Exclusive: RHONJ Season 7 Epic Showdown Between Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita


It has been reported that Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita are no longer speaking after filming the upcoming season of the show and now we have more exclusive answers as to what led to their falling out.

Our insider confirmed a recent report that several of Teresa’s inmates at FCI Danbury are upset with her for writing about them in her memoir; Turning the Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and Back Again.

“Several of Giudice’s former inmates were angry with Giudice for writing about them in her book,” our source exclusively told us. “They were so upset by what had happened that they reached out to Jacqueline Laurita for help about how to get their real stories out there.”

“After the falling out between the women in Vermont, Jacqueline mentioned to Teresa on the final day of filming that several of her former inmates had reached out to her and Teresa was livid,” our insider continued. “Teresa was so upset after the confrontation that Jacqueline claims Teresa called her retarded.”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Here we go again! I don’t even thnk it’s worth commenting on these stories it’s either Bravo or production putting them out or Jac. I’m done with it.

Morning Suze, I never understood why Bravo posts stories about series that haven’t even begun yet. It just wears me out and makes me tired of the new season before it begins. Sigh…..I hope you are doing well!!!!! Love ya 🙂

Love you too xoxoxoxox❤️❤️❤️


I liked jac first season but now I see that the crazy runs deep with this one

Good morning from Scotland Daisy xo
We have a saying in Scotland that really fits Jac, She’s aff her heid! It means she is crazy! It’s not often I use them here but I thought of that straight away! She was nice at first, I think it’s to do with this court case of hers! I just wish it would come out on the show! Very weird that it has never been talked about when they all talked about Tre. I’m not justifying what Tre and Joe did and never would. Xoxo❤️❤️

What court case? I’ve lost track of the Jersey girls.

Google their name and signature apparel. I’m not putting details on as when I did before someone really had a go at me.

Well, well, well. Interesting. No wonder Jac went at Tre for not telling her the details of what the Guidices were going through. She likely wanted some pointers on legal strategies.

There’s something about all of the RHONJ that doesn’t quite pass the sniff test.

This is one thing that has always bugged me because Tre and Joe get it in shovel fulls when none of them are innocent! Xo

Yeah, I get your point with one giant caveat… Tre and Joe both sold their bull to tabloids! Then got mad when Bravo wanted to make it central to THE SHOW that is the only reason the tabloids are interested in them. Tre and Joe have themselves and only themselves to blame for the giant clusterbutt they made of their legal issues. Jac on the other hand very quickly skirts off the issue, and most importantly, does not sell stories to the tabloids so Bravo doesn’t have reason to try to make it a storyline.

Sorry, Jac sells many stories to blogs etc. Just not about herself, she does it about others and false ones. Why would a friend of hers or now former friend Real Mr Housewife who has always run her false stories now have pulled away and stated that stories he was given are false and he has proof. I’m not trying to justify anything Tre and Joe did but what’s good for one is good for the other.

I was speaking specifically about Tre and Joe’s legal issues. They sold tabloid stories about that specifically referenced their legal issues, which Bravo included in the episodes so that’s how I know. I am certain Jac hasn’t sold tab stories about her legal issues because I’m certain Bravo would have made it apart of the storyline and rightfully so. I’m not defending Jac but those who complain about a double standard conveniently forget that Tre set that standard by profiting from her legal issues with the tabloids.

Btw Suze, what happened to getting some sleep???

Chance would be a fine thing! Too much on my kind! I did try xo

Love the saying. I don’t think that anyone condones what Tre and Joe did but they have been punished and paid for their mistakes. As for crazy and Chris why is it mostly covered up and not talked about. Hope you are having a good day

Don’t think the Giudices paid for their mistake…they are being PAID for their mistakes. Paid appearances, intervies, book deal, and TV show!

Why is Jac crazy vp cause she told Teresa the inmates reached out to her? Teresa is livid–shouldn’t SHE be the crazy one!iftis story is true?

Just read her twitter, the fact she isn’t turning up for filming, she is ranting at everyone including friends, that to me makes her crazy taking Tre out of it. She has fallen out with Melissa her other friend Siggy the blog she was so close to has pulled away from her! She also is in trouble with with Bravo or Production for putting to much on Twitter but won’t stop. This isn’t normal. As for Tre and Jo, Tre spent a year away from her children now will be repaying debts for the rest of her life. Joe will… Read more »

Thanks Suze.You put it much better then I could have.I do feel that everyone is entitled to their own view point and you should not have to explain the way you feel

Exactly Daisy and that is why we are on blogs to put our own point of view! Plus maybe my world is too simplistic but if I condemn someone for something then I do the same for everyone in that situation! Xoxoxo

I agree. So now I’m off to start my day. I hope you have the best of days sweet Suze

Xoxoxoxo have fun with those dogs xoxox

ITA Suze.

