Exclusive: Tamra Judge Addresses Divorce Rumors And Dishes On RHOC Finale


Tamra Judge is opening up about the season finale of The Real Housewives of Orange County in part two of our EXCLUSIVE interview.

Do you feel validated now that the women have said that your words were twisted and compared what happened to a game of telephone?
Tamra Judge:
“Slightly, it is exactly what Heather and I have been saying all season. Lizzie and Shannon took things and twisted them all season. Example: ‘Tamra is talking crap about Brooks,’ when I was NOT talking crap about Brooks at all. In fact I never once brought up his name. Lizzie and Shannon both asked me on camera about him and I said, ‘I didn’t think he was a good guy and I think there is someone better for Vicki.’ That is not talking crap. I also told them if Vicki was happy I was happy for her. I just don’t understand why the new girls took things to such an extreme? I often wonder if they watched the show and thought that is what they needed to do? It was all so childish.”

Did Lizzie ever apologize to you for saying what she said about Eddie?
“No she won’t even admit she said it, it is the craziest thing ever! At the dinner table at Vicki’s house Terry, Heather, Joey [Gregorio] and Eddie all told her, ‘Yes Lizzie that is what you said.’ Unfortunately, they only show Terry’s response and half of Joey’s. I am starting think that she was so drunk that maybe she didn’t remember? But when everyone at the table tells you, ‘Yes you did say it,’ and your still denying it… WOW! We talk more about it at the reunion and quite honestly I am so over it. For the record he said he wanted to marry Heather because they both work off schedules… they are both very organized.”

Why do you think you were blamed for Terry and David’s fight?
“That’s a good question! Shannon knew exactly what she was doing when she confronted me at Lizzie’s beach party. I never told her that Terry said that (take the Beador’s down) and she had to know that it was going to cause some problems… this woman is so calculated that I am starting to second guess our every conversation. I was so confused by her comment of course I was going to tell Terry what was said. Again, it’s funny how the new girls keep talking about things that didn’t happen on camera… Hmmmm?”

Do you and Shannon have a friendship right now?
“No not really, we have text a few times and that is about it. She invited us over for a BBQ after the reunion and then cancelled. I am okay either way. She talks about apologizing and forgiveness, yet she keeps bringing up the email. I just don’t get it?”

You previously tweeted that Danielle apologized to you but that footage wasn’t shown? Can you elaborate?
“After the Bali trip Danielle’s husband called me and said that she was very upset and wanted to know if I would talk to her. We talked at Vicki’s party and she told me she was sorry, that she got caught up in the he said, she said game and that I have been nothing but nice to her all season. I accepted her apology and we have moved on. We film so many hours and not everything makes it on air. I am assuming since she is not an official housewife that it was left on the cutting room floor.”

Lizzie wrote in her blog that the marry, shag, kill game was a setup. What is your reaction to this?
“BAHAHAHA! Lizzie got caught saying something rude in front of 6 people and she can’t own up to it. She will say anything to convince the viewers that she did not say that about Eddie. From what I have witnessed, Lizzie gets upset each episode if she has a hair out of place or is she doesn’t look perfect in a scene. So it is not a surprise that she can’t own up to looking bad.”

Can you comment about the reports that you and Eddie are getting divorced?
“There is a reporter that works for Radar Online and the National Enquirer that is friends with my ex. He is writing horrible stories about me every day. At first I was hurt but now it’s to the point that it’s getting funny. One day I’m fired, next day Eddie is leaving me. Eddie and I are very happy and excited to be expanding CUT Fitness really soon. He honestly is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I guess all I can say is bad press is better than NO press in this industry… So thanks for keeping me the most talked about OC housewife, even if your stories are fake.”

Eddie seems like the type of guy that isn’t into all the drama. How did he react when you came home early from Bali?
“He doesn’t get into the show drama or any drama for that matter. He has such a great outlook on life and I am learning so much from him. He doesn’t let others bring him down. He was glad that I got home safe. He was definitely disappointed in Vicki and how she handled things, he thought she was my friend?”

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54 Replies to “Exclusive: Tamra Judge Addresses Divorce Rumors And Dishes On RHOC Finale”

    1. Eddie and your children deserve a hell of a lot better than you. You seriously need to get some mental health help. You are unstable, delusional and may in fact have a personality disorder. You parade your grotesque personality flaw on television and smile about them. Try to be a role model for your children because right now they do not have one in their mother

      1. Yes. That is all true. Every word. And she wanted to call an ambulance for Shannon. The way she talked when telling Shannon’s business sounded like a bunch of old ppl gossiping. I’m meaning like the old ppl, not putting old ppl down, love them, I am old. But the tone of Tamara’s voice and the way she said it. Acted when she talked about Shannon. Yes tamra needs real help. Not bravo help. Real mentally I’ll help.

