Teresa Giudice Announces New Food Line! Plus- Teresa & Kim D Take On NY Fashion Week!

Teresa and Kim D

The Real Housewives of New Jersey are continuing to film Season 5, and it looks like Bravo has filmed more promotional events for Teresa Giudice and Kim DePaola. On February 7th, Teresa and Kim took on NY Fashion Week. Kim was promoting her new cuff line, and Teresa was promoting her Fabellini Wine. An insider tells us exclusively that Kim can’t get any press for her store or products unless she brings Teresa with her, and Teresa won’t agree to go without promoting her own products. In this case it was her Fabellini Wine! Our source shares that there’s no way Kim would have been invited to an even such as NY Fashion Week without the company of Teresa Giudice and her famous products. Maybe this is the reason for their “friendship?” To read more about that, click here. To see exclusive photos of Teresa and Kim at NY Fashion Week, click here!

Teresa and Kim also stopped by NY Live to do an interview. It was announced on air that a Bravo executive kept coming downstairs during Teresa and Kim’s interview to make sure they said NOTHING regarding filming or casting of Season 5 of RHONJ. Kim D was asked if she will be an official Housewife this Season and she answered, “We’ll see, I’m hopin’, I’m hopin’.” It seems most of the questions were directed towards Teresa, and Kim kept cutting Teresa off and answering and promoting her cuffs. Teresa states that she is very busy and “all is good” with the family and her daughters. Teresa also shuts down rumors that she wants to have a baby boy, and that the In Touch article about her using a surrogate was false.

Teresa also announces that she is coming out with a new food product line that will incorporate her Skinny Italian & Fabulicious Fast & Fit brands! More details to come on that very soon! Teresa also shares that she would LOVE to do Dancing With The Stars! You can watch the interview below!

Photo/Video Credit: NY Live


7 Replies to “Teresa Giudice Announces New Food Line! Plus- Teresa & Kim D Take On NY Fashion Week!”

  1. congrats on fabellini’s success and good luck to kim and her cuffs. teresa is starting to use her power to make other ppl successful. THAT’S A BOSS.

  2. @ Lee,Teresa absolutely DID sell out her family for fame when she put all of her familys’ business out there.I’m tired of people blaming Melissa,when M got offered the show T COULD have been happy for her.But NO,she was soo jealous because M was younger and prettier and T wanted to remain the ‘star’ of the show.T and her husband are as dumb as a bag of rocks and prove it every season.Two words,T,’SPELL NAPALM’ LMao

  3. Hmmm…. I wonder what Judy means when she says Teresa put her family’s business out there. She certainly can’t be talking abt the Joey/Melissa thing, b/c they brought that onto the show. She never brought anything out abt Kathy. Sounds like someone got caught up in the hearsay and ran with it.

  4. I wish Theresa a lot of success for her business. I don’t think all the drama that has been going on should involve their businesses and jobs.

  5. Kim D……..no friend to anyone but herself. Fame ho wannabe. Theresa being friends with her and she wonders why all the drama? Please.

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