Exclusive: Siggy Flicker Talks RHONJ Season 7


I had the pleasure of interviewing Real Housewives of New Jersey star Siggy Flicker. The lovely Siggy and I talked about her first season on the show, how she maintains her positive outlook on life and if she will be back for another season. Check out what Siggy had to say below.

Did you know any of your RHONJ cast mates before joining the show?
Siggy Flicker: “Yes, I was friends with Kathy Wakile and Jacqueline Laurita before I joined. I used to have my own show on VH1 called, Why Are You Still Single?, and over the years Wendy Williams has kept me relevant by putting me on her show. I’m on her show every month. She’ll have me as a relationship expert and a panel and we just became really, really good friends. In the process when you go out with all people from Jersey, you usually sit at the same table. So, at all these events I would usually sit with Jacqueline and Kathy and that’s how the whole thing really came about two years ago.”

Was it a mutual decision for your husband Michael to not appear on the show?
“It shouldn’t be a shock, and I’m just going to speak from the bottom of my heart. The things that have happened to Jersey in the past haven’t been enticing for any man, who is a stand-up guy, who has a business, who makes a lot of money and who has suffered hardships. With Michael’s decision not to do the show has everything to do with his parents who are deceased. When Michael was 16, he lost his mom to cancer, and then when I met Michael ten years ago, his father was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease. To be quite honest with you, he says that loss never leaves you.

When you’re filming Jersey Housewives, for three months, you’re on-call, meaning you have to film. Michael has a very successful business and he needs to be at that business, he could never get it around his work schedule.

Michael doesn’t want to take any chance of not trusting the tabloids and editing. The thing was, “Siggy, you love to help people, you love to inspire, you do the show. If you really like it, then I’ll join the second season.” But for the first season he does have about 4-5 appearances. So he is on the show, but he does not have a storyline. He is just a stand up guy wanting to protect his family.”

Had you watched the show before becoming a cast member?
“I never wanted to do Jersey Housewives and finally I wanted to bring Jersey pride back. I wanted to bring fun and love to the show, I mean why not? At the end of the day, people make fun of these girls and the show, but listen to me, Teresa Giudice is a stand up girl. She’s working her ass off to feed her kids, and she went to jail and she sat there for 11-months. Melissa Gorga is infatuated with her husband and her kids. Jacqueline Laurita is a fabulous mother, she goes all over the world and speaks about autism. If I knew that the cast were drug addicts and cheaters and liars, I’d be like, ‘Not for me,’ but these are really good girls.”

How do you maintain such a positive outlook on life?
SF: “I waited tables at T. G. I. Friday’s, I was a nanny, I’ve struggled my whole life and the only thing that got me through it was my attitude. I’ve been helping people since I was fourteen years old. You’ve got one time to live, so if I can help out, I can help out.”

Why do you think Jacqueline and Teresa can’t get over the past?
“I don’t want Teresa and Jacqueline fighting, but at the end of the day I also have to say, ‘I’m not a magician. I can give you advice, I can lead you to the water, but if you aren’t thirsty you don’t have to drink the water.’ There’s not much I can do. Jacqueline is a very articulate, very smart girl. She’s very analytical and she’s not going to let Teresa get away with anything. Teresa really is coming from a simple place. I never watched the show from season one, to me they aren’t Lucy and Ethel. I was a matchmaker for many years, I would have never put them together, but I do want to see them in a room together coexisting, because right now it sucks.”

Do you ever feel pressure to pick sides when Jacqueline and Teresa are fighting?
“Yes, and that was the hardest thing about doing this. It was pressure. I’m forty-nine years old, I don’t pick sides, but I will defend you. Jacqueline and Teresa got into a fight and I said, ‘Teresa, please don’t talk about my friend,’ and Jacqueline never talks about Teresa. So, it was just a hard filming process.”

Would you come back for another season?
SF: “I would come back with my husband and my kids and right now I would really have to see, because it’s the first time I’m going to do the reunion. If it becomes too toxic, then it’s not for me, but I can’t really say right now. I didn’t come on there for the fame, I didn’t come on there for the money, I don’t want to be the star of the show, I don’t want to be the prettiest, I’m just Siggy. I came on there to have fun and be with Dolores.”

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PLEASE DON’T bring Siggy back next season!!!!!

Siggy seems to be a very nice woman, but someone explain to me what her credentials are to be considered a “relationship expert”? What exactly is her training? Education on this subject, etc. She’s very nice to her friends, but so smothering and aggressive to her kids, and so LOUD. Dominates every conversation with her kids, doesn’t listen, directs rather than parents. etc.

I thought when they were on their way to Vermont, that it was really Siggy that started the entire problem about Rosie and Kathy. After Teresa said she was done, she should have kept her mouth shut. But NO! She says “I am going to go against the grain and say Rosie is one of the most unbelievable people I have ever met in my lifetime.” Then she starts in how Rosie is so hurt. That was really the first volley in the Walkili conversation. She should have stayed out of it once Teresa had lunch with her and Jaqueline.… Read more »
I agree with both you & Stacy! Excellent, observations and exactly what I have been thinking! I am a Board Certified Psychiatrist, with a thriving 30 year old Private Practice. I have also been a Psychology Professor.. I think both of you, are Spot On with your insightful assessments of the dysfunctional NJ dichotomy. Like both of you, I sincerely, doubt that Siggy has a degree, of any kind in Psychology.. ( I will have my intern look her up, out of curiosity. HUM, Reality TV would be an excellent topic for her Thesis!) Dr. Drew, wrote a rather cohesive… Read more »

I like the 2 new ladies so far. I enjoy hearing about the Jewish traditions. Couldn’t stand the twins and that Marcrazy Jim. Glad they are gone.

Siggy was a pretty good mediator between the Teresa and Jacqueline last episode. She was able to cut straight through the nonsense and get them to the point of clarity. I liked watching that; it was a refreshing change from all the passive aggressiveness & blame shifting that usually takes up the bulk of their conversations together.

I love the new girls, Siggy & Dolores. They are fun and lighthearted. They are genuinely nice people. Its a welcome change from the drama on some of these franchises. I hope they stay on. I hope Siggy can help Jac & Tre.

I like Siggy’s parents & hope they will be on more.