Exclusive: Tamra Judge Talks Bali


After an explosive episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County Monday night, I spoke to Tamra Judge about what happened with her co-stars in Bali.

Do you believe Lizzie and Danielle were planning to try and turn your cast mates against you in Bali?
Tamra Judge:
“Absolutely. 100%. The reason why I know that is because when we were at the pool the first day, I had said to them off-camera, ‘You know what? This is your last chance to voice your opinion. You have been really quiet and really boring this season. This is our last group filming other than the season finale, and at this point you both are pretty boring.’ The very next day is when they did this. I think Lizzie is the type of person that likes to be the center of attention. And as soon as she got on the show and realized she wasn’t the center of attention she was going to try and claim her crown.”

Do you feel like the flashbacks shown in tonight’s episode are an accurate portrayal of what actually happened and what was said?
“I will 100% own what I say, it’s just the way that Lizzie was telling Shannon was being vile, mean and vindictive and that’s not what it was. It was very tongue and cheek and Lizzie was sitting there saying with me, ‘Oh my god where did Shannon get this from?’ and I said, ‘I don’t know? The little green men in her head?’ Most of the stuff Lizzie claimed I said was a lie.”

The accusations about Shannon having a drinking problem have been reoccurring all season. Is there something that happened or a certain incident that makes you believe she has a problem?
“Well I’m not going to deny that. Everybody at that table was talking about how she drank too much. We all have a glass of wine or a glass or champagne every now and then but she literally would drink vodka. Shannon was going through a lot of emotional problems and she drank a lot.”

During Heather’s Valentine’s Day party Eddie said he wanted to marry Heather and shag Lizzie and kill Danielle correct?
“Yes, actually Eddie’s first response was he didn’t want to play the game. I was the one that said, ‘Come on baby, it’s just a game!’ Lizzie also made the game personal when she started talking about how she wanted to have Mexican/Italian babies which naturally upset me.”

Were you surprised Vicki was so quick to believe the other women without coming to you first?
“Absolutely and I think that really just crushed our friendship. I could not believe that she did not come to me. It’s like she wants me to pay for the fact that I don’t really like Brooks. She has been heard saying that it is my time to ‘go down.’ I’ve never really had a season where I’ve been taken down like she was last year and [she thought] it was my turn.”

After Bali do you sympathize with some of your former cast mates like Alexis Bellino who have been ganged up on in the past?
“Yes I do. I absolutely do. You don’t really realize how bad it feels when you are in the middle of it. The thing that was a little bit different than the others is that Lizzie’s lies were vicious.”

How did feel when Shannon told Heather you didn’t want her in your wedding?
“That is the most vicious lie of them all. It was one of the most hurtful things in the world. I love Heather and would never have anyone in my wedding that I didn’t care about. And if there was any truth to it, why would Shannon tell Heather? What kind of person does that?”

What was your reaction when you saw Vicki’s face at dinner? It seemed like she was trying to tell you something?
“I knew something was going down but I didn’t know what it was. She kept mouthing, “I love you. I love you. I love you,’ and I honestly thought something had happened at home. There was just such a somber feeling, and when we left everybody was good. I didn’t know what was going on. I thought, ‘Oh my God something happened to my kids or Eddie and they just want me to get through this filming.’ I didn’t understand if she had a problem with me or if she knew something was going on why she wouldn’t pull me aside. This is a woman who sat at a reunion with Alexis saying, ‘I would never allow anybody to gang bang you,’ and that’s exactly what she did. She knew what was going down and I just feel like what kind of friend does that? It’s not a huge secret that I’m not a fan of Brooks.”

“The whole thing was Danielle and Lizzie trying to get everyone riled up and they ended it with Heather. Thank God Heather knew enough about what was going on and that it was hearsay. The new girls had a habit of saying things that according to them ‘happened off-camera.’ And they had a mentality that if I say it happened off-camera then it’s my word against theirs. So like I said, I have no problem owning what I said, because I have nothing to hide. But to accuse me of things that were never said with no proof is nonsense.”

Photo Credit: Bravo