Exclusive: Teresa Giudice Is NOT At Odds With Bravo


According to many reports, Teresa Giudice is feuding with Andy Cohen, after comments he made about her legal situation on Watch What Happens Live. Now, RadarOnline is reporting that the network is considering giving Giudice the axe because of her “diva” behavior.

“Bravo bosses are starting to think that Teresa just isn’t worth keeping around if her diva behavior continues,” an insider says. “The network is very sensitive to the fact that she is facing a looming prison sentence, and has tried to work with her during this difficult time. But Teresa has cut back substantially on media appearances to promote the show, and has been acting like a diva, as the New York Post story last week revealed. From being unhappy with the choice of alcohol, and the dress she wore, Teresa complained the entire time.”

This behavior “just detracts from the show and creates more drama,” the insider said. “Teresa has been openly voicing her criticisms and complaints to anyone who will listen, and thinks there is no way she would ever be fired from the show.”

However, we reached out to Teresa’s PR Manager, Wendy Feldman, who EXCLUSIVELY tells us these reports are not true and that everything between Teresa and the network is fine.

“There is NO problem between Teresa and Bravo. She appreciates all Bravo has done for her and continues to do,” Feldman tells us. “Those reports are absolutely false and malicious.”

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • ceebee

    I have to ask…does anyone really care? Her fifteen minutes are up.

    • All

      I’ll bet she cares.

  • Kat

    I cannot stand this women. She makes that show unwatchable.

    • frefsf

      THEN DON’T WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Judy McKenzie

    Tre has made a lot of money for a lot of people over the years, so I forgive her little idiosyncratic behaviors…Bravo should too.

  • It’s time 2 let her and her family go her 15 minutes are way over now get her lying ass off TV this woman is a criminal 4 goodness sakes

  • All

    I’m getting the feeling that Teresa’s days are numbered, if Bravo follows comments Teresa & Joe have pissed off a lot of people. People want to know how Bravo can support admitted felons and give them a platform to basically lie. They have lied to everyone, especially their fans, their kids, their employer and just about everyone else who would listen. Their whole existence was built on lies and Bravo should address it. In closing Teresa is gettin old, she’s not looking so good anymore and she’s gettin older’ a sin in Teresa land.