we get on out phones every time anyone posts on a thread we post on, not just you or this site. You should understand things before you rebut them. Just Ike making fun of people’s typos. You do seem to have an overwhelming majority of the posts. When I check my email you will have 20 of the 30 replies and most are just you fighting with other people.

You all need a mediator. If you don’t like what someone says when you see their name, don’t read it. How about that. I just started today, so if I get verbose and opinionated are you special comment people going to call me names?

Making fun of typos? One can UNCHECK the box to be notified. Sidewinder and rh dude argue quite a bit and I love hearing the two sides. I do totally get pissed off about some things, but on THIS PAGE, about this person, other people were just livid that I won’t hate Theresa. I never called anyone any names, only made my point. If the blog controller thinks it’s too much I guess I will be blocked. and whoever it was bitching about “my life story”, I was talking to someone about my deceased Daughter. I will continue to write… Read more »

SHUT UP, OMG, SHUT TFUP, SHUT UP SHUT UP. It is so easy to be deaf, uncheck the little box!!!

You need to refer to the comment policy on this site.

What she fails to get is that most of us checked that box before realizing we were going to get spammed with the same bullshit 20 times a day. Once you e checked the box, you can’t uncheck it, so you are still getting notifications on posts that are weeks old even if you no longer bother to comment on new posts, as I don’t.

I miss your comments ChristopherM

Rh_dude too.

Thanks dear.

I did.

It’s the moronic twins and the IQ challenged brother of hers and his vapid wife people were tuning out of. Team Theresa.

Bravo gives Teresa absolute power that corrupts absolutely. I will not watch RHONJ with that convicted felon who never takes responsibility for the evil she creates. Bye Bravo, you stink anyway

Evil. hahahaha. I think that her being in jail at all is the crime. She never hid the fact that they had money. When Jo was investigated for fraud I think it was the most surprising thing in her whole life. So, she stood up for her husband and tried to take some of the blame. We’ll see who really watches. So many people say they really don’t watch reality TV, but always have an opinion. I only watch reality and I have said that from the beginning. Why is it all of a sudden that after she pays for… Read more »
Another chance at society is fine….however being put on TV and paid for the whole story is a complete different story. No one is saying she shouldn’t be able to earn money they are saying they don’t like the message it sends. Commit a crime,go to federal court, be convicted withOUT reasonable doubt, (the documents where she signed her name commuting bank fraud are there), and you continue to be a TV star. Ummmmm no I don’t like this message. she wants to continue to sell cookbooks and make money go for it. She has that right still however I… Read more »

I never said society was out of control, I said once she pays her debt to society she is “PAID IN FULL” She shouldn’t have to pay for it for one more day, and will go back to what she was doing before the investigation.

IM sorry Marion I completely disagree with you…. THis paid your debt to society crap is just that crap. TRE has NEVER stood up and said Yes Joe and I are responsible for what has happened, Im so sorry to all the people, businesses public and private that we have hurt and we are going to make sure all of you are paid back by us personally. Have you been listening to her garbage,,, it was her brother’s fault, it was her attorney’s fault, it was the governments fault…. It’s everyone elses responsibility and we were set up. She HAS… Read more »

She didn’t admit anything? I thought she did.

1. She signed the loan papers and the bankruptcy papers. Either she is a colossal idiot or she is guilty.
2. She pled guilty to all charges! On what planet do you plead guilty to federal fraud charges and NOT deserve prison?

She’s a CRIMINAL who willfully stole money from trusting people who needed it to feed their families. Good Lord.

I’m done with it if I have to listen to more of Teresa and Joe and their idiocy.

No thanks. That show is dead.

I am excited Teresa will be back. I’m not necessarily a fan but I think it’ll be interesting to watch.


Many people don’t put a name. It’s not like it matters most names are made up anyway.

You’re so right, Terri! Obviously Froggy is not my given name. I don’t even think my parents like frogs! Haha, but I’m 43 so if Iwant to llegally change it then I guess I could. ☺

But, what I mean is two people can’t use the same exact name and even on the same thread “anonymous” has two conflicting opinions. So, that is just surprising.

