Exclusive: Did Teresa Giudice Make Up With Melissa Gorga and Jacqueline Laurita?


The cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey are currently filming season 7 of the show and our insiders are giving us all the scoop about what’s going on. Our sources reveal that Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga and Jacqueline Laurita are currently the only Housewives that are signed on full-time right now, as Kathy Wakile, Siggy Flicker, Robyn Levy, Christina Flores, and Dolores Catania are all currently ‘Friends of the Housewives,’ until Bravo says otherwise.

Our insider tells us that Teresa has called a “truce” with her former enemies Jacqueline and sister-in-law Melissa and reveals that the three have even filmed together on more than one occasion, but is the truce real or is it just for the cameras?

“The reality is that Melissa and Jacqueline will both play nice for TV because they both need the paychecks from the show,” our insider exclusively tells us. “Teresa, Melissa and Jacqueline hold grudges until death. Their truce is absolutely not genuine.”

“Jacqueline sees herself as Melissa and Teresa as Dina [Manzo] in this situation,” our source continued. “So she has embraced Melissa because they are a lot alike.”

Are you ready for RHONJ season 7? Do you believe the ladies truce is real? Comment below.

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  • Ange

    Yay, so glad to hear something about NJ. I definitely believe that the truce is fake and that these grudges will never go away between the women. However, watching them be fake isn’t going to be good TV either and the other cast mates seem lame… so that sucks.

    • apple

      I don’t want the constant friction of last season…or Teresa walking around like a zombie from the Walking Dead…but these three “smizing” and “side eyeing” each other won’t be much fun either. I just hope the new girls are interesting. I love Jersey…they are my “people”.

  • TOA

    I’ll give it to about episode 8 before they start ripping each other apart again.

    • Sally☺️

      That long?

  • Sally☺️

    Of course Jac and Melissa will film and maybe play nice, I doubt it will be genuine but they both need the money, Jac more so than Melissa. They both know now without Teresa there is no show or they would have been filming a year ago! I’m not getting in to any of their arguments or rights and wrongs just putting my point! That’s all!

    • apple

      As you should, Sally. It is what makes the boards interesting. I think it is kind of funny, though, that the article said that both Melissa and Jacqueline need the money so they will be nice, without mentioning that the felon still owes at least $500,000 and has no other income with which to support her very posh lifestyle. I think Tre is going to have to fake it, too.

      • I agree Apple. It is a bit crazy to say that these two are desperate to be on the show so they will fake it with Theresa (ok maybe true in Melissa’s case:) but if anyone needs the money these days it’s definitely Theresa as well.

  • I just wish they would film Tre and her immediate family. The show doesn’t doesn’t need Melisa or Jac. There is just to much fake on these shows as is. These three will never be close…..ever.

    • Sally☺️

      As you know barbara I will always agree with you on Tre! Xo

    • Sally☺️

      I do think it’s funny when people say how important the other cast mates are rather than Tre, if so why weren’t they filming it without her! Then only reason they brought Jac back was to use her with Kat to have a go at Tre! There I have said my bit now!! Give her her own show and get rid of the others!

      • Anonymous

        Again, I agree with you 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Im sick of jack talking about Teresa’s legal troubles but not talking of her own it is on public record for all to see. I wish the new girls get to stay.Some new people instead of bringing jac n Kathy who Teresa does not tolerate at all. Why she dont go somewhere with her pastries already

  • Anyone that thinks the show couldn’t go on without Teresa is forgetting that they dropped Jacqueline, brought her back a few times and the episodes she was in had higher ratings, so she had to film more scenes last season and they brought her back full time this year.
    Teresa is only good when she’s flipping tables and causing drama. If she’s playing along nice with everyone, the show is gonna flop like it did last season.

    • apple

      We agree, Side…I knew it would happen one day. The only thing interesting about Teresa last year was watching her finally face reality and learn that the rules actually apply to her, too. Jacqueline, especially with Ashley, could bump the ratings…but I hope we get some new cast members from outside this circle. Jersey has all kinds of interesting people…and not everyone is the “Joysey Shore” type.

      • Real Sandy

        You are right about not everyone in NJ being like the Jersey Shore types. Oddly, the Jersey shore cast were mostly from NY. 6 were from NY, 2 were from NJ and one from Rhode Island. Snooki was from Poughkeepsie NY. They represented the state of NJ negatively. I wish it was a different show with more of real NJ cast, but it is what it is. I just cannot watch it, and I live in the state, at the shore.


    Jac’s face looks deformed. I don’t think it always looked like this. Too many fillers.

    • Binky

      She looks horrific

  • Theresa had a job the minute she stepped out of jail. And actually, before she got out. I wonder if and when Jaq and Chris are ever prosecuted for their theft and fraud that they will have a job waiting. Theresa will be paying the money back by herself. She didn’t commit the crime by herself. It is a fact the show didn’t film at it’s regular start time because they were waiting for Tre. Whether or not the show could or would go on without her is beside the point for this season because it DIDN’T.

    • Anonymous

      Agree with you