Exclusive: Who Is Simon Barney’s Girlfriend Catushia?


Simon Barney has been making headlines lately as his custody battle with ex-wife and Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge rages on. Barney has claimed that Judge is an unfit mother and is fighting for full custody of their three children; Sidney, Spencer and Sophia. But an insider is revealing new, EXCLUSIVE details about Simon’s long-time girlfriend, Catushia Ienni, who is 20 years younger than Barney.

SimonJeana SimonCatushia

A reader posted on The Dirty in 2011 that Simon’s younger girlfriend is already married! “Someone with the same uncommon name as Simon’s GF got married in Vegas last June, two months before Simon allegedly started dating her. I ran the groom’s surname through Ancestry.com and privateeye.com with zero hits. What’s up with that? Was Catushia drunk when she got married? roofied? The groom’s name is sorta Mexican, maybe he needed a green card. DOES SIMON KNOW???” a poster claimed, along with the screenshot below of a marriage record.


But not only is Simon’s girlfriend allegedly already married, an insider EXCLUSIVELY tells us more details of the couple’s strange relationship.

“Catushia is 20 years younger than Simon and is known to hook up with older men,” our insider alleges. “He met her at a bar one night when she was drinking all alone. She moved in with Simon four years ago and does not work. Simon controls her, tells her what to wear and even when she can leave the house.”

“She’s very strange to talk to and Simon doesn’t take her in public often, he even leaves her at home when he travels. And she weirdly looks a lot like Simon’s oldest daughter,” the source adds.

“She is obsessed with reality TV and wants what Tamra has,” the insider claims. “She has been accused of talking badly about Tamra to the children in hopes that the kids will call her mommy one day.”

“Here’s the funniest part,” our source continues. “She’s friends with Gretchen Rossi’s ex-boyfriend Jay Photoglou.”

“Is this someone that is setting a good example for Simon’s children?” our insider asks.

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  • Andrea

    GROSS! Simon is such a jerk. He wants to portray this A+ dad image but nobody is fooled. Anyone that watched him on the show knows how he really treats women. This girl looks 12 years old. She better run!!!

  • Maria

    Simon is such a scumbag. Did anyone else notice it looks like this little girl is wearing an engagement ring?

  • ByeFelicia

    Hmm. Maybe simon shouldn’t be throwing stones at Tamra when his house is made of glass. That top pic is disgusting. Tamra should take that to court.

    • Chenoa333

      Tamra should also take to court the RHOC episode video of her (Tamra) naked in a bathtub enticing Eddie to join her. I’ll bet her kids are real proud of her! Yep! that’s my mom! Lol!

  • imaroyce

    she looks like a whore . i bet that photo of his skank makes his kids proud ! how disgusting !

  • Nyameke Williams

    What I don’t understand is why all of a sudden is there an interest in Simon’s girlfriend. To my understanding they have been together a few years now and no one care before so why care now? I found it funny that when there is a custody battle going on between tamra and simon this information comes out. I think this “source” is someone from tamra’s camp trying to make simon look worst. We don’t know for sure if any of this is true. To me its not completely credible. Also I see a few comments here. As much as you are entitled to your opinion you sudden judge a book by its cover. Just because she dresses like a slut doesn’t mean she is a slut. For all you know despite her flaws she’s probably a very nice girl. Remember the media always portrays things in a negative why because its more entertaining.

    • anonymous

      Well, women who value themselves and have healthy self esteem would likely not allow photos to be taken dressed like an escort ad. Her coochie is practically on display because her legs are spread so wide. Women dress the way they want the world to see them.

      Obviously, this guy is having fun with his much younger, “hot” piece of ass. Midlife crisis, ya know.

    • Queenie

      I agree with Nyameke Williams.

    • Lisa Edwards

      I think you’re right. Tamra would stoop to any limits because again, she’s pretty TRASHY…

  • Kevin

    Simon is a P.O.S. and a scumbag, that is creepy how she resembles his eldest daughter, the part about dates older men reeks of her being a gold digger/sugar baby, And who is she to talk ill on Tamara to her kids?! Clearly this chick is deseprate for attention, Lemme guess she wants on RHOC too right?!

