Exclusive: RHONJ Season 6 Details

Amber Marchese
Amber Marchese

As we previously reported The Real Housewives of New Jersey filmed in Atlantic City this weekend and apparently, the drama has already begun. Our RHONJ insider is giving us EXCLUSIVE scoop on what the dynamic is like with all the new women as they begin filming the new season. “Teresa and Melissa are getting along well for the cameras,” our source shares, adding that Dina Manzo is also, obviously “#TeamTeresa.” With rumors that the Napolitano twins have threatened to quit the show, our insider tells us this is absolutely NOT true. “The twins are hardcore,” our insider says, adding that they have yet to bring any drama to the group.

However, this isn’t the case for new Housewife, Amber Marchese. “Amber is picking on Melissa, because she supposedly knows her from the past,” our source explains. Amber recently posted on Facebook that she was “unhappy” in Atlantic City and was ready to get home to her family. “These new girls are walking into the lion’s den,” our insider warns. “This is New Jersey with some of the biggest bitches of all time, you have to be able to have thick skin to survive. The twins aren’t having any problems fitting in. They speak their mind and don’t put up with any BS, but if Amber is going to start with Melissa, she better realize what she’s dealing with.”

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  • Lauren

    Amber thinks she knows it all….she is just an attention seeking manipulative b**ch who believes in her crazy little head that she is above everyone. I hope she gets her a** kicked!

    • Jersey style

      Sounds like Melissa is feeling the heat from Amber. Team Amber!!!!

      • Ha

        Do you know this Amber person, personally? If not, you sound pretty ignorant rooting for someone you’ve never seen.

  • Stephanie

    I just think this is so sad that an educated person like amber who has apparently accepted the fact that her husband was found to have participation in a pseudo cancer drug scandal still finds herself classy after all of this. This show is already portraying that she is an a$$hole and in to drama and has no life. I know that if I had a family with four children, and an impressive degree I would not be wasting my life on a show that will redone who I am.

    • Stephanie

      *redefine who I am

  • Kris Russo

    Oh ladies…poor decision to be on RHONJ…I hope your families survive the drama.

  • Former Employee

    Amber’s husband is a slum employer. He does so many illegal things it’s unreal. He has loan officers working for him that are not licensed. He hires people on unemployment and pays them under the table. He curses and talks to his employees any and every kind of way. He lies about paying his employees. Payroll is always messed up. All if their equipment is outdated and he’s so cheap he doesn’t even offer direct deposit. I hope this show reveals all his illegal activity.