Exclusive: RHONJ Filming Extra Scenes for Season 7


Although season seven of the Real Housewives of New Jersey has wrapped filming we can exclusively report that three women filmed today at Rails Steakhouse in New Jersey.

Our insider tells us that Jacqueline Laurita, Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania had dinner at the restaurant to “clean up some loose ends” for the new season of the show, which is set to air in June.

Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga were not present for filming because Giudice is currently at a book signing and Melissa is with Andy Cohen in Los Angeles.

Our source also exclusively revealed that the ladies will be filming “tomorrow and or Monday.”

It seems Bravo needed more footage. Thoughts?

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Janice

    Won’t be watching!! Boring!

    • Amy


  • Suze☕️

    They needed it because Jac didn’t turn up for the fashion show at Melissa’s boutique. It was just after this when photos of Siggy Tre and Melissa were seen out at a restaurant or somewhere. Jac went into yet another meltdown and fell out with Siggy! (Just what I have read!)

  • Bon Vivant

    Just a quick note: that’s normal.They are technically referred to as “pick-up scenes/pick-up shots”. We use them in photography and film after principal shooting has wrapped to ensure continuity or logical editing of central themes or characters in a film project. Pick-up scenes are filmed for all reality shows: a good example to demonstrate would be the group conversations we’ve seen on RHoBH regarding Russell Armstrong’s suicide (some seasons back) and the Foster’s recent divorce.

    • Yes, and I can imagine it becomes necessary to do more of the “scenes” when the lushes of the show don’t fulfill their contractual obligations by attending certain events.

    • Bon Vivant. Thank u for the info. Learned something new today.

  • Aunt Bee

    I don’t care because I haven’t watched this mess in 2 years.

    • Naynay

      Neither have I Aunt Bee, I have no intentions of ever watching again unless there’s all new women who aren’t thiefs

  • John smith

    Having been around shooting for this show, what that means is the shows final cut was rated to low and boring and they need the extra scenes to cut and paste in. They did it last 2 seasons weeks after filming. The only thing that sucks is the production on this specific show is choppy and they never blend well. The comment above about how this is similar to what they do on Beverly Hills is correct but in NJ case they won’t add it to the end. They will paste it somewhere mid season, changing all actuality of the storyline. I assume the scene will play out that the three of them come to the conclusion that whatever problems they have will be caused and instigated by Teresa or Melissa. Just because that what every extra filmed scene since season 5 has been. But I guess we’ll find out. They change episodes up to the night it airs.

    • Suze☕️

      Thank you! It has been something I have been saying for ages, a lot of it doesn’t make sense at all, I still don’t know why production are so keen on all of this conflict all of the time it drives me mad and more with this show than any. I have always liked Tre, I don’t excuse what either of them have done but I find her the most interesting, in fact in my opinion none of the others are interesting without her!

      • Sometimes I can tell when scenes are off because of the scenery outside. I’m sure they try to work around this in editing but when it’s supposed to be winter and the trees are in bloom and the ladies are wearing summer outfits, the jig is up, and vice versa 🙂 You can also tell that things are out of sequence by haircuts and hair color, weight differences when someone has had a baby, and holiday decorations in a house or restaurant.