Exclusive: Tamra Barney Reacts To Heather Dubrow Turning Up The Bull


During Monday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Heather Dubrow threw a Hoedown to celebrate breaking ground on her dream home. The Hoedown included a mechanical bull that several of the Housewives were excited to try, but when Tamra Judge took her turn, she didn’t hear Heather tell the operator, “Turn that up.”

As Tamra was waiting for the bull to start, Terry Dubrow asked Heather, “You turned that way up?”

She replied, “Yes.”

Tamra took a hard fall and Heather acted shocked.

“Are you ok?” Heather asks Tamra. “That was too fast! Why did they do that so fast? Did they do that on purpose? Fire him. That’s not funny!”

Tamra had to go to the ER to make sure she hadn’t broken her arm. Luckily, there was just a lot of soft tissue bruising, leaving her arm black and blue. Viewers were curious to hear Tamra’s reaction after she watched the episode and heard Heather tell the operator to turn the bull up. And Tamra tells us EXCLUSIVELY she was shocked.

“I had no idea Heather told the bull operator to ‘turn it up’ until I saw the footage,” Tamra EXCLUSIVELY tells us. “What shocked me the most was to hear her say ‘he should be fired for turning it up.’ Say what? I’m still absorbing this info and quite frankly I have mixed emotions. Heather has text me to say she is sorry and she was just kidding. I guess we will deal with it at the reunion. She’s still my fancy pants.”

Do you think Heather is sorry or just sorry she got caught?

Photo Credit: Bravo

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It’s pretty clear Heather meant for the guy to turn it up. She probably thought it would be funny, but, alas…. she has no sense of humor nor any idea what’s funny.

lol@Tamara falling- Heather paid her back icky Vicki is next.

hahaha i agree, and love the icky vicky comment.

I can’t wait for Vicki to get hers. I don’t want her hurt just please someone put her in her place. She is so full of herself and calls it her show.

Lawsuit! Seriously someone could of gotten hurt! Ms. Perfect needs to be taught a lesson!

Seriously? Who wishes ill will on a obscure telivision personality?
Try http://www.getalife.com. Pathetic.

Heather just had her turn and complained that it was too fast…then to tell the operator to turn it up after you thought it was too fast is mean-girl … trying to make some one else look bad and set up for failure … did she think Tamara was going to fall and get hurt…no… But she did not own up to it and say “I was joking and apologize”…if Tamara did not get hurt, Heather would have never said anything and enjoy in her mind that Tamara did not do good… but to not own up to your friend… Read more »

YEA Heather, its about time someone threw that shit stirrer to the ground.

I couldve sworn she said turn that thing off after her ride … but who knows i cant see her saying turn it up

Who in the right mind would believe that HEATHER a mother of four.. who has more brains than all the other housewives on the OC Show, purposely want to hurt TAMARA…
This season is messy and only going to get more messier.
The Peter Pan type sysdrom that Vicki (gag) and Shannon (who i enjoy) will make this season a train wreck.

Has anybody accused Heather of trying to hurt Tamara? We know she said it, so there’s no dispute there. But we also know she denied it, which doesn’t speak well of her. She used poor judgment and then tried to cover it up. That’s the problem. As for her intelligence, it’s a low bar you’re holding her to, comparing her to the others. And it’s doubtful to me that she’s as smart as both you and she thinks she is.

Are you kidding? She straight face lied. She always covers her lies with poor acting skils. Im so sick of her


Whoa. Who let the trolls out?

Ok so Heather makes one mistake and all heck breaks loose heather has been nothing but the butt of there jokes meaning Tamra and Vicki’s for the past 2 year give the woman a break shes had enough. and as for Vicki I couldn’t care less if she left the show shes annoying

She’s earned that jokes. The rest of them are the butt of her jokes, but the reason you don’t notice is she isn’t funny.

She’s earned THEIR jokes, I meant to say. I need to proofread BEFORE I hit ‘send’. Sorry.

Say what? Really? Heather had just gotten off that bull & did complain that it was too fast! Then she distinctly tells the guy to turn it up when Tamra got on & then tries to cover it all up and blame it on someone else when Tamra got hurt? This is true ‘mean girl’- scary mean girl vengeful behavior! She was annoyed & upset with Tamra at the time. This IS the real Heather Dubrow & I have been on to her since day one. Tamra definitely has her issues, but they are all out there for everyone to… Read more »

Looks like another gang up on Bravo. From the preview of tonight’s show I see all the women attach Heather. These housewife shows are getting so ridiculous. Gals gang up on Lisa, then Ramona and now Heather. Yuck. These shows need new writers.

I think the problem isn’t writing, it’s individual actions and reactions. The BH women were jealous of Lisa on many levels. Not the least of which is she got a spin off show and they all want one. Gretchen was young and gorgeous, and the OC women couldn’t stand it. And the first word that comes to mind with Heather is ‘condescending.’ Not that some of the accusers don’t have their own ugly underbelly, but I don’t think it’s a surprise that they’ve all had it with that.

I think heather should be ashamed of herself. At first i thought she would be a breath of fresh air. Now she needs to apologize to tamra before she gets sued… apologize to shannon for saying she shouldnt have come on the show if she had problems with her husband. Gosh heather wasnt it terry who mentioned the ” d” word on national television? She is a bully and a fake and needs to quietly leave the show. That fresh air has gone quite stale.

Heather is very very unkind and only cares about herself, she doesnt care about others feelings she only cares about herself and i personally think from what ive seen on the show heather is a physco and needs help, im surprised she has friends at all she is so nasty…ive been taught to treat others the way you wanna be treated and shes being treated with the same respect she shows others, and thqts my opinion pf heather dubrow