Exclusive: Why This Season of RHONJ Has Less Episodes Than Others

Many viewers have noticed that this season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is going by really fast. Well, let me tell you, this season only has thirteen episodes. That’s right, a network insider is exclusively revealing to us why this season is such a short one.

“Production ran out of budget,” our source shares. “They are wanting to start filming next season in March, so they can film the women during a different time of year.”

But that’s not the only reason this year is a short season: “The women also took two cast trips this season,” our insider explains. “That is why they ran out of their budget so quickly. But season nine will begin in March.”

UPDATE: A second insider tells us that the season is short “because there is too much footage that they cannot use due to legal issues.”

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23 Replies to “Exclusive: Why This Season of RHONJ Has Less Episodes Than Others”

  1. So a trip to Boca blew the budget? They’re calling Boca a trip? LOL! Maybe like all the NJ Housewives, Production is broke too.

    1. I think, they are taking a trip to Italy?
      (My Question, is how can Tre leave the Country while on Parole? I suppose because it is Work Related.)
      However, that has to be a Pricy trip.
      I thought it might have been cut short because of Mr Gorda’s illness.

        1. You are Right it is Milan for Margaret’s Shoes or something and Melissa, learning from her..
          Something, like that.
          I am guessing Since Tre owes $$$ and Travel is part of her job, her Lawyer must have worked out a deal. She isn’t a flight risk bc her Family is in NJ.
          Also, the Bravo Crew is there, filming.

      1. Ooh, good point. She certainly engaged everyone so I’m sure it was part of the budget. Sucks to be the other HWs. 😉

  2. Stop paying such high salaries so they can just tear each other apart. This is just crap. #Bravotv needs 2 reevaluate the entire franchise! These trips R just planned 4drama! I don’t mind the drama what I don’t like is the viciousness these shows have taken! Andy is not helping! Sitting on the sidelines & egging the women on is disgusting! I’m out ladies& gents! Peace!

  3. It’s more likely bc they started filming before T’s mom died and threw all that footage out the window save for 2 flashbacks. They condensed the season to get better drama for ratings as well but it is down even more now. It’s been a faster paced season, but it has not helped ratings wise

    1. Actually, last week was the highest rating since last season’s reunion. I doubt any footage gets wasted. It’s too expensive to scrap.

      1. Not true. They filmed a bunch before Teresa’s mom died. It changed the season. There was at least a month of filming that was tossed save for a flashback or two.

        As for ratings, they are so down from the heyday I think that’s why this season had a shorter length.

        1. If you click on the links on the right side of this page, under “ratings”, you’ll see. NJ ratings are in line with all the other HW shows.

  4. They usually go on two cast trips during a season (BH, ATL, NY, OC do that almost every year), a small one at the beginning and a big one near the end…I don’t get it!!

  5. Who carse anymore. Teresa is a samo samo line repeating liar & everyone else is dull dull dull. Except for the 2 Marg’s . Givethe 2 Marges their own show & cancel RHONJ. It’s redudant & ridiculous.

  6. “Update: (from above)A second insider tells us that the season is short “because there is too much footage that they cannot use due to legal issues.”

    Ooh, I wonder what that’s all about. Need more info. I wonder if it has to do with Margaret’s products and all the lawsuits she’s involved in?

  7. I guess Bravo can’t tell the truth… this season sucks. Last season sucked. And the season before that sucked. So they’ve learned their lesson and closing the shutters early so they can get a headstart on begging Caroline and Jacqueline or anyone else with a backbone to come back. I can’t watch another season of Teresa & Minion Co. Just give her a spin off so she can leave and all of her mentally challenged fans can leave with her.

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