Exclusive: Rich Wakile Secretly Tries To Get Penny Drossos To Lie About Teresa Giudice


More behind the scenes drama when it comes to The Real Housewives of New Jersey. We previously reported that the finale episode is going to show Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis confronting Teresa Giudice after Penny met with Joe and Melissa Gorga about the cheating scandal surrounding Melissa. Now, an insider is telling us there were more people behind the scenes trying to get Penny to out Teresa.

An insider tells us EXCLUSIVELY, “The night before the brawl at POSCHE 2, Rich Wakile called Johnny “The Greek” Karagiorgis on the phone and asked to speak with his wife, Penny.” The source continues, “Rich was telling Penny how Teresa betrayed her in Miraval, that Caroline was calling her all sorts of names and that Teresa called her a stalker.”

“Rich told Penny he would have her back at the opening of POSCHE 2 if she said Teresa put Penny up to revealing details about Melissa Gorga’s affair,” the insider shares. “Rich wanted Penny to lie and say Teresa was involved in the cheating scandal when she wasn’t.”

Our source also points out, “You’ll notice Rich did stand behind Penny when she was talking to Teresa at the opening of POSCHE,” the source continues. “Penny thought Rich was going to lie and say that Penny admitted it to him that Teresa made the cheating scandal up.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo