Exclusive: Teresa Devastated Watching What Joe Gorga Said About Her


It looks like the feud between Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga is back on, especially if you read what they wrote in their Bravo Blogs this week after their family retreat in Lake George. Melissa slammed Teresa for threatening to expose what she did know about Melissa’s past, and Teresa was shocked after watching what Melissa and Joe said about her behind closed doors. Now, an insider is telling us EXCLUSIVELY how Teresa is doing since the episodes have aired.

“Teresa is not doing well right now,” a source close to Teresa tells us. “She is devastated by the things Joe and Melissa said about her, but especially what her brother said. Teresa can be naive, but she really thought things were better between them. Then, she watched the episode where Joe [Gorga] said he hated her, called her evil, the devil, etc. and she is extremely shocked and very hurt.”

“Teresa expected some negativity to resurface,” the source continues. “The ladies know when watching the episodes air old feelings will be brought back up, but Teresa couldn’t believe how far Melissa went bashing her and Joe Giudice. And she really didn’t expect it from her brother.”

“She has been laying low and dealing with her emotions privately,” the insider adds. “I don’t know where her relationship with Joe [Gorga] will go from here. Things are not good right now.”

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23 Replies to “Exclusive: Teresa Devastated Watching What Joe Gorga Said About Her”

  1. Teresa, Girl just stay STRONG cuz never mind what that THING ( Melissa ) said Little Joe will Away an Forever be YOUR Brother and YOUR BLOOD That’s the Bottom Line …

  2. By the way I’m sure EVERYONE that watches the Show knows so much more about What Melissa REALLY Is and How She LOVES too Lies an be as FAKE AS Mel really is she’s a One Way THING and that’s all she will be in Your Family . WoW I just can’t believe how Melissa Attack Teresa’s Livelihood saying what she said she’s so Disgusting its not YOU it’s Her for being VERY JEALOUS of YOU AN YOUR FAMILY ALL THE WAY THROUGH …..

    1. I can really care less about Melissa BUT Teresa is a vindictive, selfish, self-centered “B” who never admits when she’s wrong. Melissa is not handling herself in the correct manner lately; however, I can understand why she would want to retaliate. To constantly see your sister in-law budding up to the very people who are bad mouthing you at every turn is enough to be angry. Whether Teresa likes Melissa or not, she shouldn’t be friends with people bad mouthing her sister in-law and brother or listen to their crap. Teresa always mentions that Joe and Melissa are still friends with Jacqueline. Jacqueline is not the one who betrayed Teresa in the first place. Teresa is the one who is disloyal to family and friends. If you don’t play Teresa’s way, then you are her target. She and her cheating, disrespectful, low-life husband are both vile.

      1. Buddying up? How is Teresa buddying up with people bad mouthing Melissa by circumstantially being in the same room of Melissa’s best friend (according to Melissa herself) and ex-coworker? And please define listening when in both instances she clearly stated she did not want to hear it. Really, I am curious to know because sometimes I think I’m watching different shows here. Where did she become friends with these people?

        Jacqueline did betray Teresa because, without gaining all the facts, she put in Teresa’s brother’s head that Teresa was the one behind setting up Melissa. And, understandably, Teresa’s brother believed her because Jacqueline was supposed to be Teresa’s friend at the time.

        Prove that Joe Giudice cheats on Teresa. In the five seasons she has been on the show, no one has. Name one instance where Teresa has named someone a “target” besides Melissa saying it on the show. Because I can name where Melissa has been proven to make Teresa a target.

      2. Completely agree. Family is about love and compromise. It is NEVER one way! Not successful relationships and families. To constantly bad-mouth a family member then expect them to be loving or even civil, is rude, irrational, and just plain ridiculous. I wonder just how Teresa would feel if she were in Melissa’s position and vice versa?

      3. I agree I used to like Teresa in the beginning now she deserves everything she gets and more she is a spoiled BRAT I used a nice word and cares for no one but herself….
        The woman in jail will have fun with her!!!!!!!

  3. Total FOOLISNESS!!! On the show, I seem to recall Joe saying he hates her to her face. That was NOT new to her. These shows are partly (if not mostly) scripted.

  4. Teresa and her husband done as much bashing towards joe Gorga and melissa as they did towards them… Teresa and her husband Joe need to just leave Melissa and Joe gorga the hell alone!!