  • Ann

    Simon is well named. Does the name Simon Legree ring a bell?

  • RHO Norm’s

    Simons a hypocrite

  • getreal

    Well, we all know that Simon likes his women on the trashy side, right? RIGHT??? But she is just a girlfriend, and not a wife, and he is allowed to date. For those criticizing her decision to pose for that awful pic, just remember that Tamra’s son Ryan, also has some naked pics out there of himself, so should he be allowed to hang with his younger siblings? Pretty gross , right? Tamra’s history in her late teens and early twenties was pretty shitty as well, so beware of how you judge when you really know very little about her. At any rate, I agree, it is curious why this info is even out. And since this chick isn’t accused of being abusive or neglectful towards Simon’s kids, then I ask, why is she relevant?

  • Gretchen’s pictures were worse and no one calls her a skank

    • Anonymous

      and your point is?

  • Dutchess

    Obviously Simon has a “type”. Case in point – Tamara Barney – Judge. Not an ounce of class.

  • Simon used to outwardly abuse Tamra. He is a very insecure man who needs to control his women, which is why he dates such a young, inexperienced woman with no respect for herself or other women, namely Tamra! Tamra may be many things, but she is NOT a bad mom! Whoever the judge is who gave Simon 50% custody of his kids has to be out of his ever lovin’ mind!!! Now he wants more custody in attempt to gain even MORE control – what a sad excuse for a man! Grow up and move on Simon – go have kids with your girlfriend and stop abusing Tamra again and again!!! You are disgusting!!!

    • myst7


  • fuskiegirl21

    When Simon and Tamra were married, he use to freak me out when he was so controlling to her. I think he wants a maid and a barbie doll not a wife. He is a total jerk and control freak.

  • This is what trampa gets for being such an evil troll, she shit-stirs , lies, is cruel and mean—this is what we call “karma” coming back at you…….

  • Frank

    Omg, really, the so-called “anonymous” source is actually Tamra!

    • Ann

      Will look more at those. Actually, I DON’T THINK THAT I will. Don’t want to give her any more
      reasons to the bank. Perhaps THE SIMON is being paid by someone and the settlement.
      Hmm Lia. Where Art Thou?

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like a perfect RHW cast member to me – bring her on board

  • Anonymous

    Oh yeah – he is the perfect roll model for his kids….blahblahhahaha

  • Lisa Edwards

    Well this is truly GROSS…Tamra has a crappy rep w/marrying trash… Never liked Simon, control freak. Never liked Tamra either..she has zero respect for herself and no self esteem..If she did she would have found a nice guy a long time ago, if one could deal w/her complete immaturity. Let’s face it, she’s one angry, bitter, nasty and jealous woman..this is why she and Vicki get along so well. They are exactly alike in personality and Tamra has no class at all.. Neither does Vicki for that matter .. They both lie like crazy.. They both are beyond pretentious and play the victim about every aspect of their lives. How on earth did these women, who seemingly crawled out from under a rock or stone from hell, literally, remotely get a show at all..Even though this show is beyond BS and edited and made to look insane for the ratings.. They are beyond immature..all of them are..They’re all continually WASTED on booze and God knows what else.. Who are they kidding? I personally don’t like any of them except maybe for Shannon because she seems a tad bit normal.. She’s not as pretentious as the others..She actually HAS money, whereas the others are just w/in a range that doesn’t compute …. Tamra acts like she’s a 13 year old in Junior high…she’s a sickening gossip..she’s grossly dramatic.She screams and yells like a child..Truly I can understand why her own daughter doesn’t want anything to do with her..Simon is a creep..there is no question there..That was a union made in pure hell.. AS for Eddie, this may be an act,but what does a seemingly nice guy see in that insane woman??? Truly I don’t get it..she’s older.she’s got baggage of 2 marriages and 4 kids.. He seemed to have it all and could have any woman he wanted because he seems even tempered, nice, respectful..but who knows?? WE only see what the cameras want us to see..Maybe he’s a jerk… I truly, if he’s a nice guy, do NOT understand what he sees in such an immature, nasty, evil woman.. I really don’t..