Exclusive: Sonja Morgan Says Don’t Expect Loyalty From Ramona Singer


This season of the Real Housewives of New York City has been difficult for cast veteran Sonja Morgan. She has been butting heads with her longtime best friend Ramona Singer and some of the women have been trying to ice her out of the group. In a new and exclusive interview, Morgan dishes on what this season has been like for her and shares that Ramona compromised her loyalty to Sonja. She also reveals the current state of her friendship with Dorinda Medley.

Why do you think Ramona has changed towards you this season?
Sonja Morgan: “Ramona always comes from a place of fear. Where I embraced Bethenny coming back and like the fact she shakes things up she was was afraid. So she compromised her loyalty to me to butter up to Bethenny. It’s really not necessary. Bethenny appreciates a woman being herself.”

Do you think she’s jealous you’ve become closer to LuAnn?
SM: “Ramona has always been jealous of my relationship with LuAnn because she doesn’t like LuAnn.”

What is your opinion about Dorinda’s boyfriend John? Are the other women too hard on him?
SM: “I don’t have a problem with John but he’s inappropriate with women when he doesn’t know them and oversteps their boundaries. He was rude to Ramona and that upset me. However Ramona brings the worst out of everyone. She makes great TV for that reason. Just don’t expect loyalty from her.”

Congratulations on Tipsy Girl! What is the progress of the line and when can we expect to be able to purchase it?
SM: “The restaurant will be open on 8th street between 6th and 7th any day now. I see some off the cuff sing sing skits in my future! My Caburlesque are becoming more cabaret with age. Lol. I love entertaining. Especially for charity related to children artists animals or LGBT.”

Why do you think Bethenny wasn’t supportive of you?
SM: “Bethenny is supportive of me. I hadn’t seen her all summer while the other girls were busy getting up her butt and in her ear to create a wedge obviously. She was very emotional about us more then the project. She didn’t have all the facts either. This is very mom and pop.”

What was it like being left out of the group when everyone went to the Berkshires?
SM: “Dorinda is playing stupid. She knows I signed up for dramatic television many years ago. To create entertaining television. I don’t need her to protect me at my job. She’s bullsh*tting. Not cool for newbies to ice out veterans. I welcomed her with open arms and support her boyfriend. I’d like to see her not show up to her job when invited. She would not like to be disinvited. She would hate it. Ramona chimed right in their saying it was just a night when it was two episodes. Ramona and her did me wrong. They know it. The viewers aren’t fools. No one likes a liar. Especially me. I deserve better and always spice up the party!”

What’s the status of your friendship with Ramona and Dorinda?
SM: “On the rocks with salt in the wound.”

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  1. Sonya should be relieved she was not part of the Shitshow that went down at Dorindas. Bethany was just flat out mean, Ramona was a shit stirrer and Louann was just so incredibly rude and selfish when she kept talking about herself after Jules told her her dad was dying. These crazy women alsolutely can’t handle their alcohol.

    1. Frankly, I don’t think you should be down on Lu for that. She was shell shocked after being attacked by Methead. If I was Jules & my dad was in hospital, I would’ve left. I think CrazyEye’s hatred for Lu stems from Mario being attracted to her. We all know Mario was cheating on CrazyEyes from the start. We saw how he flirted with her seasons 1 & 2 and I’m certain when Lu rebuked his ass that’s when he went in with the nasty comments during her divorce. #TeamLu

