Exclusive: Tamra Judge Dishes On RHOC Season 10


The Real Housewives of Orange County just wrapped filming the season 10 reunion and I had the pleasure of interviewing Tamra Judge about everything that went on this season. Tamra gets candid about what went on behind-the-scenes that viewers didn’t get to see, reveals whether or not she believes Brooks Ayers has cancer and if she thinks Vicki Gunvalson knew the truth.

Congratulations on your beautiful granddaughter Ava Ryan. How has being a Tam-ma changed you?
Tamra Judge:
“Ava is just the most adorable little gift from God. The whole family is so in love with her that she can do NO wrong. She puts a smile on my face every day.”

How are things at CUT Fitness and are you still working there?
“We have been open for almost 3 years and I can’t believe it. Yes, I am still working there in between kids, filming and traveling. Eddie runs CUT Fitness for the most part, he’s the one there every day all day long. I’m in charge of retail, merchandising, social media, expos and all that fun stuff. OH, and I’m there every day to workout.”

Why did you decide to get baptized on-camera this year?
“That wasn’t my plan at all, in fact I was against it at first. The cameras overheard me talking to Katie Hamilton about it and I had NO idea until I got the call from production asking when I was planning on doing it. My original plan was to get baptized with my children who do not film. Plus I was hesitant to do it on camera because I didn’t want it to be made a mockery. After talking to Pastor Mike he suggested I DO it on camera to touch other people and spread the word of Jesus and to let people know that it is never too late. He also told me Not to worry about about the negative people out there. So I thought about it all season until I was comfortable with my decision.”

Since you guys have wrapped season 10, how do you think Meghan Edmonds did for her first year as a Housewife? Do you think viewers got the right impression of her?
“I think Meghan is one of the best castings they have done in a long time. People got to see the really strong, don’t take any crap side of Meghan. I think what they didn’t get to see is that Meghan has a huge heart and is very caring. She really thought that she could have a friend in Vicki since they were both dealing with cancer. As soon as she started seeing the inconsistencies of Vicki and Brooks’s stories she wanted to get to the bottom of it… I don’t think anyone likes a liar?”

How did you grow your friendship with Shannon Beador and how close is your relationship today?
“The funny thing is Shannon and I hit it off from the start last year. We did things together on and off the show all the time. Shannon now knows that me exposing her problems to Heather was NOT about gossip but to help Heather understand that she was going through a hard time. I did not have bad intentions and did not want to hurt Shannon. What I did wrong was lie to Shannon about not telling Heather about the email from David. What you didn’t see is I felt so bad about not telling her the truth I tried calling her as soon as she left my house to clear it up. That is all behind us and we went back to being great friends and having lots of fun together.”

Most of the season revolved around whether or not Brooks was telling the truth about having cancer. Were there things behind-the-scenes that made him look more suspicious to the cast?
“There were so many inconsistent stories circulating on camera and off. We all started noticing them immediately. Things just didn’t make sense! Why wouldn’t he see Shannon’s doctor? He was scheduled to film with her until she wanted to see his medical records. Where was this big binder full of medical records? Why did Vicki say she called Terry in the middle of the night? Why was Brooks drinking and traveling all over the place? Who stops chemo after 3 rounds when your not having secondary issues from it? There are so many unanswered questions.”

Why do you think Brooks and Vicki decided to show you the results of the PET/CT scan and not the other ladies?
“I really don’t know? last year vicki was telling everyone to “watch out for Tamra” she will stab you in the back! (more like expose YOUR lies) this year she wants to show me Brooks PET/CT scan because I am closest to her? My gut tells me that she knew I didn’t know what I was reading and that I would just be their puppet and go back to the other girls and say… Brooks has cancer.”

Do you think Brooks lied about having cancer?
“I don’t think he has cancer. But that is not my problem to worry about. Lying about something like cancer when so many people are fighting it and loosing their lives is disqusting and he will have to answer to God and the two million viewers.”

Do you think Vicki was aware he was lying?
TJ: “How could she NOT? That is the million dollar question… Stay tuned for the 3 part reunion starting Oct 19th.”

Photo Credit: Bravo