Exclusive: Simon Barney Denied Daughters Therapy According To New Court Documents


Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge has been making headlines in the media over her custody battle with her ex-husband Simon Barney. As we previously reported, a Barney family therapist wrote a letter to the court claiming Simon misrepresented her statements and lied under oath.

In Tamra’s 23-page response to the Superior Court of California , obtained by AllThingsRH, e-mails between Simon and Tamra were revealed where Simon seemingly denied their youngest daughter therapy. Because the custody battle had become public, Tamra highly suggested he allow her to take their youngest daughter Sophia to an appointment with a therapist. Simon would not give his consent to allow Sophia to attend the appointment.

In an email dated April 21st, 2014, Simon Barney wrote to Tamra Judge, “At this point I will not give my consent till I talk to Renee about Sidney. I want to talk to Renee first to see how it’s going with Sidney first. I haven’t seen enough progress with Sidney yet.”

Tamra replied, “Simon this has nothing to do with Sidney’s progress. This has everything to do with what is happening presently and how it’s affecting our young children. When do you plan on “talking” to Renee? I highly suggest you allow me to take Sophia to the 4:00 appointment.”

Simon replied, “At this point I will give you permission when I’m satisfied with Renee as their counselor. I don’t need out [sic] children going through counseling especially after all they did with dr galindo.”


In Tamra’s 23-page response filed with the Superior Court of California, which AllThingsRH obtained, Judge’s attorney claims that Simon is also denying the couple’s oldest daughter, Sidney, therapy, and suggests he let their children continue with therapist Renee Hulse.

“The therapy has generated positive results as it pertains to the relationship between Sidney … and her mother. To maintain these positive results, [Tamra] is requesting the court order both parties to cooperate and continue this therapy with Ms. Hulse. [Simon] has refused to allow this therapy to continue, so an order is needed,” Tamra’s attorney stated.

Continued, “The substantial danger the lack of therapy poses is that [Tamra] and Sidney’s relationship will not improve without continued therapy. The therapy has proven successful thus far, however, her father is not allowing it to continue. It is in the best interest for Sidney to have continuing and frequent contact with both parents..”

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Wow. This is not a good look for Simon.. I feel so bad for the kids that they have been put through the media.

Wow a lot of things coming out about Simon. I have never liked him and never understood why Tamra was with such a controlling jerk. I feel like he might have tipped off the press with all the ‘monster mom’ headlines and think it’s shameful he would do that to his children regardless of his feeling towards Tamra.

This should not be played out in the court of public opinion….. keep your minor kids out of the limelight….. can’t imagine this little girl wants her friends to know she is in therapy…. but now it’s broadcast nationwide…… again…bummer

I’m sure it’s common in the OC for children to go to therapy. It’s common all over for children of divorced and/or separated children to attend therapy.

i hope the judge is smart enough to take all custody away from that control freak ! he is such an ass

He doesn’t deserve to see his children. Let alone be called Dad. I think that he is jealous of
Tamra s happiness.
He is one miserable son of a bitch.

Simon wanted to talk to the therapist first before giving conscent. That is not exactly a bombshell, case turning revelation. Leave it to Tamra to deflect from the reason those kids are messed up and need so much counseling in the first place.

You can tell that Simon is still very angry that his wife left him. He is unhappy and miserable and is still trying to CONTROL anything that he can. I don’t even care too much for Tamra but poor her. Imagine how it was being married to him! Oy vey.

Right on Leesa. I agree with everything you say two fold.