      1. I can’t recall if she was one of the cast who had the contract that stated she was being paid for what episodes she was filmed in, can you O.R.E? If she is, then I can understand it being about more than simply having her feelings hurt. It is her income, which she needs. I believe that is what she meant when she said that even though Ramona pointed out it was only one night, that it was in fact, two episodes. Sonja is completely delusional, and I have explained my reasons for thinking that, but that has nothing to do with her being a part of the cast. She is not, however, a veteran. She started in the middle of season 3. We can never know what would have been different had she been there. It was still up to Dorinda who comes to her home, job or no job. She gets to decide who stays at her home. If the event had been at a venue, that would have been really different, IMO. Ramona is getting too big for her britches for sure. The way she speaks about someone she refers to as her best friend is deplorable. In her talking head she constantly insults Sonja, speaking as though she herself never drank too much, which is a total joke.
        Even though I never was a fan of the countess, it is absolutely none of Ramona’s business who Sonja decides to put up in her home. Just like it is none of anyone’s who Dorinda puts up at hers.
        And, whoever mentioned it, Skinygirl was at first just the makings of a cocktail. It wasn’t stolen from Skinny Cow. Bethenny worked her ass off for over 25 years now, and being she is only what 44? That makes her a hard worker.
        She has more friends than just Carole too. Carole is boring, IMO, I zip her and always have if she is alone or with
        And, I must have missed it, but where did Bethenny ever say if Sonja came she wouldn’t? If it did happen I would really like it pointed out, if not, then that is conjecture. I don’t believe Bethenny said that.
        And if Luann wasn’t the biggest hypocrite on housewives, none of the shit show, minus Ramona’s dog which was sickening, would have occurred. Bethenny went way, way too far, for sure. Maybe if Luann ever listened the many other times friends have told her how her hypocrisy looks to others, she wouldn’t have had to go so far.
        Bethenny has friends on the show besides Carole, Jules, Ramona, Dorinda and I believe even Luann. Sonja, according to this article, considers Bethenny a friend too. She is not total negativity, IMO.

    1. And did you notice it took her and THREE interns to make a care package for her daughter to send to school ??? WTF?? And she even wanted to put open food in it?? And she’s supposedly sober now? Seriously woman how embarrassing for your kid. If you can’t afford to even go buy her a few new items or even a card to send then maybe it is time to sell the house she can’t even afford to turn the heat on in. Wanting to send her daughter an opened bag of popcorn is totally off the frickon wall people.

  2. Sonia needs to grow up already. The dumb blond act is not cute at her age. Her daughter must be mortified of her.

  3. I feel so bad for Lady Morgan. It seems everyone is turning their backs on her,& using the guise of tough love.

    Agree. That Sonja should be happy that she missed the shit show.

    1. Unfortunately that’s what people do. I don’t understand why people think that they can do or say what ever hurtful things they want “in the name of love “

  4. I don’t understand why Dorinda didn’t invite Sonya but did invite Carole and Luann. Makes no sense to me.

    1. I agree. I don’t think Dorinda should have uninvited Sonya. Not only was it mean, but it cost Sonya money. That’s no ok. I also think Dorinda should have laid the law down with these ladies & told them to leave the negative at the door or don’t come.

  5. Lets see,Bethany had mowed over Dorinda’s relationship,Has busted Luann about her scruples as it pertains to carol and her young man’s relationship and Ramona and Tom’s X relationship.She mutilated Sonia,tried to humiliate Jules about her house.My question is:why hasn’t she tried to advise Carol of possibly this young boyfriend Guy taking total advantage of Carol? carol has put her writing career on hold to write a COOK BOOK with this guy (red flag 1)when she facetimed him he was very quick to get off with her ,not eager to talk to someone that is out of country and miss(red flag 2) Bethany knows everything and hasn’t picked up on this guys mo?come on Bethany balls,speak up already

    1. Very true.. But she won’t pick on Carol because she is her only Friend on the show at this point in the season

    2. ITA! I think Bethany is funny, but she went 2 far last night (especially in light of the fact they were guests in Dorinda’s home). Luann is self-centered, especially after Jules told her her father was dying. Who does that?

  6. The whole issue here is that the trip covered two episodes. Sonja only gets paid for the scenes she is in so it cost her a lot of money to be excluded. Sonja should have agreed to her contract to begin with and try to hold out for more. It’s costing her and she can’t afford it.

    1. Ah ha!! Now that makes total sense. Because even after her know how the trip turned out she still acted like she should have been there. When anyone in their right mind would have been thanking all the lords above they were not there.

  7. Sonja deserves to be iced out. She crossed a line with Bethenny and shouldn’t be rewarded. She will jump on any money making bandwagon. She plays dumb way too often. Look at the lawsuit from the film company……she is beyond delusional and all about herself. I hope they fire Sonja!

