Exclusive: Why Shannon And David Beador Are Selling Their Home


Earlier this week, it was revealed that Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador listed her home for sale for $13,498,000 million. With Heather and Terry Dubrow building their dream home in the same community, the reason the Beadors were selling their home was unclear, and divorce rumors even started circulating.

But an insider is telling us EXCLUSIVELY, “Shannon and David listed their home for sale because they had to downsize.”

Our source continues, “They are not getting divorced, in fact they have already purchased land where they plan to build a new, more practical home.”

“Shannon’s rift with Heather Dubrow that is playing out on this season of RHOC has nothing to do with the Beador’s decision to move,” the source adds.

The Beador home is 13,306 square feet and features 7 bedrooms, 8 full and 5 half bathrooms, multiple kitchens, a craft room, and a secret tea room. Plus a personal basketball court.

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19 Replies to “Exclusive: Why Shannon And David Beador Are Selling Their Home”

  1. i think on different circumstances heather and shannon would be good friends they are both very real and not trashy . i hate when people attack others marriages geez !

    1. Oh yes if I was building and multi million dollar house it would be no where near Terry and Heather!! Omg it would be a curse….!!!

  2. I have friends in the OC in the magazine business. I have heard all kinds of rumors. Including an old rumor that David was in serious financial & legal trouble. I hope not. I doubt it since they are building another home. Hope all is well. I enjoy Shannon’s contribution to the OC cast. ( I am not liking Lizzie! Mark my words that girl Is crazy & she is going to cause a great deal of Trouble!)

    1. I really wish the best for Shannon, I think she is so sweet, I’m hoping they are not having marital problems. I think that Lizzie is obnoxious, needs to GO.

  3. Whatever……all this is speculation right now – I’m not thinking it’s about her marriage, it’s got to be for other reasons….. because if you marriage is in trouble why on earth would you build another home……I’m not liking Heather this season and I’m not liking that Lizzy chick at all – it’s something about her all together that I just don’t like. Her feature are something that have to grow on you because in my book she is NOT attractive. Don’t know how she ever won a pageant. I guess all the judges were blind.

    1. Lizzie is beautiful in a different way than all the OC blonds and I find her interesting and honest. No one is liking Heather this season because the producers/Bravo have made her the bad guy for this season. Too bad because while I do think she can be condescending she’s w/o a doubt the smartest best spoken housewife. Did anyone catch the phony act Shannon put on on WWHL tonight? Butter wouldn’t melt in her controlling mouth!

  4. I feel that Shannon has many conflicts in her life and she is blaming Heather and Tamara for her troubles. She picked on her husband and then states that she will do anything to save her marriage. Doesn’t make sense. Her actions need to speak louder than her words.

  5. If their net worth is collectively $40 million, and I know this is going to sound absurd, but they’re probably a bit stretched in that house. Between the taxes, landscaping and help it takes to keep a home of that stature up and running, it can run up to $250,000+ a year. Assuming some of their $20 million each is tied up in the home, the remaining funds if invested well, should yield about 6% per year on average. So assuming they each earn about $360K in returns, after the housing costs, they’re left with about $450K to live on. Again, I know it sounds absurd, but with 3 kids in private schools, vacations, clothing, cars, etc., they’re watching a lot of money go out the window to “care take” that house. I’m hoping too, they have trusts set up for their kids for college and beyond. By the way, I’m a tax attorney, I see people who should have plenty of money to last their lives and their children’s lives, blow through it very quickly when they over build or over buy. Very foolish. Unless you have over $100 million in the bank, you really can’t afford a home like that.

  6. omg!! could someone get Tamara away!! so tired of her getting worse and worse with her bitterness!! move on….maybe be a mother or something…..work out at cut fitness and make sure you feed our husband!!! OMG – he is so tired of your nonsense – he just stands back! doesn’t that tell you something Tamara???? Heather you and Terry need to manage a ‘Nunnery’ (if there is such a place today) you two are just too much. Terry gets mad at David for the riding the bull comment – but said nothing to Eddie about ‘ride that bull like you ride Terry’ – now whats up with that Terry??? coward! You are so true to point out everyone else’s ‘not as good as you’ yet when a grown man apologizes to you – you act like an ass??? where is your manners now? As far a Lizzie – jury is still out on you??? Not sure you are true…..and if you did say the ‘F’ word about someone else’s husband – shame on you…..drunk or not drunk!!! Vickie you go – got rid of everyone else approval but (brianna’s) so you go girl!!! As far a Shannon and David – they got into a world they never has lived before – but in the end it helped them!!!! you go!!!

  7. It doesn’t make sense to me why you would spend so much time and effort and money building a house like that and only live in it for five years. I simply think they can afford it anymore so they have to downsize

  8. I do not terry and heather, money snobs, I definitely don’t believe Vickie knew of her exes fake cancer lies, I don’t like Shannon much she of all people should forgive, especially if she could forgive a cheating husbandTamra is not a true Christian, and I honestly she cheated on tightening her butt( butt lift??) I really like Kelly but is easily pushed to her anger , but basically I really like her

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