Exclusive: Sonja Morgan Says Don’t Expect Loyalty From Ramona Singer


This season of the Real Housewives of New York City has been difficult for cast veteran Sonja Morgan. She has been butting heads with her longtime best friend Ramona Singer and some of the women have been trying to ice her out of the group. In a new and exclusive interview, Morgan dishes on what this season has been like for her and shares that Ramona compromised her loyalty to Sonja. She also reveals the current state of her friendship with Dorinda Medley.

Why do you think Ramona has changed towards you this season?
Sonja Morgan: “Ramona always comes from a place of fear. Where I embraced Bethenny coming back and like the fact she shakes things up she was was afraid. So she compromised her loyalty to me to butter up to Bethenny. It’s really not necessary. Bethenny appreciates a woman being herself.”

Do you think she’s jealous you’ve become closer to LuAnn?
SM: “Ramona has always been jealous of my relationship with LuAnn because she doesn’t like LuAnn.”

What is your opinion about Dorinda’s boyfriend John? Are the other women too hard on him?
SM: “I don’t have a problem with John but he’s inappropriate with women when he doesn’t know them and oversteps their boundaries. He was rude to Ramona and that upset me. However Ramona brings the worst out of everyone. She makes great TV for that reason. Just don’t expect loyalty from her.”

Congratulations on Tipsy Girl! What is the progress of the line and when can we expect to be able to purchase it?
SM: “The restaurant will be open on 8th street between 6th and 7th any day now. I see some off the cuff sing sing skits in my future! My Caburlesque are becoming more cabaret with age. Lol. I love entertaining. Especially for charity related to children artists animals or LGBT.”

Why do you think Bethenny wasn’t supportive of you?
SM: “Bethenny is supportive of me. I hadn’t seen her all summer while the other girls were busy getting up her butt and in her ear to create a wedge obviously. She was very emotional about us more then the project. She didn’t have all the facts either. This is very mom and pop.”

What was it like being left out of the group when everyone went to the Berkshires?
SM: “Dorinda is playing stupid. She knows I signed up for dramatic television many years ago. To create entertaining television. I don’t need her to protect me at my job. She’s bullsh*tting. Not cool for newbies to ice out veterans. I welcomed her with open arms and support her boyfriend. I’d like to see her not show up to her job when invited. She would not like to be disinvited. She would hate it. Ramona chimed right in their saying it was just a night when it was two episodes. Ramona and her did me wrong. They know it. The viewers aren’t fools. No one likes a liar. Especially me. I deserve better and always spice up the party!”

What’s the status of your friendship with Ramona and Dorinda?
SM: “On the rocks with salt in the wound.”

Photo Credit: Bravo