Many people post either forgetting to put a name or not putting one which shows up a anonymous. So there are more than two.

Oh. I did not know one could post with no name. Mine, although just signed in about 11 days ago, is just automatically there whenever I comment. If you read all comments from Anonymous, it sounds like two people.

It sounds like two different people because it is two different people or 4 or 10. My name is not typed in and I purposely left it blank so you would see what I meant. I’m Terri but many people do not type a name in so it automatically says anonymous.

So, anything with the name anonymous is really just some who don’t want to be identified? And it is a bunch of people so we can’t know who is who. Well if something could make this more fun, I am all for it.

I think it is disgusting of Bravo to even entertain this idea. She is a white collar criminal and should be held accountable. I will not be watching and contributing to this debacle

I love Theresa and it is criminal that she is the one in jail. It is so obvious that her husband is the criminal and that she just got suckered. There is so much unmined territory there. In all of the seasons it was clear that Jo didn’t even try to counsel Tre about the money shortfall, so why would one think that he informed her about any fraud. I can’t wait to see her. I hope they finally get rid of the idiot brother and SIL who were never IMO a draw fir NJ. When I look at Jo… Read more »

seriously? Have you even read the details of the case? She’s even more guilty than he is – she ought to get down on her skanky criminal knees and be thank god she didn’t get the time in the can that she TRULY deserves. Please read the legal blogs. you are terribly misinformed about that evil, petty, selfish, narcissistic, terrible mother, ugly woman

Nope. I am a viewer and a fan. I have read some stuff but once she has “paid her debt to society” as the criminal courts have deemed appropriate, she is “PAID IN FULL.” Anyone who doesn’t want to watch, won’t. Anyone who doesn’t want to buy her books, won’t. She has every right to go back to doing the job she was doing before the investigation. Or should they eliminate all of the social programs that put waaaaaaaaay worse criminals back on the streets.

If you don’t know the TRUTHS of the court case then how can you say she is innocent and the crime is her following her husband. She signed the documents, she knew they filed bankruptcy, and she tried to hide it all. She did the crime. Liking a HW is one thing but speaking untruths is a complete other.

Hardly “paid in full” since she owes so much money and anything she makes will be taken by the Court and distributed to the people and companies she willfully defrauded. Doubt Joe ever cared about living in a mansion or spending so lavishly. She’s the one who wanted it.

Her debt to society is paid is what I meant. I wasn’t clear enough. I did say that she should absolutely pay the $$$ judgement too. My point was how to do that if she has the nine-to-five job everyone says she should get. On HW she has a chance to give the money back to the people who were harmed. There are pedophiles on the street, and killers FGS, they deserve a chance and she doesn’t? I just see it from a different perspective, and not because I have ever committed a crime. I have three daughters and my… Read more »

Just because you don’t like her doesn’t mean you should say such mean things.

no show without Teresa so I’m not surprised. No one will tune in to watch carolyn, Jac and Melissa. blech. boring. Bravo must have made Teresa a huge offer . I doubt she wanted to come back and be around those toxic women

Yeah. I hate it when former friends go with hypocrisy for years to be close to the star, then when there are some people that are on the other side of things, they gang up. That reunion where they all gang raped her was just despicable. Saying that for years she had done things and they had always known about it and she had been a certain way and they let it go. Yeah, they let it go to be near the star, simple as that. What kind of shitty friends are they? Tre has her personality things most certainly,… Read more »

@gina–i can tell you are no fans of waco jaco, money/fame hungry melissa or cranky carolyn. however, who is toxic? didn’t teresa get convicted of fraud, lying about hiding assets, and tax filing corruption?

And she is paying her debt to society. She will be paying in so many other ways for A LONG, long time. Once she gets out she is “PAID IN FULL” to society. She has the right, just like thousands of other far worse offenders than her, to go back to the job she had before. She has 4 kids to bring up and I will continue to be a fan and see how strong she has been under the weight of all of this and not judge her. I will watch Nj and ZIP Caro or Jaqo if they… Read more »

But you said earlier she didn’t deserve to go to prison. And I’m sorry, but that is crazy. She pled guilty.

