Exclusive! Shannon Beador On The Rest Of RHOC Season 11: “It’s a Shocker!”


I had the pleasure of interviewing Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador. Shannon spoke about this season of the show and cleared up some misconceptions about what has happened thus far. Check out what she had to say below.

Congratulations on your vow renewal! How did it feel for David to surprise you like that?
Shannon Beador:
“If you would have said to me April 1st, when I found out that my husband was having an affair, that one week shy of that that he’s going to be surprising you and you’re going to renew your vows, I would have said, ‘You’re crazy!’ To be clear, it was 100% his idea. There was no prompting or anyone else… it was all him. The fact that he did it all makes it all the more meaningful.”

How are you and David doing today?
“We’re doing great! We are doing very well.”

Have you moved into a new house?
“We have. I think you’ll see that next week? We’re renting a house. Jeff Lewis helped me furnish it, because I really had no furniture that worked. The kids are really much happier, the only thing, they miss is the basketball court. But other than that, they are happier in this house. It’s a better location, it’s a good fit.”

Do you plan to stay here for awhile?
“We signed a year lease and it’s interesting because the property is for sale for $24.7 million and it’s basically a tear down, because it’s over an acre and it’s above the bay so there are amazing views. If they would have us for a year and a half or two years we would be happy.”

Isn’t Kelly Dodd your new neighbor?
“She’s really close, yes.”

Did you ever click with Kelly Dodd?
“The first night I met her at the boat party, I was a little bit taken aback by her comments, and she said other ones that you didn’t see air. But I was kind to her and I had a nice conversation with both she and her husband. I don’t like to judge people the first time I meet them, but she sure had some judgements about me, calling me, ‘Negative Nelly,’ and I don’t understand it. Unless she was prompted by someone else to say that, I don’t know?”

Do you feel like Kelly watched the show before joining the cast?
“Absolutely. She’s denying that she did. She studied everybody, trust me on that. She was on Watch What Happens Live with Jenni Pulos and she was answering all the questions correctly about all the other shows and our show. They had a game called “Shananigans,’ and they were questions about me. She knew David’s company name, she knew everything! Jenni and I are really close, but she beat Jenni in the Shannon game. I feel like she studied all of us and said, ‘I’m going to argue with Shannon, and I’m going to be Vicki’s friend.'”

Are you still not in a good place with her today?
“No, I’m not in a good place with her and it’s all of her doing. I was fine with moving forward with her. She’s really got a vicious mouth on her and her words cut like a knife. We were all shaken up at the sushi place and Heather was crying… those were true tears.”

Do you feel like you’ve been overly criticized for not being friends with Vicki Gunvalson this year?
“Absolutely, because you know what? Just because you forgive someone does not mean you have to be their best friend. I was involved in what I believe to be a pre-meditated lie that spanned over a substantial period of time and I don’t want to associate with people that do that. It’s as simple as that. I can be in a room with her, I can have a drink with her, I can have a conversation with her, but I’m never going to be her friend… ever. As the season progresses, people are going to say, ‘How could you ever say another word to her again?’ It’s a shocker.”

Was it the cancer scandal that was unforgettable to you?
“Yes. It’s forgivable, but it’s not forgettable. To me, it’s unconscionable. I think she found out very early on that Brooks wasn’t sick. But she did lie to me a month and a half before filming with the same IV story that she claims the she fabricated. So she fabricated a story a month and a half before filming for my compassion when she didn’t need my compassion. She always had my compassion. She did it for a reason and it was to prepare me to defend her when filming started and it’s as simple as that.”

What are your thoughts before filming the reunion?
“It’s interesting. It was Tamra’s birthday recently and Heather hosted a luncheon for her and we posted a picture with serious faces and I think Heather said, ‘We’re ready for the reunion,’ we were just joking around. Kelly has made some references on social media like, ‘Bring it, Shannon!’ like she thinks I’m trying to scour up dirt over her and it’s just not my personality, but if you don’t think people have come to me with stuff! [laughs] It’s very regularly if not daily will I have someone that knows someone that knows someone, it’s crazy. So she keeps saying, ‘Bring it, Shannon,’ like she’s got some damning evidence. Bottom line is I’ve done nothing but be authentic, I’ve aired parts of my life that most people wouldn’t air, and I’ve been truthful. If I had lied, you wouldn’t hear all the embarrassing stuff you’ve heard about me on the show so far. If she [Kelly] thinks she has something, then she should bring it to the reunion, because I’m dying to see what it is. I have no skeletons. So I say back to you, Kelly, ‘Bring it!'”

