Exclusive: Sonja Morgan, I Am Not Bankrupt As Ramona Said I Was


This week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York City was drama-filled for Sonja Morgan, as she witnessed her best friend Ramona Singer discussing her financial issues with the other women. But Sonja is EXCLUSIVELY telling us that she is NOT bankrupt like Ramona stated on the show and she shares how this has affected their friendship.

What did you think when you heard Ramona talking about your finances?
SM: “I was surprised. Not the Ramona I know. She was obviously going through something and I said that to Aviva at my beach house in Watermill that Nestseeker International Realtors lent me. I’m happy to say it was sold! I love to highlight friends properties. She didn’t come that day and blamed it on a run in high heat! That wasn’t the Ramona I know either. I could tell she wasn’t her usual bubbly happy self and I  was really happy then and still am! I feel I look better then ever, dating a great guy, daughter thriving, still in my house and developing a fashion lifestyle brand. In fact I just filmed a video with a Saturday night live comedian for a top fashion designer, and continue to meet with investers and partners for my fashion lifestyle brand.  I’m loving life and the opportunities Bravo has given me!”

Has this affected your friendship with Ramona?
: “We are like sisters. We will always have each others backs.  She has always been there for me so I will be there for her when she is going through something. I know Avery was going off to school and she was nervous.

Are you still friends?
SM: “Of course! She is quite the comedian herself! No bank was in charge of selling my house. Nor is it rented out. Don’t believe the rumors started by a tv show. A Chapter 11 is not a Chapter 7. Its a restructuring of assets. I am not bankrupt as Ramona said I was.”

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5 Replies to “Exclusive: Sonja Morgan, I Am Not Bankrupt As Ramona Said I Was”

  1. Love Sonja. She’s presenting herself better this season. It is nice to see that the women in the NY franchise are at least having rational arguments, as opposed to Atlanta, NJ or the OC. Perhaps it is because I am older than some of the other viewers, but I don’t want any high intensity drama-just travel, clothes, parties-a visual escape!

  2. It’s public record and all you have to do is look it up. I love Sonja, but all is not well as she proclaims it to be. This person summed it up perfectly:
    “Laurie says:
    Sonja is not completely in denial but she is close. I work as a bankruptcy paralegal and here is the real story. She is in CH11 but not really in that much debt if you take away the Judgment against here. According to the Court docs, she rec’d a $3MM divorce settlement in accordance with her pre-nup. She wanted much more but lost. She was also given the townhouse which was purchased by the husband for her before the marriage. She receives just over $200k a year in child support and only has the child 50% of the time. She also was granted 50% interest in home in Colorado and 99% interest in house in France that was purchased during the marriage. The house in CO was ordered sold and the proceeds, which after the mortgage were not much, were divided. She basically refused or stalled on selling the France property so the bankruptcy Trustee took over and sold it for apprx $3.5mm US $$. The Trustee described the property as seriously out of date and crumbling and in desperate need of serious repair. Any money gained from the sale will go to the bankruptcy estate and can be used to pay the Judgment. That would still leave her owing well over $4mm on the Judgment and true liquid assets of only apprx $2mm, excluding the townhouse. Ordinarily she could not be forced to sell her “homestead” to satisfy debts in a bankruptcy but in this case with the Judgment she could. Even if they don’t force her to sell it, they can take all her assets and future earnings and without those she cannot afford the apprx $4K per month that it costs to keep the house operating.
    Also according to legal court docs, she has been paid just over $600k total for 3 years of RHONY, which comes to apprx $200k per season. Nowhere near the figures that are rumored.
    This is all court verified and the true story. Hope this helps explain all the rumors and theories floating around.”

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