I think she didn’t deserve to go to prison. I think she didn’t know ’till it was too late. I know she signed and said. I know, I know. I don’t think she should have gone to prison, that’s all. I will watch if she comes back. If she doesn’t I won’t. Get rid of the IQ challenged brother and his vapid wife. I wish Theresa Giudice the very best, you don’t let them kick you to the ground with their hate in front of your kids, Tre. I don’t think you belong in prison. You go GIRL, WE WISH… Read more »

“Get rid of the IQ challenged brother and his vapid wife.”

I guess by that you think Teresa got all the brains in the family?

I think he is IQ challenged and that he made sure everyone knew that and also showed how much he resented Theresa by turning into a maniac at his son’s Christening. I think his vapid wife came on the show to take Theresa down and is licking her chops in private that she got knocked down. I hope for Theresa that she finds peace, pays the money judgement to the people who were hurt, and I hope those people actually receive the money. I hope that she finds the strength to handle the hate that the public has for her… Read more »
Well, the bulk of her income is off her cookbooks and such which only sell because of the show. If she was smart, she would realize that her image is so tarnished now that the only way she can continue to bring in the money is if she rehabs herself on the show. She needs to come out of prison a changed woman. America loves a comeback story. If she played it right, she could totally be redeemed and repair her brand. But let’s face it, she is Teresa…she is not that self-aware. Who knows, maybe she has some good… Read more »

Yep took the words right out of my mouth! Especially regarding the comeback story, even I would love to see her earn money legitimately and start again w the girls. Though sadly you’re right in that she’s going to come back, comain about her home monitoring bracelet being ugly and not matching her outfit or something. I hope we are both wrong and she gets really candid about prison and how it’s changed her but unfortunately we’ll probably get the same old in denial Teresa.

@Christopher–doubt Amber will come back, but if she does–that’s a story to bring awareness to Breast Cancer as it has come back.

I would normally agree, but survivors should have a much better advocate than someone referring to “The Cancer” and a husband who acts like a bitchy sorority girl.


You Know Christopher most of her sales have reduced immensely. The money behind her Fabellini and her gelato bars have gone dead. They pulled their interest right after she got convicted. The sales of her cookbooks have gone WAAAY down most of the interest in her cookbooks was in the very beginning and now it’s dying out. Everytime she is issued a check from ANY INTEREST she has to show it to the courts and they will decided how much of it the family gets. They cannot pay their bills now and it’s only going to get worse. FOr the… Read more »

Great! What’s next? Apolo is getting a spin off after his release? This is horrible that Bravo would bring her back!! Ick

I agree. Probably next is “Newlyweds: The First and ONLY Year” starring O.J. Simpson, Scott Peterson, and a rotating group of women. Teresa can’t put two thoughts together, so she certainly can’t keep up a facade without saying the same five sentences on a loop.

What’s all this “There’s no show without Teresa” nonsense? What a load. Every other franchise mixes it up, this person is a broke, convicted felon who’ll be living in a halfway house. THAT’S the most glam thing in Jersey? I watch these shows to see how the other half lives, she’s no longer ‘The other half’, she’s unintelligent, dishonest and now poorly dressed and ill-coiffed. Obviously stupid liars are RH acceptable according to Bravo (sorry to bring up Tamra on this post) but Tre’s just a mess. Why not just make a Real Housewives of The Ozarks? I’ll pass on… Read more »

Bravo is now a haven for ex cons, alcoholics (Brandi, Kim etc) and physical offenders (porsha) etc etc. after a while you just kinda have to blame myself for watching this garbage, jerry springer crap. RHONJ is off my list and it joins RHOA

@ rain–being an alcoholic is not wrong or bad..it’s when the alcoholic is not sober that makes it a trainwreck and dificult to watch.

what i meant to say (and failed) is that you shouldnt be on a reality show when you have issues you need to deal with. bravo shouldnt allow or enable that. these are hard issues that are made worse by everyone around you getting drinking at parties and arguining.