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  1. Shannon, I think you got bat s.h.i.t crazy again when David’s mom said that you pushed him into the affair because the truth partly rings true. No one is 100% at fault and while I don’t condone David’s or his mother’s behavior, I can’t help remember how awful you were to David by belittling him every chance you got. He said, ” All I want is to be happy and he clearly was happy with the other woman.” You need to take some responsibility for your role, them those comments won’t sting so bad.

  2. Excellent interview!! Vicki and Kelly are sewer rat gutter trash , no offense to sewer rats!!!! Shannon is 100% correct, what Vicki did can NOT NOT NOT be forgotten.

    1. Oh Rain, what an intuitive lady you are. Vicki and Kelly ARE sewer rat gutter trash. I think Kelly Dodd did watch the show and knew exactly where she was going to interject her poison. From the lunch at Meghan’s house where she first accused Shannon of being “cold” to Vicki, it was pretty much an indication that she was going to be a trouble-maker. And, she certainly didn’t disappoint. As for Vicki, what else can they make her a victim of and what else can she possibly bring to the party?? They still haven’t introduced her new boyfriend who has a very questionable past. I think the woman attracts gutter trash because she looks like she is soooo vulnerable. I think she can’t see the true person because she is so intent on filling up her “love tank”. She, like The Countess on RHONY, is nothing but a sex-crazed, sex-starved silly woman. Once these guys have seen that side of her, they are attracted (yeah, right) to her because of her vulnerability and because of her money. I mean, guys will be guys and if they think someone is “easy”, they are going to pursue that person and take whatever the woman is willing to give. In Vicki’s case, I think she will give anything they want just to satisfy her own needs. I still am not sure how she runs a multi-million dollar business when she thinks with her va jayjay, but that is just me, I guess!!!

      1. You know texussgal, I’m not even sure Vicki is that rich. I feel any day now she will join the Bravo celebs who are in trouble with the IRS…. and ewwww that ‘love tank’ . Kelly is so thirsty, she should be the spokesperson for Aquafina. Kelly needs to join RHOA so porscha and Kenya beat he crap out of her! Oh my, did I just say that? 🙂

      2. Hasn’t one single person ever considered that Vicky is NOT lying? She did admit to some small lies she said but I seriously doubt that Vicky would lie for a man if he didn’t have cancer? She does have friends and relatives that have passed away because of cancer and she does have friends/relatives that are currently suffering from cancer. After watching Vicky for 10 years I feel that I have a good sense of who Vicky is and who she is not. I will tell you that I 100% believe that Vicky did not nor does she to this day know for sure whether or not Brooks has cancer. How many women have been fooled by boyfriends or husbands who have lied to them? I can safely guess that there are millions of women who have been fooled by men that they trusted and loved and there are millions of women who right now in the hands of men that are lying to them. It’s very frustrating to watch and feel with you intuition that a person is telling the truth beyond a shadow of doubt. I sense that Vicky is telling the absolute truth that she doesn’t to this day know for sure whether or not Brooks is telling the truth. Let me add that my intuition has NEVER been wrong no matter who or what is involved. Why are so many people convinced that Vicky is lying? Why? Because people loved to think the worst about others and enjoy spitting out hatred to that person. As you sit there hiding behind your computer screens it appears that people like to take out their frustrations and hatred toward strangers without even a shred of absolute facts. Go ahead and keep hating that stranger to you that you don’t know anything except what you read truth or not because after all all those thousands of gossip magazines and other strangers on the internet because they are depending on spreading vicious lies about people and families that you don’t really know a shred of truth about them except what you do read by all those gossip mongers that make money off spreading lies and vicious rumors about someone they don’t even know themselves except that they are making big bucks spreading those lies and rumors. They aren’t personally involved so why not make up stories and lies for those big bucks they make through advertising. If we could all just stop the negativity the world would be a much better place to live.

