Exclusive! Shannon Beador On The Rest Of RHOC Season 11: “It’s a Shocker!”


I had the pleasure of interviewing Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador. Shannon spoke about this season of the show and cleared up some misconceptions about what has happened thus far. Check out what she had to say below.

Congratulations on your vow renewal! How did it feel for David to surprise you like that?
Shannon Beador:
“If you would have said to me April 1st, when I found out that my husband was having an affair, that one week shy of that that he’s going to be surprising you and you’re going to renew your vows, I would have said, ‘You’re crazy!’ To be clear, it was 100% his idea. There was no prompting or anyone else… it was all him. The fact that he did it all makes it all the more meaningful.”

How are you and David doing today?
“We’re doing great! We are doing very well.”

Have you moved into a new house?
“We have. I think you’ll see that next week? We’re renting a house. Jeff Lewis helped me furnish it, because I really had no furniture that worked. The kids are really much happier, the only thing, they miss is the basketball court. But other than that, they are happier in this house. It’s a better location, it’s a good fit.”

Do you plan to stay here for awhile?
“We signed a year lease and it’s interesting because the property is for sale for $24.7 million and it’s basically a tear down, because it’s over an acre and it’s above the bay so there are amazing views. If they would have us for a year and a half or two years we would be happy.”

Isn’t Kelly Dodd your new neighbor?
“She’s really close, yes.”

Did you ever click with Kelly Dodd?
“The first night I met her at the boat party, I was a little bit taken aback by her comments, and she said other ones that you didn’t see air. But I was kind to her and I had a nice conversation with both she and her husband. I don’t like to judge people the first time I meet them, but she sure had some judgements about me, calling me, ‘Negative Nelly,’ and I don’t understand it. Unless she was prompted by someone else to say that, I don’t know?”

Do you feel like Kelly watched the show before joining the cast?
“Absolutely. She’s denying that she did. She studied everybody, trust me on that. She was on Watch What Happens Live with Jenni Pulos and she was answering all the questions correctly about all the other shows and our show. They had a game called “Shananigans,’ and they were questions about me. She knew David’s company name, she knew everything! Jenni and I are really close, but she beat Jenni in the Shannon game. I feel like she studied all of us and said, ‘I’m going to argue with Shannon, and I’m going to be Vicki’s friend.'”

Are you still not in a good place with her today?
“No, I’m not in a good place with her and it’s all of her doing. I was fine with moving forward with her. She’s really got a vicious mouth on her and her words cut like a knife. We were all shaken up at the sushi place and Heather was crying… those were true tears.”

Do you feel like you’ve been overly criticized for not being friends with Vicki Gunvalson this year?
“Absolutely, because you know what? Just because you forgive someone does not mean you have to be their best friend. I was involved in what I believe to be a pre-meditated lie that spanned over a substantial period of time and I don’t want to associate with people that do that. It’s as simple as that. I can be in a room with her, I can have a drink with her, I can have a conversation with her, but I’m never going to be her friend… ever. As the season progresses, people are going to say, ‘How could you ever say another word to her again?’ It’s a shocker.”

Was it the cancer scandal that was unforgettable to you?
“Yes. It’s forgivable, but it’s not forgettable. To me, it’s unconscionable. I think she found out very early on that Brooks wasn’t sick. But she did lie to me a month and a half before filming with the same IV story that she claims the she fabricated. So she fabricated a story a month and a half before filming for my compassion when she didn’t need my compassion. She always had my compassion. She did it for a reason and it was to prepare me to defend her when filming started and it’s as simple as that.”

What are your thoughts before filming the reunion?
“It’s interesting. It was Tamra’s birthday recently and Heather hosted a luncheon for her and we posted a picture with serious faces and I think Heather said, ‘We’re ready for the reunion,’ we were just joking around. Kelly has made some references on social media like, ‘Bring it, Shannon!’ like she thinks I’m trying to scour up dirt over her and it’s just not my personality, but if you don’t think people have come to me with stuff! [laughs] It’s very regularly if not daily will I have someone that knows someone that knows someone, it’s crazy. So she keeps saying, ‘Bring it, Shannon,’ like she’s got some damning evidence. Bottom line is I’ve done nothing but be authentic, I’ve aired parts of my life that most people wouldn’t air, and I’ve been truthful. If I had lied, you wouldn’t hear all the embarrassing stuff you’ve heard about me on the show so far. If she [Kelly] thinks she has something, then she should bring it to the reunion, because I’m dying to see what it is. I have no skeletons. So I say back to you, Kelly, ‘Bring it!'”

Photo Credit: Bravo