Shouldn’t be on a reality TV show if you have issues? No reality TV at all then. Do you know anyone who has no issues?

She said IT SAVED HER LIFE. And if there is one person anywhere that has no issues to deal with, I can’t imagine they would be fun to watch. Only crazy people please.

Kim is a drunk, not an alcoholic. HUGE DIFFERENCE.

This sounds so very hypricital and wrong. Kim cannot try to overcome her disease as an addict, NOT just a drunk because she is such a degenerate and vile evil person. Or whatever other mean things you want to say about her, which is also hypocotyl talking about how someone is so horrible by calling them names and aggressive posts because they do the same. however a federal convict who hurt ALL of society, because any crime which involves money and theft we all pay for, can count it as her time paid. Ummmm no it doesn’t work like that.… Read more »
Kim has got this idea that once she is in rehab and she has done her time she is perfectly fine and doesn’t have to worry about it. Being an alcoholic is now a LIFETIME disease for her and it is one day at a time. Your never cured of being an alcoholic ever, What Kim needs is to find that one therapist who is able to ask the right questions…. we all know she drinks and she hides it and she denies everything…. BUT KIM needs to let it come out WHY SHE DRINKS. What was that one thing… Read more »

Oh I understand she will always be an addict, you cannot be cured from this, I said overcome it which is completely different. However I may not have stated that correctly and may have lost my meaning. Overcoming to me is seeking help, finding the problem and working hard EVERYDAY to stay away from the things you cannot handle. Let me also say I do not like Kim. I just think her statement she made was very hypocritical. Kim hurts herself and those close to her, Tressa’s actions hurt all of us as we all pay for bank crimes.

I only reply aggressive and “mean” when the comment I am replying to is also. I did learn to temper and to that I got one of the ugliest replies ever. So if kindness is the way a commentator wishes to interact made known by their post, then I oblige them because that is the polite thing. If a commentator refers to HW by foul rhyming names meant to hurt, then I have no problem going there too. Gives me the opportunity to be myself and still get totally pissed off at times. It’s fun, which is why I watch… Read more »

Anonymous, Tre doesn’t seem to be excused since she is in prison. She will have the chance to repay the money if she has a lucrative job. She will be paying for this for a very long time and if people actually “idolize” her, then they should look to themselves. She is just trying to survive and I refuse to be filled with hate. As far as what you see as hypocritical with Kim, Kim has acted in such a despicable way this year that I can not fathom any connection between the two.

Not surprised at all, but disheartened that Bravo continues to support these type of societal dregs. Anyone with half a brain cell knows the Joe and Tre will not show the public any real truth because they wouldn’t know truth if it slapped them in the face – they will hide that like they hid their assets from the Feds. I hope Bravo pays those criminals the “big numbers” Joe was demanding and that the Feds garnish them or the multitudes of people they ripped off get judgements against them and get a hunk of that money. And then I… Read more »
It is so funny when folks jump on the hate wagon with Tre. She personally never hid one thing from the public, and when Jo got investigated for fraud I think it was the biggest surprise of her life. There are so many marriages where one spouse handles all of the financial stuff and the other one just trusts. Big mistake but not a crime in my book. She stuck by her husband and showed a strong face to the world and her children. What did everyone expect her to do, seriously. Lay down and die. Not on your life,… Read more »

@ Marian–I recall all the stories she sold to the tabloids–yes “SOLD”, so she can make money, then telling the public via the show she never sold stories to the tabloids…that is just one instance…she claimed her innocence to the public when indicted (sorry about the spelling), yet it was PROVEN she is guilty. Worst is that she does not feel she did wrong–blamed Bravo, her sister-in-law, and everyone but herself

@Egg Hear Hear. Gotta love selective memory. The consequences of the fact that she is a convicted felon are so much more than her fans (STILL) attempting to do spin control on a website. It’s public record. In fact, the Judge was furious with Teresa’s duplicitous and evasive testimony she attempted to pass off in a court of law, and made her dissatisfaction well known. It’s public record and it’s a fact that Teresa attempted to conceal her knowledge and evade justice. No more Teresa. She’s a boring liar.