        1. I love your post Anonymous Two, well said! It’s mind boggling to see how many posters on this website think they know beyond a shadow of a doubt what happened… they have no clue, not really. I don’t even really know, but what I do know is that is that she said she didn’t know, Brooks said she didn’t know and her daughter Brianna also said she didn’t know. I think Vicky is guilty of being in love and trusting a man 100%, we’ve all been there at one point or another in some form of this. And the negativity on this website is mind blowing. I got pelted on here the other day for posting that Megan & Shannon were wrong for not going to the hospital and they should truly forgive already and move on. It’s sad how many negative, hateful and ugly comments that I got on just one post. Sheesh.

            1. That’s Hilarious just what I said I would do if I ever tried posting with more than one name! I am going to put the next sentence in capitals maybe it will sink in with some posters.

              1. You are woefully incorrect. Vicki admitted to lying about somethings which are immaterial in the scheme of things. The lies do NOT mean she knew Brooks did not have cancer and chose to lie about it.

                  1. Yes u are. Ur blanket statements are not factual. But I am not going to argue with you b/c I could care less whether you think Vicki lied or not. Posters like you are good for a giggle tho

                    1. You can reply but you won’t argue???? I am right,, I know a lot more about Non Hodgkins Lymphoma that I would care to. Vicki said she made a folder? Then all the lies about the Dubrows? So I’m not making blanket statements. I’m glad you had a laugh, I always like making people happy!

            2. Lol, what I thought was interesting is that as a viewer of Vicki for 10 years on tv, this person has an intuition that tells them she is not lying. Yet, telling other viewers that have watched Vicki for 10 years, and feel differently, they don’t know Vicki and that she is a stranger that is being hated on…hmmmmmmmmm? I wouldn’t pelt anyone for their views, but when someone writes negative comments about other commenters and calling THEM negative and hateful, for writing negative comments about someone on a reality show….it’s a bit perplexing 😀

                    1. They are lovely, little monsters at times but mostly just great. Thank you for asking! Today they are with their “bff’s” at the babysitters. I’ve got work to do and as you can see I’m jumping right into it. LOL! I have to go in a minute, but just wanted to stop by and say HI to everyone!

                    1. When you said island I knew it had to be Galveston :).. Either that or all the way down to S. Padre. Have a lovely day!

                1. Lol, I still get amused when someone comes on here and writes fairly cutting negative remarks towards other commenters for writing cutting remarks towards a wife. it’s only in algebra that two negatives make a positive, in communication, it stunts your point. Your post was funny 😀

              1. Janelle ❤️❤️❤️❤️ How are you sweet lady ?? I’m hanging in there (I think) and enjoying the cool weather we are having. The weekend was awfully hot and it’s going to heat up again tomorrow xoxo

                1. Glad you’re still hangin! At least you have cool weather most of the time. When it’s hot here it STAYS hot until October 🙁 …Enjoy your lovely cool weather – I so envy you 🙂 And now I gotta fly. Too much to do and never enough time to do it…No complaints though!

            3. Oh pulease… I dont have a need or desire to do things like that. I have more important things to do in my life, just thought I’d comment on a post I liked. And then here comes in all the mean girls or boys, who knows. I think you are all nothing but bullies. You dont like a post… you pop in and say negative mean things. You all need to examine your life, sad.

              1. Please get a grip n your life! ‘Mean’ ‘bullies’ how old are you, still at school it sounds like it. You started being rude to other posters so suck it up!

              2. Elolo……..I’m relatively new to this board. There are a lot of opinions and some think alike and some do not. But as long as you do not attack the posters for their opinions, you will be heard and respected for your thoughts. Word to the wise, calmly and respectfully disagree with a poster and do not resort to name calling.

                1. Like 99.9% of newbies you slotted in and seem to have been commenting for ages. All are welcome unless they criticise others opinions. Xoxoxoxox
                  Enjoy your trip to London, I will be down south myself next Friday in Surrey with my kids, just for a couple of days.

