EXCLUSIVE! RHONJ Tried To Set-Up Confrontation At Teresa’s Gym!


In Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey we saw Teresa Giudice working out at the gym with her friend, Linda Berger, who was once rumored to be a new Housewife on the show. A RHONJ insider tells us EXCLUSIVELY that they were trying to form another set-up by having Melissa Gorga, Kathy Wakile and Jacqueline Laurita go to the gym while the cameras followed.

“Teresa works out every day at the same exact time at the same gym,” the insider reveals. “On this specific day she went earlier than she normally does, because her father was ill and in the hospital. Melissa and Kathy never go to Teresa’s gym, and why would Jacqueline show up fully clothed with no intention to work out?” the insider asks.

“Jacqueline lives almost an hour away from Teresa’s gym,” the source adds. “They tried to be at the gym at the same time Teresa always is so they could confront her in front of the cameras, but their plan failed, because Teresa had already left the gym for the day. This is why you see Linda smirking at the women, because she knows they never come to this gym and she knew exactly what their intentions were.”

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14 Replies to “EXCLUSIVE! RHONJ Tried To Set-Up Confrontation At Teresa’s Gym!”

  1. Could someone rich please hire some good producers and film a TRUE REALITY show and expose all the fake crap on Bravo. Thank you.

  2. Wow! I get the whole show is staged, but shame on Bravo. To do this when Teresa’s father was in the hospital, just terrible. Bravo cares about no one.

    1. I knew something was off on that. Because it just seem to coincidental for all of them to show up at that place and it happens to be Teresa’s workout place. They where wanting to ambush her on something and it didn’t work so they started on Linda Berger.

    2. Yeah, don’t forget Teresa too. They all lie only diff. is.. some do it better than others, at the end, it’s all lies and they all lie.

  3. How do you guys trust you’re getting the truth from someone who will only be identified as “an insider.” Replace ‘insider’ with ‘Teresa’ or one of her minions and you can probably see why the information was leaked.

    1. That’s exactly right, I’m not saying these shows aren’t staged, but I’d bet these insiders are people who work for Tre. No “insider” for Bravo would tell on their employer. Oh and by the way…it’s not “reality” it’s “Produced Reality” as Andy Coen has said in his books. Bravo admits to helping arrange meetings to liven up when things aren’t “dramatic” enough ala RHNYC season 5!

  4. Here we go again “MEL-Ass” is at it again ! REALLY MELISA can you just stay away from Teresa what is it with you ??? We all know how Jealous you are about Teresa !! You really need just to keep a walking WTF is really wrong with you ? You say this and that but yet your up Teresa’s ass all the TIME, Just get over yourself an live your life the way you should an leave Teresa alone…. God please get help !!!!

  5. I can agree with most of all your POST ON HERE !!! Can you believe these 3 Idiots shame on them MEL-Ass ,JAC-Ass, Kat,fish face !! They knew why they were there and on Teresa’s day that her FATHER was in the Hospital …. REALLY ! Again Melissa get over yourself you are NOTHING !!!!

    1. Lori-Anne, Really? You think you’re agreeing with most of the posts on here? You’re the only one that seems to think Teresa is blameless.

  6. Bravo pisses me off so bad. They had such potential with this franchise and they are completely ruining it. Viewers aren’t stupid like they think and when things are staged/fake WE CATCH ON! I used to love Andy Cohen but after reading the blogs and watching all these shows from day 1 I can’t help but put some of the blame on him. His greed for money and fame and love for SCRIPTED soap operas is going to ruin everything.

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