Amen Monica!

@Karen, a THANK ya! 😉

Monica, I said she said she did it. I remember it all. I am just a fan who knows that she will be paying for this for a very long time. I just choose not to hope she falls down and hope she can work and pay her part of the $$ judgement and raise her beautiful kids. I still think she didn’t know until it was too late, I can practically pinpoint the month she realized what was really going on. I have compassion for her as I would for any mom in her place. She didn’t molest a… Read more »

Yup- like I said – people who love and IDOLIZE criminals, especially unrepentant ones who never take responsibility for the crimes they have committed upon others for over a decade, are a symptom of what is wrong with our society. It’s pathetic.

Totally agree!! People have become desensitized to criminals and root for them . I expect that from men who support their sport idols blindly even after they beat or rape women. But it’s said to see women doing the same

I am just a fan and like seeing her on HW. If I idolized her I might have taken the time to buy the magazines where she has interviews and I would be better informed. I just don’t want her to lay down and die because people hate her.

Marion is seems you have a double standard here. Most of us who comment negatively about the simeon is because on purpose she and her troll husband lived a lifestyle on other peoples money. You defend Tre but if you lost your business because Joe did not pay you the 220,000 dollars he owed you I think you would feel differently. Your definitely not thinking logically. Google Giudice Charges and you will see pages and pages of information on what they have stolen from the government, banks, department stores, and personal businesses. Interest rates go up when loans aren’t paid… Read more »
Marian you need to google the charges that they are both accused of and read it if you need help have someone read it to you. They BOTH withheld numerous things from the government. First she said she forgot these items were there, then she said her attorney forgot to add them to the documents listed in the bankruptcy. They did it on purpose… how do you forget you have a maserati? really oh it just slipped your mind. SHe signed tax returns she signed the bankruptcy papers she is an idiot if she did not read them. And DON”T… Read more »
I can fucking read and I can have compassion for her and her kids at the same time. I won’t google it though because it matters not now. She is in prison, she will be paying for the rest of her life. When she gets out just like every other felon in the USA, she will have paid her debt to society. She will still owe the money judgement. We will see what happens then. I actually did lose the business I inherited from my Dad to fraud, and I’m not joking. My beliefs might seem odd or even anger… Read more »

If you really believe that, you must be the most naive person on the planet. She’s probably laughing at her fans behind their backs.

I realize Teresa is as dumb as a doorknob, but really? He was claiming she made all kinds of money at all kinds of careers on those loan apps, and she would have had to sign those papers in front of a notary. If he was going to leave her in the dark he would have said it was HIM that earned all the money and had all those non-existent jobs so she wouldn’t accidentally spill the beans.

Debrenn Im with you…. I think the reason Tre and Joe are in this mess and don’t say anything is they both have so much on each other. The crap they have done is reprehensible. There was a fake W-2 with Teresa’s name on it and she signed the loan papers. SHe did not have a job as an executive assistant for any one. SHe knew exactly what she was doing. DO I think she had anything to do with him going to the DMV to get a duplicate license No I don’t think the troll told her anything about… Read more »

Amen, Karen!

I could care less… about Teresa being in jail. She did her time now she has a platform where she can discuss how it affected her and her kids. I personally can’t wait for season 7 and if their in talks of bring Danielle back, at least her and Tre will have something to relate too.. and could be friends. The only thing that bums me out about this is that we probably won’t get the show till either summer/fall of 2016

Can’t believe this moron is given any more credit after all her fraud and legal problems. Thought Bravo would have run in the other direction , but no. i don’t think I’ll watch season 7 if it’s the Teresa show once again. Not interesting.

Bye bye.

