Exclusive: Tamra Judge Has Not Been Fired From RHOC


The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion has aired and there have already been various reports of cast shake-ups for next season. RadarOnline is reporting that the network is casting new women for season 10 and that they want to replace veteran Housewife Tamra Judge.

“Bravo is actively casting for someone who is a voice of reason,” a source claims. “They want to replace [Tamra] who’s stirring up too much s**t and the entire cast is against her.”

The insider continued, “She not being authentic and the audience is not connecting with her. She hasn’t been completely open about her custody issues. It’s supposed to be reality and instead she only wants to create drama with others around her.”

But we reached out to Tamra directly and she EXCLUSIVELY tells us that these reports are totally false.

“Season 10 has not been discussed yet, therefor no contracts have been handed out,” Tamra reveals. “We are still wrapping up season 9 with one more episode to go. Radar loves to make up stories that they know nothing about. Time will tell who is asked back next season, but if I had to guess I would say everyone. Our ratings were at an all time high. If it ain’t broke why fix it?”

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19 Replies to “Exclusive: Tamra Judge Has Not Been Fired From RHOC”

  1. I agree with everyone coming back. I think if the ratings are great, why fire anyone? Clearly the cast is working. Just like #RHOA season 6. It was the highest rated show on Bravo. People wanted Porsha to get fired because of the physical altercation, but why would they do that if she’s a part of the reason the show was so successful? Hence, they kept everyone for Season 7.

    I agree with all of them returning for Season 1

  2. I always thought/knew this would be the case. They aren’t going to change things if things are better than they’ve ever been.

    The only thing that will happen is new girls are added. No one will be fired, but Lizzy probably won’t comeback by her own choice.

    I’m guessing they’ll get one or two people in, hopefully one being Jeana back!

  3. I would like to see Tamara gone. She is a negative, bitter person with no storyline. I can’t stand watching her now and if she does return, would probably stop all together. They need to get rid of Heather too.

    1. I would like to see Tamra and Heather back next season, particularly if Heather finds herself stuck as Tamra’s only friend. It would serve her right, especially after the way the two of them treated Shannon and the way Terry DuBrow spoke to David Bedora this season. Terry revealed himself to be an intolerable, obnoxious fool, while David showed himself to be a man of class and dignity. And Shannon is adorable.

      Heather likes to brag about how intelligent she is, but attaching herself to Tamra sure wasn’t a smart move. The “take the Bedoras down” fiasco and the remarks Tamra made about “Heather being in her wedding” should have been enough to give the self-righteous DuBrow’s a huge hint, but it went right over their oh so intelligent heads.

      This season, Vicki and Brooks, Chris and Lizzie and Eddie were great to watch. Eddie’s good at keeping his mouth shut and staying out of the fray, but he often appears put off by Tamra’s over the top, pot stirring, backstabbing, blaming, screaming, crying, crude, self-pitying antics. Why would any man put up with that kind of repulsive, despicable behavior? She can Botox herself into oblivion on the outside, but she can’t hide how ugly she is on the inside. Drop her big mouth off at the nearest truck stop bar and grill. She’ll fit right in.

  4. I think it would be boring without some controversy but in saying that Tamra takes it to a whole new level..I am sick of the holy than thou attitude with people saying they have nothing nasty to say they just put it in different words that’s all and it is still nasty..If Tamra wasn’t the mean girl then someone else would be called it let’s face it..I definitely think Lizzie will be back she loves the attention oh but please don’t focus on her boobs that she has hanging out at every opportunity haha!!

  5. You would think that someone who admits to faking her drama would get shown the door. What’s to stop any other housewife from faking her scenes, for a paycheck?

  6. keeping my fingers crossed that she is getting the boot……I’m tired of fast forwarding thru her time.. I want a housewife who is interesting and fun and someone we can admire instead of hating.

  7. I feel the same way about Brandi. Let me ask, has anyone missed Taylor from BH? I know Im so glad I don’t have to watch her anymore, and I think the same is true about Tamra, I don’t think anyone will miss her. They will have new drama, new housewives, and others we will love to hate, but Tamra is a non-MF-factor. Get rid of her.

    1. I am confused it seems that their are two Teresa’s spelt the same way. So I feel that I would
      like to know to whom I speak. This is confusing or their is one who is bi polar. Hasn’t anyone else
      picked up on the Teresa who goes on and on and the other who appears once in a while?
      I don’t know but it seems that one of my legs has grown longer.

  8. The title of this is misleading. Tamra doesn’t even know what plans are for next season! I don’t know but the statement (essentially): “Tamra is not connecting with the audience” really resonates with me. I can’t stand her and fast forward through most of her fake marriage and Ryan stories. Too pathetic to waste my time on.

  9. Tamra makes the show unwatchable for me after this season. I never liked her before but she jumped the shark this season. And from the producers pov, I wouldn’t hire her back after she said certain scenes were staged and the producers arranged it. Do I doubt that, no. Can you say that when the show claims it’s not scripted, heck no.

    Plus, Tamra has lost Vicki as an ally so who is she going to hang around with next year that anyone cares about, Heather? Good luck. Vicki has to keep her distance from Tamra if she expects all the folks who loved her evolution this season to stick around. Tamra is only apologizing for her behavior in her last blog after she clued into the fact that she’ll be the odd dog out next season with no friends (i.e. no reason to be on the show). Of course it rings desperate and hollow after she told Vicki and Lizzie off and lied to Shannon a few times. No one trusts her or wants to hang around her.

    1. I just cannot help myself but I find that very interesting. And also correct. I am surprised at
      myself but I can’t find myself paying a salary ( and make no mistake about it we are) to this excuse
      for a woman.
      I mean she takes her breast implants and gives it to the miss Andy to display. She has no respect
      for herself, her children(that is the sin of it) and a man marries her. Not mine. Not one of my
      sons and I’m sure not one of yours. Let’s not watch. Actions speak louder than words.
      And I think that it might in the long run be better for her children. This is so wrong . Get her
      .off anything that would influence I’ll close this with a big PERIOD/ . This woman should not be
      seen or heard.

  10. This is what tells me,how she longs for attention.at the Bali dinner when she acted like she was2,and said you will never see my face again.next night she’s sitting at Vicki’s dinner party.what a idiot.

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