Exclusive: RHONJ Season 6 Cast Changes


There have been rumors about a Real Housewives of New Jersey cast shake-up, after RumorFix reported that Jacqueline Laurita and Kathy Wakile would not return to season 6. Now, our show insider is sharing more EXCLUSIVE details about what we can expect for the new season and it sounds like there will indeed be a cast shake-up. Keep reading to find out who’s in and who’s out.

“Everyone in the cast is currently negotiating their contracts,” our insider says. “Caroline Manzo will not return to season 6 because of her spin-off show on Bravo, Manzo’d With Children.”

“Kathy Wakile was offered a part-time contract and will appear as a Friend of the Housewives,” our source continues. “Bravo was debating whether or not to give Jacqueline the same type of contract. I think Jacqueline will return, but in a part-time role.”

“There are two twin sisters that are currently test shooting with Bravo right now to see if they will work as full-time Housewives,” our insider reveals. “They are not relatives to any of the current cast, but with Caroline, Jacqueline and Kathy out the network is looking for fresh meat.”

“There has also been talk that since Caroline and Jacqueline are out Andy is trying to bring Dina Manzo back,” the insider reveals. “Dina always said she would never return if her family was on the show, and now that they aren’t Bravo really wants her back. The network is looking to revamp the show and the drama.”

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  1. If this is the case, I can easily see Melissa leaving the following season. I can’t see Caroline staying away for too long – I don’t think the spin-off will do well and she’ll be back.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more! No matter what the situation may be, she always brings a smile to my face or gets me to laugh. I love her and hope to see much more of her on the upcoming season especially if her sister is no longer going to be a permanent cast member.

  2. So more inane drama. I will miss Kathy – she and her family are positive and loving but I guess that isn’t what gets ratings (see the comments below). Happy for Caroline getting her own show. Jacqueline is a little odd but I will miss watching the progress her son is making.

    So when are Juicy and No-Forehead going to jail???

        1. When Teresa is in the pokey, the Bravo producers won’t be able to feed her the lines they want her to say. This woman has brought down the image of Italian-Americans to such an incredibly low level. I speak as a proud and dignified Italian-American.

          1. Yeah and Josephine Gorga must make you really proud as an Italian-American since his and his wife are so kind, intelligent and wonderful right? Oh no, they are two self-absorbed, angry morons..

    1. Kathy always seems to be somewhere else mentally. She’s at the age of empty nest syndrome and her husband says demeaning things to/about her,he gets on her nerves.She seems very unhappy. Carolines getting her own show ? with her 3 fat ‘kids’ and her snotty husband, just who wants to watch her showing all the stages of menopause, screaming one minute then balling like a baby the next. She thinks she’s some kind f wise Philosipher. She goes to her sons Restaurant then smacks her lips eating saying ‘NOT THE BROWNSTONE BUTTER’. HER husband said it’s fine,they did good. Shutting her down. SHE SAID SHE’S ”PROUD THAT HER [sorry caps] ”shes proud that her Sunday meat ‘bwalls’ with gravy is on their menu.’ I for one would not watch her show or one with that cry baby falling apart B 4 our eyes jackqueline. shes a hysterical maniac with a meltdown approaching..AND she said her dumb looking daugther will be back. bleck..that’s it brudda.

    2. I like Kathy a lot!! she is real! She gives everyone a chance and is very forgiving. I feel bad that she had so many frustrations with Rich revealed this last season. I won’t miss Caroline at all…she is fake! So sick of this “family first” crap. Love Dina and Caroline needs to fix things with her. As far as Juicy and Tre…they deserve to go to trial and let the legal system take the course of action.

  3. Theresa is their cash cow. Bad role model for Italian Americans. But all bravo cares about is the money. I’m a proud, educated, refined Italian American. There are more like me in this country than those animals from Néw Jersey, particularly that low class Theresa.

  4. If they really want to “revamp” the show, they’ll get ride of Teresa and Melissa…they’ve been milking the drama between them for three seasons now, and this season, it just felt stale and tired.

  5. Poor Bravo. What a waste. The worst of the bunch is Miami. The best was DC and you dropped them like a hot potato. The DC ladies were more interesting than all the rest put together and Bravo was stupid enough to let go. What was more exciting than the Salahi scandal? Certainly not those air head Guidices. Or maybe the reason DC was dropped was because Bravo couldn’t manipulate them (after all Big Brother was watching.)

  6. Darn, I would prefer that Melissa and her husband leave the show. I agree, someone just said they feel the Manzo spin-off will fail and Caroline will return-I am betting that will happen. I think Jac should stay off of reality tv and tend to her kids and fedcourt problems – maybe some good therapy for those anger issues. I agree also that I have really grown to like Rosie. I don’t like how the Wakilies use her for a storyline. I think Rosie is interesting without them. And I like her mother – both seem to have good hearts. Bravo has become so disgusting that I’ve quit watching. I find that twitter and blogs are just as interesting and more honest. : /

    1. Jac’s federal problems? Really? What about the HUGE federal problems Teresa has? Thats a role model for sure!! Yeah, how to go to jail. Get a grip.

      1. YOU should get a grip. You don’t know how HUGE their problems are. The feds throw everything at people and then settle on one or two charges. Sorry to note you are just so happy about all the troubles for the Guidices especially four innocent children who might also have two innocent parents. Hope you never serve on a jury!