    1. Did you mean Melissa and Joey Gorga need to leave Teresa alone? I seem to remember Melissa sending Teresa “Antonia’s letter,” and Caroline setting up the meeting with Teresa on Joey Gorga’s behalf. Please explain how Teresa was not leaving them alone. Maybe I’m seeing something else.

  5. Waa waa poor teresa. She dont like the things bein said about her, well maybe her & her nasty husband shouldve shut their mouths a long time ago & not have called her brother & his wife names. Shes got her kids saying things about melissa now, disgusting. Quit being so jealous & things might get better. Teresa cant stand how much her brother loves melissa. Joe Guidice doesnt dote on teresa like that so shes gotta attack melissa. So immature

  6. The best solution would be for Theresa and her feral family to leave the show. The only person with the problem is Theresa – everyone else seems to get on with each other. She has had a fight with EVERYONE on the show which goes to show that she is the one causing all the problems. Its pretty obvious that she hides behind Kim D and gets her to stir it up so she can sit back and make herself look innocent. I have no respect for a woman who is ok with her husband calling her the “c” word and defends him. That’s just showing her daughters that they can expect to be treated like crap when they are married and its ok. But then again she isn’t a very good role model for those kids – they are already disrespectful, rude and spoilt. But then what do you expect with the crappy parents they have!

    1. Donna and et al…..T never had a problem with others until they started budding into her business. The Whorgas and fam came on the show to take her sown. As for t saying shit about her family ……when? We have her family say she has but never witnessed it. Season after season we haves heard TB, the whore, fish eyes and the beaver continually degrade her. Continually on the show, blogs and twitter they continue with their lies and name calling. Shore whore, just because you say it happened doesn’t mean it did. BTW, by my calling you whore doesn’t mean you slept with others it just means this is what your heart (if you have one) and soul are!

      1. Let’s not forget she had a problem with Danielle as well. Maybe her slow fans have not caught up yet but she is the ONLY one on the show who has had a fight with EVERYONE – doesn’t take a genius to figure out she is the one with problems. Sometimes I wonder if she is in love with her brother, she seems to go a bit overboard with all this crap, she is acting like he belongs to her only. She really is a very jealous person but then again Melissa is beautiful.

    2. Maybe Melissa should get her family and troglodytes to stop milognimg Teresa all over the place. Melissa’s tweets as the show was airing tonight were vile! She needs to hide her head before her ex’s cut ot off at the knees.

  7. T,
    Keep your head up. You need to cut all ties with them. Film with them for the paycheck, and when this is all over, just live your life.

  8. Bravo will never allow Theresa and Joe to leave the show because most of the people who watch the show do so because of the drama they bring to the table. I’ve believed for a long time that Melissa was being attacked by Theresa and Joe but the last few weeks, I’m starting to see that Melissa is a manipulative, self-centered woman with an extremely low self esteem. Melissa is scared to death of her husband spending any time alone with his sister because she can’t control him if he’s not under her thumb. I honestly believe if left alone, brother and sister could work things out. Theresa’s husband is the same way. He’s a drunken bore who loves the drama to a comic level. I mean he’s worse than all of the women combined. Melissa probably has been cheating on her husband, did marry him for his money and oh yeah, she DEFINATELY was a stripper. I believe that to my core.

  9. Sometimes you just have to cut toxic family out of your life. you can`t fix crazy and the Gorrrrgas are just plain cra-cra and IMO they are def on something. IT is said that God always sends his most strongest angels to fight his toughest battles!!!!!! Just keep loving and living. Your loved by many!!!!!

  10. Hey Teresa, when your OWN husband calls you a “C*nt” on national television, you dont REALLY get to act all surprised when someone else calls you “scum.” I repeat: YOUR OWN HUSBAND CALLED YOU A “C*NT.” Nothing anyone else said even comes close to that.

    1. Really, that is all you have. Way to make an argument. TB has said and done a lot worse to his horsey wife and kids. Oh, oh but you didn’t see that because you’re watching different show. LOL. Keep drinking their kool aid, bubble is going to burst soon, T warned them

  11. Theresas toxic and I agree with you Russell. Love how everyone judges Melissa for stripping beforeshe was with Joe. Who cares? I would too if Ihad her body. Theres forgave her husban for very obviously cheating on her calling her a c*#t and his b*#ch wife. Shes strangly jealous like a lover would be NOT how aa sister is suppossed toact. Its weird. Shes deffinetly a s*#t stirrer. When everyone around you has an issue with you you should start wondering if its you not everyone eles that has an issue.

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