Yes, very eloquent Suze. Tre can’t win. If she got a job as a waitress, ( can you imagine? ), or a checker, she would never be able to do that job. Every other person would either want a picture or want to tell her off. She is where she is. She did what she did. She can’t go back and not do it. THIS is where she is and now she has very few choices, really, about where to live, how to earn a living, truly, less choices than even me. And I am almost 62. I can just… Read more »


I agree, the Giudices should thank their lucky stars. Not only have they gotten comparatively taps on the wrists for their laundry list of crimes (many of which are partially documented on reality tv), they have had every accommodation thrown at them in serving out their staggered sentences (she goes in first, then him), but then they are profiting from the story of said crimes and punishment. I try my hardest not to judge them but they make it EXTREMELY difficult. Mind numbingly difficult.

Forgot to say I love that your from Scotland. My grandmother was from Ireland. I know not the same but neighbors

Both Gallic roots then! I’m half English from my mother and my father was from the Isle of Lewis. My husband from the west coast of Scotland but we now live in the East, not so much rain! Xoxoxo
Ireland is very wet! Only been twice and it poured with rain every day both times!

I’m English and Irish from both sides of my family but mostly Irish. I don’t know a lot about my roots though. With all the rain in Ireland maybe is why I like it when it rains. We are on the gulf coast in Texas so everyone here thinks I’m crazy for liking the rain more than the beach.

I understand, we spent six years in Dubai in the 80’s and it was years before I complained about the rain! The last two we have had a bit too much! Xo

Sorry I sent a reply but it didn’t go through for some reason. I have a friend who spent a couple of years there and she absolutely hated it

Dubai or Ireland? Sorry I’m confused, if Dubai we found if you throw yourself into the expat life and the culture you get on better than people who sat at home moaning about it! We belonged to a country club went to the rugby every weekend went to the Highland games and just had a great social life. But we were there in the 80’s and it was very different then. We knew a few from my husbands company who sat in their flat and she hated it, I went out and got a job straight away which made a… Read more »

No worries I can be confusing at times
Dubai. She was also there in the 80″s. But she stayed at home and didn’t really do anything while she was there

That’s just the same as others we met. You have to throw yourself into these situations! Don’t get me wrong I had my moments at first but was too busy to think about it. I also joined the Hash House Harriers and we ran up and down sand Dunes once a week! Then had beers and melon in the desert, that’s the only reason I went! Lol xoxoxo

Wow here we go again

I could listen to you Suze and Daisy all day…what great stories you tell..!! You should be picked up by Bravo! My life is boring as crap except I love it…but then again…I’m easily entertained…Have a wonderful day..!

Sorry if we got carried away! I’m sure your life is great with lots of stories to tell! I’m too stroppy for Bravo! I wouldn’t last five minutes! Xoxo

I’m with you there, Jacks. I am easily entertained and not easily bored. AAMOF, I don’t think I ever was bored till I broke my neck. THEN when I couldn’t lift 4 pounds, or turn my head for 6 months, I was bored. But now I am back!!!!

Amen to that Jacks. Peaceful and boring could not be better and I for one would watch Suze on Bravo. Perhaps the fall line up

Hahahaha! I would be called an old hag and told to go live with my pets! I’m older than Lisa VP! Maybe I could have a stand in, Rain is younger perhaps she would do it! Now my daughter would have you all in hysterics, she is funny!

You are not a OLD HAG
I have found you to be nothing less than a kind sweet LADY
If some people can’t understand then that’s on them. I’m truly sorry for everything that you are going through at this time. Try to have a wonderful day and enjoy you time with your daughter who no doubt is as great as you sweetie Suze

Daisy you are so sweet! Thank you friend xoxoxoxox

Mrhousewives blog has proof otherwise to this story.

You Are right Michelle it has been proved to be lies so it’s getting silly now. If anyone read the book they would know that no names were mentioned. The only things she said were nice things and also about the sex which goes on in every prison in your country and mine. UK!

OMG she is SOOOOOO Ignorant and uneducated. It makes me sick.

Her lack of education does not make me sick, it is her insistence that she is right about everything including the slaughter of languages (English AND Italian) that makes me sick. I really don’t understand how her supporters let her dumb a** off the hook for everything but will turn around a skewer someone else for the same sh** when Tre is 10x worse.

Why does Jacqueline seem have so many issues keep the peace with friends??

Because she is a fruit loop! Xo

Let’s see, C*** Lov**g F****r. I got up at 6:10. Had 2 cupp’s a joe. Did a little laundry, spoke to one of my closest friends for about 1/2 hour. Loved up my kitties for a while. Got my garden boots on. Cut out the dead growth from herbaceous Goldenrod and Yarrow. Cut some Tulips and Daffs and made a bag with damp paper and swung by my Daughter’s house to leave them on her door. Commented here. Ate BK. Loved up my kitties. Vacuumed. Did my art for a couple hours. Went out to water my 1/3 acre stunningly… Read more »

SOOOOOOOOOOOO, what? Sadddddddddddddddddddddddd. Gosh, where the hell did you learn to print?