RHONY Season 6 Cast & Filming Details!

Ramona Singer

After MUCH anticipation we finally have some news about RHONY Season 6! After putting the filming schedule on hold while producers nailed down the cast, there have been a lot of rumors that RHONY is supposed to start filming very soon!

A new report from The New York Daily News states that filming has been pushed back AGAIN for RHONY Season 6. They report that filming won’t begin until the end of February!

“They are getting the runaround from the Bravo network about the new season,” a show insider tells Confidenti@l. Bravo is always secretive about the drama leading up to filming, but it’s been said that it’s worse than ever now, and the cast feels “tortured” by their bosses.

Filming was originally supposed to start next week, and has been pushed back again. “The entire thing is in disarray,” an insider tells NYDN. “They were told one date and it didn’t happen. The last season ended in October and they were told to keep February onwards free. They’ve been waiting weeks to get story lines and plot out the season, but nobody’s called.”

“It’s likely to be the same cast, but they still haven’t been told who’s coming back and who’s not,” says the source. “They are going crazy. They call the network every day demanding answers.”

The Countess is waiting on a pending deal with QVC, and is nervous the deal with fall through if she doesn’t have a show to promote it on, NYDN reports.

Carole Radziwill, recently landed a six-figure deal to write a novel called “The Widow’s Guide to Sex & Dating,” is worried her book will “tank” if she’s not on the show to promote it, says the source. “Not many people connected with her. The truth is, Jill Zarin brought the ratings and she’s gone and no one is as good.”

What would YOU like to see happen on RHONY Season 6?

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15 Replies to “RHONY Season 6 Cast & Filming Details!”

  1. Ramona looks very old! I’d love to see Ramona OUT! RHONY definately needs new housewives. The current cast is way too boring. RHONY is at the bottom of my housewives TV agenda, no interest at all. I would really love to see an entirely brand new cast. This group just comes across as totally confused all the time. They just don’t compliment each other at all. Oh well, I say out with “all” the old after this season wraps. Bring us an entire new “younger” cast, mid twenty’s to thirtyish. This cast is too old and very boring. Since Ramona will never mature past the age of 12, she should be the first to go. She really ruins the entire show. Ramona is so over.

  2. I doubt I will watch again. Can’t stand watching the countess and her double standards and Aviva and her wacko dad. Time for new blood bravo. These are boring!!! Same shit different season.

  3. Heather who I disliked at first is the only person on the show that I enjoyed. Since Aviva is coming back, then I’m out.

  4. I really admired Heather and her work ethic. I’m sure it is she who’s schedule is so full. It’s all moot since Aviva is coming back, I won’t be watching.

  5. i dont agree with the comments that say they will not RHONY again i actually perfer RHONY this way because atleast we see more background detailed characters i love aviva i love ramona i love luann i love carole i love heather and i love sonja. but i also heard there will be possibly 2 new housewives which would be nice to shake it up a bit

  6. I love rhny. I know I’m in the minority but I live Ramona. I do not like Luann. I tolerate sonjia. I wish Jill would come back.
    Here is list I would like on the show:
    Then bring in some new blood to fill in.

  7. I want to see both Heather and Carole return. Both ladies were my favorites last year. I would think Bravo would do everything they could to get Carole back. She was certainly the break out star of Season 5. Andy Cohen loves her. I can only imagine the campaigning they’re doing to get her to come back for Season 6. She’s definitely the new Bethenny.

    As for the other ladies, I really thought LuAnn was going to be gone. I’m surprised she’s back. I cannot even imagine what kind of story she’s going to have. That pregnancy storyline was a huge flop and embarrassment. The only time I found interest in LuAnn last season was during her little affair with the guy on the island. I can see LuAnn going in that storyline direction, just to remain relevant on the show. We’ve been hearing about LuAnn’s wandering eye since Season 1. LuAnn always avoided it in conversation, but now that she knows she doesn’t have much else to hang onto, I could see her opening up about it for a reason to stay on the show.

    No surprise Ramona and Aviva are returning. Their feud is definitely going to be a big part of Season 6. Both ladies are crazy, and I’m glad Aviva refuses to put up with Ramona’s shit the way some of the ladies do. And unlike Heather, who just smiles and laughs at Ramona, Aviva gives the crazy back. Bravo gold!

    I’m kind of over Sonja. I guess she’s just there for comedic relief. I think she’s pathetic.

  8. There are more than enough shows that cater for the 20 or 30 something set Lisa, (who commented on January 20). The Real Housewives franchise is so successful precisely because it is not as ageist as you are. Why don’t you spare us your disgraceful attitude and find something else to watch. Quite frankly it is you who are so over my dear.

  9. Say it isn’t so! I don’t care for Aviva on RHONY. I don’t even find her enjoyable to watch in the “let’s see what this train wreck does this week” category that I’ve placed many other housewives. At least some of the other housewives seem to have fun whereas Aviva is condescending and cruel. I hit fast forward on my DVR during her parts. If she returns I’m not going to mention her from this point forward in any form of social media so she becomes less relevant. I hope other people will do the same.

  10. Love her or hate her without Ramona the show would be very dull. She helped breathe life into the characters of Aviva and Heather.

    LuAnn is dull and has run her course. She plays to the cameras and develops relationships based on how she thinks will make her looker better to viewers.

    Sonya, is interesting and does not play to the camera like Ramona and should stay.

    Aviva is basically a snob and should stay now that we have seen her true colors. If she tries to play to the cameras she should be cut.

    Heather is genuine and needs someone like Ramona to offset her she is too good to be true persona.

    Carolyn was a novelty and will start to wear thin next season.

  11. I really enjoyed last season. While all the ladies are fabulous, Sonja adds a playful spirit to the show that makes her unique and stand-out. She and Ramona together, the dynamic duo, really add a lot of spice to the show and keep things lively. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of mischief they get into next season.

  12. Get heather, aviva and the countess out/gone/get rid of them…. The biggest mistake Bravo did was to get rid of Jill and the fruitcake couple Alex and simon….. They made a bollox of the show bringing boring heather an up her own arse Aviva in and keeping holyer than tho luanne. RHOBH and NJ are the best NY is at the bottom

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