              3. Hey, Eboli, we have heard this ALL before, the examine your life bullshit. I guess you think you are surprising everyone with your deep psychological thoughts?
                “examine YOUR life, asswipe” Yes we all know how important you must be now that your words of wisdom have enlightened us all, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, PFfffffffffffffft.

        2. She admitted lying so yes, she lies. There are no “small” lies. it’s like being “sort of” pregnant. You either tell the truth, or you lie. And when it comes to ANYTHING involving cancer, there is no gray area. It’s black or white. You lie or you tell the truth. You stay with a man you KNOW is lying about cancer and you are aiding and abetting him.

          All you Vicki lovers can say whatever you want to try to boost her credibility but the bottom line is and always will be and she will go to her grave with this is that:

          She stayed, housed, fed, paid for and supported a swamp-dwelling, toothless, Hallmark Card loving snake who lied about having cancer. Twice. The first time he told Brianna he had pancreatic cancer, then he backed that up and said it was pancreatitis. So the writing was already on the wall with him using cancer as a “feel sorry for me” way to worm his way into people’s bank accounts. Then the lie we all watched for a season and which Vicki was a part of.

          Saying Vicki didn’t lie is as ludicrous as saying Hillary didn’t delete emails. We all know the truth but there are still those who refuse to see through the fog.

          1. Thank You for speaking the truth GiGiCat,Suze and Everyone else.
            I feel sorry for people who think Vicki is so sweet and kind she could never tell a lie Blahahahahaha
            I have MS and brain fog but Hell even I see vicki for what she is and hear what she has said she outed herself and her friends called her out .

          2. Hillary not only lied , there is demonstrable endless proof. Sorry but you don’t have the same with Vicki nor would I put her in same category as the Hill

        3. I was with you anon 2 until you started in deciding how others feel, and why they feel that way. Maybe your intuition is right, maybe not, but you aren’t the word of god either. Here you come judging strangers, just as you accuse others of doing, and hiding behind a screen……

        4. ITA A-Two and have said the same thing. Not one person here or on the show (and yes that includes Shannon and shit-stirrer Tamra, and self-appointed moral authority Heather, and “I am Meghan with no storyline so I will cause probs for Vicki in her relationship since I don’t like her and I ‘m jealous that at least her BF is around while my husband can’t even be home to get me preggers, but the miracle of modern science eliminated my need for him anyway”) have any factual verifiable proof Vicki or Brooks are lying about cancer at the end of the day. Just b/c one of Jim’s ex’s had cancer and took a course of action she felt was best for her Meghan, does not mean it is right for everyone. It is a personal choice of and a # of peeps go the ‘natural way.’ Suzanne Sommers comes to mind on that score. If u were right Meghan, where is ur attack on SHannon for all her quacky bs medicinal treatments?? None of it has improved her life, as a matter of fact she looks the worse for wear. Dubrow even said her ‘cupping’ was bs.
          Shannon I know ur halo must be pinching but ur ‘authentic’ show was not completely authentic. Bravo chose to edit some parts and YOU chose to withhold info which is totally fine. But you & heather need to knock off the holier than thou bs as no one buys it.
          Vicki did not lie to Shannon or all the others. She just did not perform the part they had chosen for her. Just like I would have dumped Jim eons ago yet Meghan makes excuses for why he is never around. Shall we all call Meghan a liar b/c she did not do as I would have done? I think not. But in SHannon’s world, if she applied her rules uniformly, she would have accused Meghan of lying and ended the friendship after having “forgiven her”, of course. Tamra lied and used something so personal to you (at the worse time of your life) as idle gossip with Heather. The normal person would have cut the ties with that broad immediately as she’s no friend to anyone. But she is SHannon’s BFF go figure. If that is the best you got honey, I feel sorry for u.
          AS far as Kelly & Shannon go, IMO- Shannon got what she asked for. She antagonized Kelly at the wrong time. NONE of the women have clean hands when it comes to trashy mouths. Heather’s actions were just playing the role of drama queen and not very good acting I might add.
          I find the let’s pick on Kelly and Vicki game are way out of line for the reasons the others have stated and I hope those 2 are on their A game at the reunion. Some of them need to be taken down a peg or two and that includes bat shit crazy Shannon. Her MIL doesn’t like her for a reason, whether Shannon wants to admit it or not. And it has NOTHING to do with marrying David when he used to play with his mother 15 years b4. Pleeze.