I haven’t really been interested in this show in along time it’s really laughable if you think about it, I mean a bunch of spoiled women whining about life and all they do is drink and gossip about each other none work just skim, and live off making this dreadful show and no teresa shouldn’t be allowed back but that’s bravo scraping the bottom of the barrel for gossip for their produced show, I mean who really believes this nonsense anyway it’s so Laughable

It could be fun!!
Tre and her brood living in section 8 housing, eating knockoff brand fast foods and fighting with the neighbors as they stay up all night practicing girl group numbers for Lil Tre’s stripper pole debut.

Honey Boo Boo and her hillbillies klan are looking for work–suppose they can be neighbors and collabrate

Totally not interested in watching a convicted felon/thief. I do hope that any money she receives is given back to the people her and her husband stole from.

Oh I’ll watch…but I will hate myself for it…and then probably have to drink way too much to deal with the shame. DAMN YOU. BRAVO!

As I don’t drink, because I’m allergic stupid allergies, I will have to emotionally eat to deal with the guilt. Hahahshhaha. This made me laugh Apple. You have actually made me laugh a few times your funny.

@apple–I’m addicted too! UGGGG is there a nice “Four-Season” like “rehab” place where I can stay and get away from the TV except when these Bravo shows come on and I promise to stay there longer after the season is over..(.wink/wink)

..and before I get all dat “hate comments”–I am NOT making fun of those seriously entering Rehab…this was aimed at the nonsense of which I partake and those who make a mockery out of seeking treatment for REAL addictions.

I’m going cold turkey Egg – wish me luck!

@Karen–may the force be with you.

Maybe we can all go on Dr Phil and he’ll send us all to Passages in Malibu…and we can visit Kim.
PS…thanks CassyJ

So about passages Malibu….just “googled it up” (reference to RH Melbourne, I don’t watch but read an article about one of the ladies saying that and it cracked me up) I just want to vacation at that rehab!!!! It looks amazing. I take it back I drink all the time, it does not cause hives and itchy throat and need I desperately need help Dr. Phil!!! Send me there STAT!! Wait send us there!!!

Look at all the posts! So Bravo is smart because these shows thrive on controversy.. But I watched because the housewives had $$$$!! We had a glimpse into how the wealthy live!! She should be living in poverty. Know that is a show I would love to watch with Theresa Giudice in it. The woman that could never live in a house someone else lived in. Really… How does her family still live in the house they’re in? How many honest hardworking families have been evicted from their homes and this thieving loser that has ripped off so many people… Read more »


Bellaboo come on don’t hold back tell us how you really feel. Hee hee I agree completely. You have to take this to Bravo.com and vent there. We cannot be sure that Bravo sees all this on public forums. I did.

@ bellaboo–exactly which felon are you referring to? There Re SO MANY liars, thieves, and bi$ches on Bravo these days….

Sick of her & her story. Move on Bravo!

I’m a Christian and only my God judges. I believe in giving people second, third, etc. chances. Whatever it takes. I keep trying to see the good in people. I hope she’s learned her lesson while being punished.  

There’s a limit, Froggy. If we didn’t have judgement, we wouldn’t have standards (not that we have very high ones anymore). We wouldn’t have prisons or police, or a legal system. And if you looked at the long list of charges against the Giudices you’d realize she got 2nd, 3rd, and many more chances to hurt others before they were caught.

I’m also a Christian and the whole Christians should not judge thing is overdone. It’s not judging someone to think they should be held accountable, to be offended that a convicted felon is idolized on TV or to expect said person to work to pay off the debt which they caused, then lied about. It is also not judgement to take a stand against something you feel is wrong. Judging someone’s heart is wrong, wanting someone to be held accountable for actions is not. Taking a stand against something you feel is wrong is not judgement I’m so tired of… Read more »

They were judged by a court of their peers. I do hope the people who lost money get it back for real. That would be the best thing, I think.

I understand why they made this decision whether or not I support Teresa and what she did. Let’s just hope this is the right one. I went to Andy’s show with Anderson Cooper and he said that they are looking into expanding Housewives to other cities! So I don’t know about everybody else, but my fingers are crossed for that.

OHHH I hope this is true. Did they mention any cities they had looked in to?

I would love to see Texas. With all the “new” oil money that would be a hoot.