  8. Lori…really? I would jump on any money making wagon as well. Sonja plays dumb, because that’s what we watch. She’s very clever. She has a smart, loyal daughter. She worked through Chapter 11, and her red outfit last night, from her own collection, was fabulous. I wish I could afford it. I hope they fire Carole. She adds nothing, but Andy loves the Kennedy connection. Carole and B go to bed each night giddy over their stroke of luck. B walking away without saying goodbye before breakfast was very telling. She did her job. Got paid what most of us will never make in a year. She couldn’t care less about the others, since they’re not her real friends. Sonja adding to the fuel at the party would have been great television, however, it would have meant bringing up the name, TIPSY GIRL. No can do. And I see Dorinda with swollen lips trying to kiss up to anyone. She thinks A Star Is Born.

  9. Sonja is a little off center…but she clicks into gear just enough to make me think there is more to her than drunk stories of John John, and toilets stopped up with missing cell phones. Either way, I would rather watch an hour of The Countess and Lady Morgan in furs eating cream cheese and bagels in her barely functional townhouse…than one more minute of stoned Carole and her master, Pitbeth.
    I am soooo glad she didn’t run after Carolenny last night at Renewal’s party….and that she let Dorinda have it.

    1. Yes, apple. She clicks! Whereas Ramona is in first gear and can’t go anywhere. What’s up with her? I don’t understand why she has remained a fixture on the show. And I agree about watching her and Luann. Both are very fun, quirky, and just bring themselves to the table without an agenda. No drinks in the background…yet. Sonja has a better life story to write than C or B.

    2. ITA. I’m SO sick of watching Bethenny be mean girl and now her and Carol team up on everyone and Bethenny goes way too far. If this keeps up I’m done watching this show. I thought this was supposed to be about fabulous women having fun and the fans wishing we could do those wonderful rich girl things. So far it’s nothing but them being mean and nasty to each other. It sucks. Ugh. ALL the HW shows are becoming the same show with different faces fighting each other. Help! Someone do some firing.

  10. I don’t understand why sonja would want to be around any of these women. They are horrible! I don’t care how much a person drinks and how many people they have sex with. What I look at in a person is how they treat people and these women, no matter how much money they have (or don’t have), are failures in the personality department, big time! With friends like these who needs enemies. All these women should be looking into the motive of whoever dates them bc it surely IS NOT for their personality. That is for sure!

    1. Actually Jules hasn’t gone the bitc$y route yet. She even came to fulfill an obligation when her dad got sick. I’m sure if it was SOOO serious, she would have been with her dad.

  11. Sonja is clearly a mess, but honestly she doesn’t seem like much more of a mess than most of the others. And unlike some of them, she actually seems to have a good heart.

  12. I have always liked B, but she has a mean strict this year. Don’t like it~is it for ratings? oops, of course it is. Ramona needs to go along with Carol, mostly Carol. Don’t like her at all. As far as Tipsy girl goes, didn’t B take a name from Skinny Cow? Get over it B. You have made a fortune, good for you, but it has not looked good for your personality at all. Things are way at of control with these ladies, to the point if they can’t have some fun with each other, why watch?

  13. See… this type of comment (or crap) is just stupid. Sonja has been on the show for what 5 seasons and everyone else is very aware that Ramona has NO loyalty to anyone except herself. She would push a priest under a bus if it meant she was going to get airtime or attention. Poor Sonja. I don’t feel sorry for her in the least. She needs to take a good look at herself and realize that her behavior is just making people aware how SOnja is like a kamakazi pilot flying fast into a brick wall. . She is soooooo out of reality and she thinks her little stupid things (like sending her daughter a care package) is cute and funny, its not its really sad. Really Sonja an open bag of popcorn that is close to empty.
    I have a daughter in college she wants, socks, t shirts, candles, boxes of rice. She wants makeup and Q tips and shampoo and conditioner, razors and lotion. I know S has not had to deal with this before but google it girl. She plays this role of trying to be innocent and cute, its not cute. I would think at this point after seeing the episode that Sonja would have been elated she was not in the Berkshires, but that is not Sonja she would have preferred to have been right in the middle of it all, drink too much and again end up a drunken fool.

  14. Suze I’m coming on just to wish you a happy birthday my angel friend. Love you. Have an amazing day ❤️❤️❤️

    1. DeeDee Thank you I have been looking out for you, I hope you had a great birthday yesterday? Love you xoxoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. Oh thanks Suze! I did. It was bittersweet bc of our horrible horrible tragedy but I was able to spend the day with family surrounded by love. XOXOXOXOXO

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