Exclusive: RHONJ Season 6 Secrets Revealed

RHONJ Season 6 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey will premiere July 13th on Bravo and we have EXCLUSIVE info on the new season. “The new season of RHONJ is going to be Jersey Shore meets Mob Wives,” our source EXCLUSIVELY tells us. “The new guys act like wise-guy wannabes and the women fight like crazy.”

“Teresa [Giudice] isn’t bringing any drama this season due to her current legal situation,” our insider shares. “Dina [Manzo] is two-faced. She would say something about one of the women while filming and then call them after and apologize to cover her ass, because she doesn’t want her past exposed.”

“The new girls are bringing the drama,” our source continues. “They pull each other’s hair and they fight like crazy.”

“Amber [Marchese] was very good friends with the Napolitano twins and they turn on her,” the source shares. “One of the twins even pulls Amber’s hair when a fight turns physical.”

“How do you pull someone’s hair who’s recovered from breast cancer and had once lost all of their hair?” our insider asks.

“Amber is being bullied by the other women,” the source adds. “They have been very mean to her. She can’t believe her friends turned on her.”

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo

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Is Bravo trying to entice us to watch the show with all this talk of violence? I’m not buying.

What happened to Amber being the one to turn on the twins? Also where’s Melissa stand on all of this?

Sounds like Ambers just in the middle of all the drama. She starts with Melissa and then everyone turns on her!

read it again,says one of the twins pulled ambers hair.melissa lost all; her buddies like caroline, wacko jacko,and kathy,so she’s going to be teresa’s good and loving sister in law,this yr. we are supposed to forget what messy is really like like and forget the past 4 yrs

Seriously. It sounds like these women act like animals. And that’s nothing to be proud of, and it shouldn’t be rewarded with “fame.”

Where is Caroline Manzo? Whhhhyyy

and andy wants to fire porsha for fighting? its already started with new people on jersey, but nothing from andy yet

Porsha should be fired. She pulled Kenya by the hair and threw her to the floor. That’s pretty outrageous. Unforgivable.

there are lots us still hoping for the best for teresa and joe.

would you wait,till kenya hit you in the face with that sword?

Kenya didnt attack anyone. That’s a fact

jodi,kenya came very close to hitting cynthia in the face, watch it again,you’ll see her backing up against the sofa.last yr she almost got kandi with that stupid parasol,that she kept opening and and closing. this fight was just a matter of time. kenya thinks these antics are cute

Lucille, coming very close is not the same as actually physically attacking Porsha. Kenya has self restraint. Porsha does not. Therefore she cannot be trusted to discipline herself. She crossed the line and needs serious help.

Uggh. I refuse to watch if Teresa is still on. Why isn’t she in jail?

good don’t watch,then we don’t have to hear from you anymore

I wish Teresa & Joe Guidice nothing but well wishes. I know we all make mistakes,& have to pay the price, but if all the info on the web is correct Joe will be jailed for about 5 yrs., & the couple will have some very heavy fines to repay. What would be the point of removing those 4 little girls from their mom at this point? It would be horrible at this stage of their lives to lose both parents. Anyone out there who have not made & paid for a mistake made are the only ones to judge.… Read more »

Housewives have been somewhat physical on other shows RHOM(Adriana and Joanna) RHONJ(Teresa pushing Andy) so oh please. And this season seems like it will be something. A cast shake-up is good every now and again!

Why are we s behind in Briton x

I love all the housewives programs x