    2. What I find amazing is the name of Caroline’s poss new show “mangos with ‘Children” CHILDREN ?? Really? She’s the senior citizen on the show w/ grown children old enough to be having their own kids. Why would anyone want to watch her running behind Alfie sniffing his diapers to see if they need to be changed.? That daughter is homely and her cold sarcastic attitude is boring.has she cooled her heels about marrying the Deli guy since she lost weight? Come on girl you definitely look better but your no Italian siren. I already know I will Not watch a whole hour with that control freak and her “kids” (sons) trying to break away from her grasp. BTW,What happened to the boys friend that lived with them in their old apt. With the dog named Delores? He was a cute guy..

  7. As far as this asinine show goes: the majority of my friends are Italian and absolutely none of them act like these NJ people – these NJ women are an embarrassment to my friends.

    1. Aunt B,
      I actually live in Franklin Lakes, and my parents came here from Italy. My father was 15 when he came over, and my mother was 21 (they met here). I appreciate your comment. Everyone likes to lump all us NJ Italians into one group. Just upsetting.

    1. @Italian Lover. High 5 to that. Jodi attacked Teresa on what her head looks like. Hey Jodi, that was very immature of you. Get lost.

  8. I am excited about the changes. I have nothing against Kathy or Jacqueline, a friend role is a good fit for their personalities. I love the idea of Dina coming back! That would really shack some things up for sure. The RHONJ needs a couple new cast members. I love it!!!!

    1. I don’t get all the excitement about Dina returning to the show. She betrayed her sister, Caroline. And sided with Teresa. Bad move. Anyone who is friends with Teresa can’t be trusted.

      1. Boy, you’ve got that wrong! Caroline is the one who betrayed Dina. You’ve got it backwards. I wonder why several of the other siblings don’t speak to Caroline. Did they betray her too?

  9. This show went down hill the moment melissa and Kathy joined. This is when everyone started hating each other and started to turn their backs on Theresa. Before the gorgas and wakiles joined, the show was about family and friendship. I believe they should have let Danielle stay. Lol now she brought the drama.

    1. I agree. The Gorgas and the Wakiles completely ruined the show. The Gorgas are so dumb and impressed with themselves and the Wakiles are boring AND annoying. They use Rosie for a storyline, exploiting her sexuality. When Rosie drinks she is absolutely horrible and I think she needs help. When she is hanging with her good buddy, Juicy she is funny and light.

      1. The Gorgas could go and it wouldn’t hurt my feeling at all. I like Joe but can’t stand Melissa. She cannot sing and it is embarrassing for her to keep trying on tv. She has a beautiful bunch of kids and she needs to concentrate on raising them instead of promoting her singing career!! Kathy is not boring at all!! I love her! Maybe I am the boring one!! Rosie is amazing and I love how real she is!!

        1. Oh Gawd did U hear her sing for that Producer before her big morning show launch of her new record?? Ouch! off key so bad,when he asked her to do the scale, OMG! Jeez even Kim did a better job. .Why do some folks think they ‘got it’ and have to get to the top of the charts or better yet,why do they think they can?? Melissa has a loving husband,lots of money,3 cute healthy kids, if she wants to perform in front of people why not join a near by musical Playhouse and she could get her kids in some plays maybe or even show off Joe himself..She’s late 30’s,she’s cute but she is NOT like “today’s” young singers. Married with children should avoid the skin tight all black leather with spiked boots,in her case it’s costumes because it’s like twerking Miley it just doesn’t look good on her..

  10. Dear DJ, I apologize . I should have specifically said the NJ Italians that “appear on reality shows.” My friends here at home are wonderful people who have been there for me thru thick and thin and I guess that is why I am so shocked by the behavior in RHWONJ.

  11. It Is Time for Caroline to leave !!! She Is one un happy lady ! Come on EVERYBODY Caroline has been unhappy for a loooooooong time. She brings being happy to be not being happy ! So long BITCH move on @!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope for the best for teresa and hoping for a better cast mates next season

    1. Well if the stories are true than Al has been carrying on with a woman named Jill for over 6 years. I read on another site that the affair is exactly why Caro is leaving RHONJ. She knows the affair would be exposed if she stayed and with her own show, she can control the flow of BS. I certainly won’t be watching. Don’t like her, don’t like the kids. STFU Al is okay though.

      1. Is that why Caroline moved to that small apt in Hoboken? Was she setting up a little place where she could go when embarrassing things came up? What happened to her big career in Broadcasting? Where she was paid to be a know it all? Conceited is her middle name..does her whole family look alike? The ones that have been seen have those bulging eyes some more then others. 8 ].

  12. BOYCOTT BRAVO if Teresa isn’t fired!!! She has been arrested on 39 counts for being a thief and liar. Why should we support a criminal!

    1. I support the boycott of Bravo. Teresa is no role model for anyone in any area of her life. And the fact that she is a liar and a thief makes me ashamed to watch RHONJ. She is evil personified. BOYCOTT BRAVO!!

    2. Are you dim? You don’t know if she is a thief or a liar. What are you in the third grade and don’t understand that people who are accused of crimes may be innocent, or at the very least entitled to their day in court? I will not watch the program if the Guidices aren’t on. They are the only interesting people on the show.

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