  1. Tamra claiming that Shannon is calculating just… Ugh. I can’t count how many time Tamra has lied and played both sides. I feel bad that Shannon is dealing with these people. And kinda feel bad for Tamra and the Dubrows too because they are pretty pathetic.

    1. But I do not feel sorry for tamra. She knows what she does. And enjoys hurting women. Bravo needs to do her a favor and me and fire her.

  2. I think lizzie made the comment about eddie to upset you obviously. Her husband is super hot (yes, hotter than eddie) so I cant see her being glad that he eddie thinks shes shaggable. No, she wanted to hurt you the way that you hurt her, making fun of her dress. You are a shit starter (since your 1st year) and you kind of had it coming yhis whole season. I thought you were messy when you started but I bought the story that you were like that cause you had an unhappy marriage to simon, and the whole not being shown love from your motheris what made you mean. No, you are not as changed as I thought last season. You still have that nasty jealousy and hate in you. That shit will consume you. Take time to get your mind straight, get off the show so all the hollering and fussing can stop. Someone throws a great party and everybody brings up every problem they have with each other! I dont know how your husbands show up party after party… my hubby would say fuck that party! He would remind me of what happened last time.
    Suddenly the party is filled with yelling and rehashing Ugh! Over and over, ” you said this” “well you said that so fuck you!” Jeeeeeeez! I dont know if I can take another season of you or heather, but I bet you wont quit. I would be so lucky.
    Before you make an even bigger spectacle of yourself.

    1. Good job Leslie.i can’t seem to put it into the rite words as you. Plus my phone is skipping or something. But you said what i wanted to say. Ty

  3. We’ve watched her lie and be downright evil to one woman after another – screeching like a banshee, hinting that she “doesn’t remember things” when she drinks too much as an excuse for the “bringing the Beador’s down” comment (“I never said that….Did I?”) HELLO! Is it any surprise we don’t think she has an ounce of character? She stirs up crap, lies, and gossips more than the rest of them combined without guilt.

    1. You are all rite. And even though I read what her son wrote, that’s no excuse for her actions. We have all had problems but not evil as her. Most sickening person I ever seen. All of her. Maybe Eddie or Ryan can get her to get help. Vicki warned Eddie what he was getting into. She is getting those hormone shots and all that stuff trying to stay young. Plus surgery sand all but doing nothing for the evil in her. Her looks are shot too.

    1. I loathe Tamra, but I loathe the concept of children being the BEST THING EVER even more. Your children don’t need that crappy catholic guilt attitude, they need leadership and wisdom. The guilt trip of “I gave up everything for you” is just barfy.

    2. Rite Gina. Kids more important than a man, hurting ppl, and bravo. Trashy tamra needs to go away from bravo before everyone just stops watching. Some ppl can’t mentally deal with tv and she needs to put those kids first.

  4. I wonder if the Reunion will bring up that Heather was responsible for Tamra’s sprained wrist when Heather told the operator of the mechanical bull to speed it up at her groundbreaking party. What words do they use for that in the medical profession Terry?

    1. Not to mention Eddie was the one who started talking disgusting comments about Heather before Shannon’s husband said anything.

    2. You got it rite Jeff. But I don’t think nothing will turn Tamra or Eddie on Terry or Heather. From the first Tamra asked did someone tell them to turn the bull up and no one answered. But Heather was checking her out. Why did Terry jump David and not Eddie. What’s the deal there ? Really I don’t get it unless he knows David and Shannon have class . I noticed Eddie just sat eating knowing what he did and Lizzie’s husband took it too. Really my husband wouldn’t be going to party’s where it’s always trouble . And Shannon thought her and Heather were in a good place. I hope the reunion brings up all this stuff.

  5. i am so sick of tamera go back to your trailor. she causes so much crap and talks so much crap does she not watch the show and see what comes out of her mouth? nothing anybody says is untrue. i am so proud of the girls who take her on and stick with their truths 🙂

    1. Me, too! And after they dump Heather and Tamra I’m sure Terry Dubrow’s third cheesiest plastic surgery show. It might be nice if he were actually fixing people’s scars and deformities like a doctor with some class, instead of giggling over a pair of 54″ boobs on a transsexual.

      1. Paul is really the star of that show, if you ask me. He actually acts with true class and decorum, like a true doctor. But then, Miss Terry is such a knucklehead, talking about “playing the skin flute, when he was in high school,” on RHOC. I wouldn’t go to him, if the botox was FREE.

        1. Me neither. And why did terry treat David so badly? When Eddie also made a vulgar comment. I love Paul on botched but terry makes me sick and so does heather. Shannon and David have tried so hard.

  6. I think that all those women (except Vickie- hold on wait she has something coming her way too.) need some serious hard core therapy and psychotherapy doctors. They need to step back and get some help for themselves. Vickie is on the right track getting therapy for her and her daughter, but she is not without fault. I think she really needs to reexamine her friend ship with Tamara and she needs to learn to let go when it comes to her family. I know it must be hard with Breanna and the babies not being there but Breanna is married to a military man. she has to go where ever he goes.

  7. I think Lizzie lied to. And to be fair she foes twist and exaggerate things Tamra says to make things sound worse. Which is tantamount to lying. She refused to take Tamra’s excuse for missing her birthday party, but accepted Shannon’s – who also called last minute. She lied about Tamra texting her later that night (her birthday night) to make Tamra look worse. She also said some mean thing about her own hubby. So she isn’t the saint she true to portray either. She is a snake too. So all you people hating on Heather and Tamra should also look real hard at the snake in the grass.

    1. I grade them on the curve. Lizzy has had some bad moments, but she’s also been kind on occasion. That doesn’t happen with the cold, mean, and egocentric Tamra and Heather.

  8. “I am assuming since Lizzie is not an official housewife that it was left on the cutting room floor.”
    Hahaha you wish! Why would you try and say she’s not an official housewife when she has her own tagline and is in every official promo shot for the show?

  9. Tamra and Heather deserve each other. One will lie to something and other will swear to it.
    They lie so much that I think they are believing it.

  10. Tamra is no angel, let’s get that straight first, but Lizzie is an instigator and is at fault too. Think about how much of Lizzie you actually saw this year? Not much… the whole show was centered around the Shannon, Heather, Tamra drama. You saw her act like a total spoiled brat at her birthday party aka mean drunk. I was absolutely disgusted and felt sorry for her husband the way she spoke to him on national TV and obviously since she didn’t have much of a storyline she decided to go HAM on Tamra in Bali.

  11. the only thing interesting about Lizzie is when she talking about Tamara otherwise she boring and mouth as big as the grand canyon, literally

  12. Yes they’re both full of shit Tamra is a liar and I have to say what the hell is going on with her face I think the forehead is just bizarre (Terry’s work I’d say) but Lizzie is so full of herself can’t cope with her either….I can’t wait for the reunion I want to see the hoedown footage where Heather will get busted for trying to physically hurt Tamra and Eddie will be busted for his comments!!!

    1. Exactly. Eddie didn’t get called out by terry on what he said. And heather lied when tamra mentioned did someone tell them to speed it up.

  13. Vickie stated in her interview that Tamar said to her that Terry wanted to take the Bedors down. Keep trying to back peddle Tamra, Heather & Terry!

  14. I wonder. I think tamra and Vicki are doing this to stay on the show. Why else would they all keep forgiving tamra? Heather too.

  15. I am so tired of Tamara”s fake tears. My god. Eddie must be thinking twice about this marriage. Too much baggage and she just can’t let it go.

    1. Jane, Watch closely. When Tamra cries there are NO tears. Just that bobbing head, hands over (dry) eyes, accompanied by annoying noises.

  16. Trashy tamra can’t blame Shannon and Lizzie for everything. We didn’t get to see it all but we seen enough on tv and on here to know she done what Shannon is saying. Tamra and heather stick together because they have stirred so much up. Lies at that. Makes me gag too. I know what I seen and heard. Watched this trashy tamra too many seasons and heather n terry too. Won’t even watch botched anymore. Hey bravo is going to be surprised when ratings hit rock bottom. I’m tired of trashy tamra. Look how many ppl she has hurt on the show. Keeping the ratings up for bravo. Never wanta watch heather n terry again period. How in the world are they turning this on Shannon? That lady put up with trashy tamra n debrows all season and still blaming on Shannon. My goodness what a mess. Alexis, jeanna, and all rest took it but I don’t think it’s working this time. Bravo better do something.

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