        5. Well said…All of the OC ladies have lied or were lied to and have made bad decisions….no one is perfect…this season only Meghan owned up to any bad decisions without a agenda and while she does not consider Vicki a “friend” she was still cordial….I also like the way she stood up for Kelly…

      3. She hadn’t met this one yet until after taping was over. Poor guy. I predict he won’t be around long enough for the next taping to start either … if he’s smart. Yeah he was charged with battery and the guy before that – fake cowboy (I know the bar he owns and have been there once (once was enough) and it’s so fake and preppy it’s sickening) was arrested for beating his ex wife and throwing her or a girlfriend into a bonfire causing 3rd degree burns

      4. Hey, texuss. I don’t watch this anymore, after all the seasons. I am only a fan of Tamra, so no use watching after last year’s sickening season. Anyway, I think anyone like Carlton, Kelly B or anyone else who said they didn’t watch before coming on the show is a liar. BS like “I wanted to just be myself” Yeah, Right!! 🙂

    2. Rain I agree, great interview Nikki! I also think Shannon is 100% correct in not being friends with Liarface Vicki! I wouldn’t be friends with scum like her or Kelly either.

        1. Hello, Hippy soul sister. How goes it over in beautiful SF Bay? How is the job treating you. Gosh, as I wrote that, I was taken with a thought that it might not be you that has the new part time job, that’s how much that stupid broken neck stuff messed with my memory. Well, you know whether I am off or not, the thoughts are real and right, whether the memory is or not…❤️

  3. I respect Shannon for not wanting to be Vick’s friend…last night when Vick was being so careful with her neck and then turning it 2 seconds later totally proved she is so fake. I can’t believe ANYTHING Vick says – Kelly can have her…can’t stand either of them…!

    1. I noticed that too Jacks. Once again V turns any occasion into me me me! She and her family were celebrating Briana’s birthday but as Briana pointed out V was all about herself.

  4. Shannon needs to take a step back and realize that if a spouse had an affair it’s about the couple and yes she is part of the problem. I also think Shannon seems to have a problem with everyone in her life so maybe the problem is Shannon?

    1. I can’t believe that you honestly think the wife is always just as much to blame for the man having an affair. That is a really sad way to think unless you are a man? My first husband had an affair nothing was wrong between us he just couldn’t keep it in his pants! I certainly don’t take half the blame. I think Shannon is amazing to have forgiven him.

      1. Thank you Suze. You are right on the mark with your comments. My husband and I got along fine, no money problems and nothing that I could detect might be wrong. He couldn’t keep his pants on either. Except, I should say, he did with me. Then, he turned around and told me maybe I should go out and sit at bars to see if I could “get lucky”. I was gobsmacked when he told me that. Perhaps it would have eased his conscience, but was totally distasteful to me. My only indicator that he was sleeping around was, I got a totally new infection every month after my daughter was born. Not even considering that he might be cheating, I went ahead with my doctor’s suggestion of a hysterectomy at the ripe old age of 27. Could have gotten over that, had the infections stopped, but they didn’t. Rather than come clean, my bastard of a husband let me go through with that surgery and the side effects of that without any kind of remorse whatsoever. Oh, and he wouldn’t take the medication my dr. was giving us for the infections because he wouldn’t have been able to drink……oh heaven forbid. So, long story short, men do cheat for no reason that we wives would associate with a problematic marriage. WE aren’t always the cause……..just saying!!!

          1. Oh sheeit Gigicat I just caught this lol

            Texasgal you’re right. Some men are just born that way. I’m guessing you’re a very incredibly devoted type of woman. Don’t let his inhumanity take that away from you not ever. That would be you winning in every way understand?

