Exclusive: Rich Wakile Secretly Tries To Get Penny Drossos To Lie About Teresa Giudice


More behind the scenes drama when it comes to The Real Housewives of New Jersey. We previously reported that the finale episode is going to show Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis confronting Teresa Giudice after Penny met with Joe and Melissa Gorga about the cheating scandal surrounding Melissa. Now, an insider is telling us there were more people behind the scenes trying to get Penny to out Teresa.

An insider tells us EXCLUSIVELY, “The night before the brawl at POSCHE 2, Rich Wakile called Johnny “The Greek” Karagiorgis on the phone and asked to speak with his wife, Penny.” The source continues, “Rich was telling Penny how Teresa betrayed her in Miraval, that Caroline was calling her all sorts of names and that Teresa called her a stalker.”

“Rich told Penny he would have her back at the opening of POSCHE 2 if she said Teresa put Penny up to revealing details about Melissa Gorga’s affair,” the insider shares. “Rich wanted Penny to lie and say Teresa was involved in the cheating scandal when she wasn’t.”

Our source also points out, “You’ll notice Rich did stand behind Penny when she was talking to Teresa at the opening of POSCHE,” the source continues. “Penny thought Rich was going to lie and say that Penny admitted it to him that Teresa made the cheating scandal up.”

Read more about what really happened behind the scenes at Faux Reality Entertainment.

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  • DebBrenn

    As it’s described here the source says Richie told Penny he would have her back if she’ll “admit” Teresa did it. How do you go from that to accusing him of telling her to LIE in both the title of this article and in the conclusion this unknown ‘insider’ came to? That’s just irresponsible.

    • Anonymous

      I agree!! Either he told her to “lie” OR he told her to “admit” Teresa put her up to it? You can’t have it both ways. Extremely irresponsible! This is the problem with bloggers who think they’re journalists. You need to tell the story accurately then give your opinion of the story if you’re a blogger. Journalist don’t give opinions however they need to represent the story factually without contradiction.

      • Katie

        Reading comprehension fail.

        Richie tried to tell Penny that Teresa had thrown her under the bus at Marivel. He was hoping this would anger Penny and to the point that she would lie and say Teresa was behind the cheating rumors. He told her he would have her back at the Posche show if she lied about Teresa being involved. Richie was hovering around Penny at the show and she wasn’t going to lie about the circumstances but he was hovering so much and he is so desperate for airtime that she thought he might lie and say that she had admitted to him on the phone that Tersesa was involved. The only time the word ‘admit’ came up in the whole story is when penny thought richie might lie and say that she admitted something which she never did.

  • Anonymous

    Shut up Penny just shut the hell up!! This woman lies as much as Teresa does!

    • really_bravo

      from what I’ve read, it’s quite the opposite. Penny seems to be the only one telling the truth about this show. Opinions of Rich being a scumbag or Teresa being a liar aside, the fact that the show is edited to continue the same stale story line is a fact. pin the tale on whatever donkey you want in the headlines. I wonder why Dina chose to leave the show before this story line began? Or why she still doesn’t speak to Caroline or Jacqueline…speaks volumes to me about the truthfulness and integrity of the show…

  • Aunt Bee

    Right you are DebBren.

  • anna

    oke, oke we get it Richie, but one thing we know is that you are sneaky and and I for one 100% believe that you can do this, true story or not. Your hate for Teresa is there on my Tv screen every sunday.

  • Jodi

    Why would he throw Caroline under the bus? This does not make sense.

  • Donna

    The insider “exclusively” sounds like one of Theresa’s friends. Wasn’t Theresa doing the same thing by standing behind Penny when confronted by Melissa a few episodes ago? Melissa couldn’t get a word out of Penny because Theresa kept interrupting and hovering over them. Sounds like Theresa is spreading gossip on other family members now. She really is low class!

    • Bobby

      Actually the truth is Melissa did get a lot to say .. she claimed she didn’t know Penny at all but when Penny reminded her Melissa got quiet and backpeddled .. Its so funny how people think these exchanges are really only 10 minutes long as they get aired. Its edited out .. obviously to make Teresa look like the villan .. as always. Bravo sucks. Teresa >>>>>>> everyone on that show

  • Aunt Bee

    I am so confused.

  • PixnTrix

    It seems to me that Kim D is the puppet master here…and a good one at that. Penny and Kim D both want the airtime and free advertisement for their businesses. Kim D seems to be the kind of person who would sell her own child to get a housewife position. She acts like Teresa’s friend but she is the one causing all the BS that Teresa is accused of IMHO. Should Teresa be her friend…no of course not. Will Teresa figure this out…I would hope so, but it doesn’t look like it. If Teresa and Joe Gorga would unite against everyone causing drama it would end. And this family needs the drama to end.

  • Aunt Bee

    I have been trying all day to comment on a story that appeared here this morning claiming Bravo set up Caroline. When I hit “comment” it tells me in so many words that it is not available . Obviously Bravo is the bad guy with all this manipulation and now that we all can see it, we are unable to comment.

    I am sick of this so called “REALITY TV”. It is disgusting what this greedy network will do.

  • LargeMarge

    If Penny appeared on the RHONJ, then she signed an iron clad contract and a release. I don’t believe anything that she says and I’m hard pressed to believe that she is able to talk about anything that transpired while filming…She is full of doo-doo and only looking for her 15 minutes of fame!

  • DebBrenn

    Anyone here see the new twist? That Penny admits this week that Teresa started it? Teresa came up to Penny originally and asked who [the alleged boyfriend Melissa cheated with] was? That Teresa asked Penny to confront her brother Joe with it? And when Penny was telling Melissa she offered to prove she was more than acquaintances with Teresa by showing her that she had her private numbers programmed into her phone?

  • Prettypinkie

    Richie an Kathy both are back Stabbers, Rich thinks he’s so funny an cool but In reality he has a very dirty mouth an puts down all women With those nasty comments he said they are the worst ones on the show .

  • Ts207

    Richie Wakile is a Sweetiewife and a creepy nasty piece of work. Perfect husband material for Cathy. They would spoil another couple.