Exclusive: Tamra Judge And Simon Barney Come To Terms Outside Of Court Over Teenage Daughter


Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge has finally settled her custody battle with her ex-husband Simon Barney. Simon will get sole custody of their oldest daughter Sidney, who is 16 years-old.

“Simon Barney shall have sole physical custody of Sidney Nicole Barney … Tamra Barney Judge shall have visitation with Sidney Nicole Barney every other weekend, and one day midweek from 4:00 to 7:00 pm every week, and any other additional times at Sidney’s discretion,” court docs obtained by RadarOnline state.

We reached out to Tamra to get her reaction to the settlement and she exclusively told us that the agreement was reached outside of court and that the family is in a good place, despite what false reports have claimed.

“Simon and I came to terms outside of court,” Tamra tells us. “We both want what’s best for our daughter, her happiness is what matters most. Sidney’s wish was to have her main residence at her dad’s. She is 16 and can chose where she wants to live. There was no loss in court for me, the judge threw out the original case.”

“We are all in a good place and continue to work on family,” Tamra adds. “I have never told my daughter that she was not welcomed in my house due to her relationship with her father, flat out lie! I encourage my kids to love both their parents. Custody of our other kids still remain the same 50/50.”

All of Simon’s previous claims were thrown out of court and there was no change of custody.

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45 Replies to “Exclusive: Tamra Judge And Simon Barney Come To Terms Outside Of Court Over Teenage Daughter”

  1. i am sure this was a very heartbreaking decision to make. i hope that it will open her heart to see the unconditional love you gave her and settled this. i know how it feels. had to face the same decision when my daughter was 17. i felt like a complete failure of a mother. i hope as she comes for visits it will make her want to be with you more and more. best wishes on this situation. one thing that was always clear on the show with tamra she loves her children and when they were on the show as a viewer you knew it. and they loved their momma. i hope one day simon grows up and gets some help with his control issues.

    1. I agree with you, imaroyce, and think that a lot if what’s going on between mom and daughter is teen angst that will hopefully be resolved as Sydny grows older and can fully understand things. Plus I fully believe that Simon has used Sydny’s hurt and confusied emotions to his advantage which one day Sydny will figure out too. But even if she doesn’t, the best and smartest thing Tamra can do is love Sydny and try to move forward in a positive manner like she is doing. Good luck to them all.

  2. At least Simon finally became reasonable in the situation. He is such a jerk to Tamra and I hope she can repair the relationship with her daughter. Being a teenager of divorced parents can be difficult. My best to the family.

    1. You did what you thought was right for your daughter and that is all that matters. Who cares what the hatters think. Team Tamra all the way.

  3. Please, this isn’t about how Simon treated Tamra, its about how Sidney feels about her mother. She’s happier living with her father for a reason (which Tamra doesn’t want you to know, hence the secrecy) . Don’t confuse the issues.

    1. It’s possible her daughter is just closer to her father. The “secrecy” basically means you yourself don’t know shit and anything you post is an opinion just like everyone else’s. By the way, no matter how strongly you feel about your opinion, it is never going to be a fact.

        1. Wow. That’s so rude. You watch a character on a television show that is produced for drama. Not cool to judge someone as a mother.. You need to GET REAL.

            1. Lol do you know Sidney personally? Prob not. Sidney is a bratty 16 year old who doesnt get along with her mother right now, its happening to millions of mothers & teenage girls around the world it has absoluteZERO to do with a television show or parenting skills & 1000000% to do with the hormonal beasts which are teenage girls. Every woman can atleast remember being a teenager & you know it was probably the “worst” most awkward part of growing up. You think you know it all & you think your parents sole responsibility is to ruin your life. Stay strong tamra when sidney gets older everything will get better 🙂

              1. Bad enough that Sydney is getting teased and bullied at school, but she gets it from Tamra’s own fans…pathetic.

          1. andrea save your breath you cannot reason with an idiot. anyone who has watched this show from the beginning knows better. and seen tamra as a wife to that ass and an amazing and happy momma with her kids. yo could see how hard she tried to be the best wife she could be always trying to please him and it never being enough. no this doesnt have to do with their relationship… but i am just saying – props to her for what all she endured before throwing in the towel. and maybe her daughter is a daddies girl. that doesnt mean she has to write off her mom as much as i am certain simon is trying to get her to do. as parents we should all just pray for this young lady to remember the love her mom always had for her and does have for her. this is a hard situation I KNOW ! and unless you have had to be in it and experience the feelings that come with it , simply shut up. i am a wonderful parent my daughter just wanted to live with her dad because she felt guilty he was all alone,and i had raised her up to 17. there are many reasons and factors that go thru a young girls mind when it comes to all this,

            1. And people in denial like imaroyce just can’t seem to understand that this isn’t about YOUR divorce and YOUR feelings (who the hell cares!?!)
              Its about a girl that knows her mother well enough to decide that living with her father is best for her, and now even Tamra agrees! So suck it!

              1. LOL let us all pray that this person has 20 daughters lol or maybe not be able to have any children its a toss up on this type of person ??

                1. And lets pray that imaroyce has learned how to not drive any more of her kids away. But you never can tell when they’re so bitter that they can relate to Tamra.

    1. No it’s not. You signed up for it. Get off the cross, we need the wood. I didn’t push out a kid. I work my ass off in a thankless world. Raising a kid is hard. But don’t say it’s THE HARDEST. You have no idea.

  4. Better it was settled, rater than decided by courts. Tamra gets an unfair rap based on the “character” she plays on tv by fans of these shows that think the women are 100% themselves.

  5. I think tamra comes off one way on the show and that isn’t necessarily who she is in real life. Like the comment above about it being a TV show. If we got to see her being a mother viewers would have a different view about her in my opinion. All teenage girls go through a hard time with their moms.

  6. i also have had to make this decision i didnt want my daughter living anywhere else as she is younger than your daughter tamra but you have to put aside your feelings and just think of that of the child. i get exactly the same hours as you do a thursday 4 till 7 and every other weekend it breaks my heart but was what my beautiful girl wanted

  7. People behave in public a percentage of how they behave in private. Someone who actively is in a pattern of creating drama with other females in order to appease their background being much different than their current peers or their daughter, such a person is likely unable to cease this pattern of attacking other women. Whether people like to believe it or not, this is or was a D.V. family dynamic according to the woman’s own statements. Whether the DV was perpetrated by the man, the woman, or both, the likelihood parental alienation or alienation from a parent through their own treatment of their female child when overly aggressive toward other women is a known pattern .. the daughter’s choice is not surprising.

  8. Why are you congratulating her…she doesn’t have custody of her children. Do you know how rare it is for this to happen?. The way the decree is written that daughter doesn’t ever have to see her mom ( not that I don’t blame her) if she doesn’t want to …Tamra lost big time..I won’t watch RHOOC if she is there…she is trash

  9. I’m am happy for you hopefully you and your get close again and you and your daughter spend a lot of time together I will pray over your family I know truths in God everything will be ok I know you try to be a good mother to your children may God bless you and many ways!!

  10. HAHAHA all you people commenting on her ability to be a parent obviously havent raised teenage daughters. Were a goddamn nightmare. If i had the option of not living with my mother at 16 i would have JUMPED on the opportunity & it had nothing to do my my mothers parenting skills she is a freaking saintttt for putting up with me because as irrational teenage thinkers were always convinced the grass is greener elsewhere (which it usually isnt but again our underdeveloped minds dont know that yet) ANYWAY my point is many many teenagers have issues with one or both parents at that age simply becuase its an awkward time in their lives. Youre too old to be considered a child but o young o be considered an adult. Its of course just my personal opinion but i think girls from the ages 12-18 are tiny little spawns of satan. Tamra isnt a bad mom, shes a mom trying to raise teenagers. YOU GO TAMRA DONT LET THE BASTARDS WEAR YOU DOWN!!! <333

    1. 🙂 you hit the nail on the head 🙂 there are too many ‘Anonymous’ on here lol my A D D can’t keep up lol

  11. Tamra is a disgusting. Her behavior on the show counts a lot towards the kind of person she is … nasty. It must be hell living with her. So selfish and mean and shady.

  12. Most teenagers usually want to live with the parent that will give them the most freedom and least responsibility. The only thing that makes it look like Tamra wants to hide something is that she “came to terms” out of court which keeps what her daughter has to say about her private.

    1. Or she didn’t want to put her daughter through the trauma of a court trial. Settling out of court is almost always better…


  14. Repulsive. ‘Memba that episode from season 3 or 4 when T-bag goes “Oh SIDNEY SHUT UP!”? I do. It is who she IS as a parent and as a person. Now that her pretty daughter is maturing, this old filthy hag hates her. She has *NO* idea how to develop her as a person, and T Bag is an aging old whore, hence, she hates her own pretty, maturing daughter. Simon, please reel in your misogynist ways and raise a strong young woman who spreads her wings and flies away from the garbage bin that shot her out.

  15. I am baffled at the negative comments about Tamra’s parenting. I never comment but read this blog everyday. I do not always agree with Tamras behavior on the show but Simon is a manipulative jerk and any intelligent person that watched him on the show and has followed this story can see that he manipulated his daughter to hate her mom. Very common in divorce where one party is bitter and pissed off. I am over 30, my parents are divorced and I STILL feel caught in the middle. I would think before writing such vile comments like the one above this one.

  16. I wish you well tamra.watched you since season 1.your a good mom.my daughter at 17 decided to live with her dad.he gave her total freedom .17 is legal in texas, nothing i could do.were best buddys now.she has kids and teen girls and can see.

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