Exclusive: RHONJ Is NOT Being Cancelled


Reports surfaced Wednesday that Bravo Executives were considering canceling The Real Housewives of New Jersey. While RHONJ remains one of the most popular shows in the franchise, reports stated that since the show is supposed to be about the lavish lifestyles of five ladies, the frenzy surrounding the Giudices and their legal troubles has given the show and the network bad publicity.

A source close to the situation tells us EXCLUSIVELY that the reports are false and there is “no way Bravo is canceling the show. Season 6 is definitely happening.”

Regardless of Teresa’s fate, the show will go on, and we will have more information on season 6 coming very soon! Stay tuned…

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11 Replies to “Exclusive: RHONJ Is NOT Being Cancelled”

  1. It was just announced on fox news/cnn that they will most likely cancel.
    I anticipate they will – they just do not want to loose viewership for the remainder if this season-advertisers, etc..
    Even Bravo knows, without Teresa, the ratings will be so low plus, with the Laurita’s nasty reputations starting to catch alot of mentions now-bravo is looking pretty lame.

  2. The “source” may be one of Teresa’s delusional fans or friend who condone her behavior without accountability. Yes, these are charges not yet proven in a court of law, BUT these allegations are NOT taken lightly either–they didn’t just pull these things for $1 million in bail (for both) has been posted.

    1. All the doubting T fans need to do is read the complaint-it’s on the Fed Gov website. She faked W-2 forms, lied on the stand in bankruptcy court about the status of her “Fabulicious LLC”, and her income from RHONJ. What? Joe got her paycheck in the mail and cashed it?

  3. I hope they get rid of Teresa. She constantly screeched about how concerned she was for her father and his health. Well good job kido YOU are a disgrace and have probably shortened his life with your selfish drama. If I was your dad I would be humiliated that I had anything to do with you. Tough love should be in effect here. This woman is an utter disgrace and embarassment. And what is with her make-up???? Paint it on much. I guess you were too cheap to get a REAL professional MUA. Tell that man that paints your face to lay off. You looked much better and younger without the heavy make up. With all that money you would think you would have a professional do it. I feel so badly for your children. I guess it is true any animal can have children.

  4. If anything RHONJ should bring the allegations and the impact it has on Joe and Tre into the storyline We see how they ALL live lavishly. If anything, it would make it more of a reality show. Letting the viewers see the downfalls of the wealthy and famous. Life isnt all glitz and glam. More money usually means bigger legal issues. Every person on the show has had legal issues in the past and or are going through them presently. Joe and Teresa are the stars of the show. Their popularity makes them and their problems more of a focus for the media. So much hype … and they are only allegations. They will come through all of it, with more money and more fame. BRAVO wont axe them or the show.

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