            Note: I’m shortening my name tag so I’ll go by this until a few days

    2. If a partner wants more fun in their marriage, make fun. If a partner wants more sex in a marriage, be sexy. If a partner wants to be heard more, listen more. If a spouse wants to go more places, make plans and invite your spouse. If a spouse wants more time alone, speak to your spouse. I always think of times in history when men ( sometimes the woman ) were gone from home for YEARS, and their families were waiting when they retuned. I am remembering being very, very ill, after being injured, and having severe problems in my marriage, and we remembered “in sickness and in health.” When our Daughter died, we walked toward one another, all of us. It changes the entire family, every relationship is changed, mine with my husband, his with me, with each child, theirs with each other, theirs with me and their Dad, mine with everyone I knew and theirs with everyone they knew. It required years of rebuilding. With no husband that would have likely killed me. As it was it took years for me to get up off of my knees and look at the world again. Marriage is not lived in a vacuum, but we take VOWS , VOWS. He BROKE HIS.

      1. Some women suffer in silence from disease/illness/accidental injury/ Pregnancy and post pregnancy sometimes can barely crawl outta bed and then have to work ,care for children make a meal or several ,plus take care of a household so Easier said than done but it is a great idea for couples with no kids ….

  5. First off, i want to say how much I LOVE this new font. It’s so much easier to read. Now, Shannon owes Vicki nothing (I’ve ranted on this enough) and Kelly needs to go to rehab. Other than that, Shannon seems to be the only normal-ish one.

  6. I also forgot to add that Shannon now lives about 3 minutes from me. She’s up the hill, to the left. I wouldn’t mind running into her at Bristol Farms.

      1. Suze, I wonder if she did the interview with Nikki after reading our comments here 🙂 Shannon WE LOVE YOU ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

        1. She should be pleased with a lot of comments here. There are more for her than against. She is real and that’s unusual for a HW. Xoxoxox

          1. Yes ditto to Rain, she does get a lot of support here and a few who don’t like her but post in several names! So childish!

    1. Oh Gigicat, how lucky are you???!!!?? Maybe you will run in to Kelly too, as she is supposed to be Shannon’s new neighbor. I find this hilarious. You be sure to let us know if you run into either Shannon or Kelly.

  7. I think David should asked his mom to leave. As soon as he was told about what she was saying. Shannon is his wife she comes first plus that would have shone he was a man

  8. Why do we still have the “Notify me of follow-up comments by email” since I have not received an e mail in almost 2 weeks? Just asking:)

      1. Hi, Starr of the skye. I think the trouble N***y was having with the blog for the last weeks is causing the problem. Apparently she is working as hard as she can to get the glitches out. I emailed her and that is the message I got from someone else who had gotten a return answer. She might need another reminder in case she thinks it is working, just in case. I don’t have notification set up so I wouldn’t be the person to look out for it. I wish I did at times, when I miss important things, but there is a really good reason why I don’t.
        How are you? I hope you are doing the best there is, and that your legs are carrying you well. Take good care my friend, Love, 3D’s.

  9. For crying out loud! Will Shannon ever take any responsibility? No, of course not! She’s got the darkest soul in HW franchise hx. Get over it. She’s calculating & no wonder David’s family can’t stand her, she was born EVIL! No compassion & a lunatic. Crazy eyes even includes the kids & brow beats her husband. She wants to play the victim well bullsh_t. She is a con artist. Doesn’t want strangers packing her sh_t & will let her friends. She’s a cheap skate! She’s lazy & has a sense of grandiosity! How Jeff can stomach her is beyond me. She’s a fool & a fraud. She’s emotionally bankrupt. I’m out. Peace!

        1. Maybe we should start posting using lots of names? Trouble is I would get mixed up and probably answer myself! Xoxoxox

            1. About two years ago I used to post regularly on another blog. They had a lot of problems and it turned out one person had fifty names! Can you imagine that! I was chatting one day to a really nice person and someone insulted her but then used another name and we caught them out it was hilarious, made our night! I couldn’t do it I would guarantee I would mess it up. Maybe one day I will try it but then I will admit to it as well!

          1. Susie♥️ As you know I told you about changing my name you gave me to keep it briefer, so Miss M it is. ☂❌⭕️♥️⭕️❌

  10. I’m so over these trashy women of the OC. Especially with the return of Vicki and addition of Kelly, no thank you! I will find something else that numbs my mind and let’s me forget those low-class women.

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