Exclusive: RHONJ Season 7 Shooting Promo Shoot


The cast of the Real Housewives of New Jersey have been filming season seven since last December and we can exclusively reveal that on April 14th, the women will be shooting their promotional videos for the new season.

“The stylist will approve the wardrobe for the April 14th, 2016 RHONJ Promo Photo shoot,” our source says.

That’s right, our show insider tells us that the highly anticipated new season of the show has wrapped and the ladies will film their new opening taglines and introduction shots for the show this week.

Are you excited for this season of RHONJ? Comment below.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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I don’t like Jacs dress it’s too fussy for someone with such big boobs. Makes her look bigger!

I take it over one shoulder sparkly is in??? And big hair? Looks like prom pictures from 1992

I don’t like any just dislike hers the most! She could sit a glass of wine in the top but then the glass never leaves her hand for long enough to sit anywhere! Yes I’m crabbit this morning! Xo I very rarely like any of the outfits any of the HW’s wear. Some of Yolandas dresses in the past were OK, She wore a lovely Victoria Beckham one. Mostly I think they are way over the top but then I’m a jeans or leggings woman after too many years having to wear smart clothes to the office. And I agree… Read more »

I agree.. Even their every day attire is tacky. Most of the time their outfits make no sense. They just confuse me!!


They look ridiculous, please cancel these bunch of fools, I would rather drill screw’s up my nostrils than watch these dumb asses.

Well, I don’t know if I would take it that far! You made me laugh with that one! Yet, I do not watch them and I live in NJ. The big hair reminds me of the “Guidette” look. I am Italian-American too and never had the big hair, but some still love it. I cannot stomach any of them and not because of their attire or hair, but for who they are and how they act; what an embarrassment. I cannot watch.

Well…I’m watching, for sure…but will hate myself for doing it.

That’s funny you mention the representation of the regional area. When I tell people in other parts of the country that I live in NJ, they can’t believe it as they expect Snooki or Theresa language and hair.lol. Unlike you, I have sported the boardwalk type outfits and big hair but that was in the 80’s 😀 Hate myself for saying it but I know I’ll be watching too tough.

You know you love it! This really has to be Jacs last season, she is having meltdown after meltdown on Twitter and getting in to trouble with Bravo! I could say I’m sad but being honest I’m loving every minute! I know I’m not nice! Xoxoxox

My sister watches and she still wears bigger hair. I know about the Snooki thing and the Sopranos, etc., and I live at the shore and have lived north, south and in the central part of the state. NJ always gets a bad rap. It never ends. In a recent poll NJ came out the most hated state too. These shows just perpetuate all the stereotypes.

Maybe most hated Govenor..hehe:) It’s a HUGE state with many cities, shore towns and farmlands so people only get to see the most northern region closest to NYC and the Jersey Shore cast were mostly from New York as well. I guess the rest of us are too boring to film but I’m ok with that fact.lol.


Naynay! Last time it was your eyeballs! Please leave something safe! Lol xoxoxox

Suze I’ll try not to destroy my person, but with these HW’s it can be tough, thank god my husband stole his drill back, it was a close call

Mine hasn’t got one, I have I don’t know if he knows how to use it! I know the feeling though! Xoxo

They all do the fake model thing, leaning back with the selfie sucked in cheeks and the ubiquitous fake white teeth. I’ll be watching though. Anyone hear a definitive report about Joe and his prison situation?

There seem to be two reports all I can say Tre has her visitors permit and is going this week. The last NJ thread had the two differing reports from myself and Apple.

Can’t wait!!!! So excited for the new season.

Got to wait until June!! And me too!