Exclusive: RHOC Cast Refuses to Film With Vicki Gunvalson


The “OG of the OC” Vicki Gunvalson has been at odds with her fellow cast mates of the Real Housewives of Orange County. And while we have yet to see two out of the three parts of the reunion that were filmed, a source is exclusively telling us that the cast is refusing to film with Vicki for another season.

“Right now the women are refusing to film with Vicki Gunvalson for next season. None of them are speaking to her anymore,” our source tells us. “They are trying to push Vicki out like the ladies did Brandi Glanville on Beverly Hills.”

“The girls are sticking together, it’s either them or her,” our source shares with us. “They are tired of Vicki’s lies and her high salary when they are sharing real stories with viewers.”

The cast was feuding with Vicki in regards to Brooks Ayers’ cancer diagnosis. The ladies believed that the couple’s stories did not add up as far as his diagnosis, treatments, doctors appointments, and the famous PET/CT report that had no spaces between words.

Who would you guys chose- Vicki or the rest of the cast? Are you surprised the cast is fed up with Vicki? Sound off in the comment section below!

Photo Credit: Bravo

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I don’t really care if she’s there next season or not. I’d rather have them get rid of Megan. I’m so glad that stupid Brooks storyline is over. Who really cared if Brooks was telling yet another lie or not?

I’m with you judge! Can’t stand Meghan did another season. But Vicki has had a nice long run and it’s time to pack it in

Anonymous, I’m with ya about Meghan, plus she is the wrong age for this group. But I’d rather see Tamra go then Vickie. Tamra is the worse friend anyone could have ever!

bring jenna back keep vick and bring her daughter and family back .shannon you of all peopleknow how fair a person will go to keep her man .and tamera what about all the am a christian trying to be a better person . sometimes you just have to be a better person and turn that cheek . sounds to me like you girls are pissed she makes more hmm . andy please stop letting this women hold the show hostage if their not happy other jobs are waiting . love you all but tired of the diva crap some of… Read more »
I totally agree. When your storyline is playing Harriet the Spy on people you don’t even know, you are not interesting enough for television. I don’t believe Brooks, but I don’t think Vicki is either an instigator or a victim. I think she probably knew, and wanted so desperately wanted to be loved that she went along with the story. And now she does not know how to get out of her lies. I doubt she did it maliciously, but she needs to own it nonetheless. Still, I don’t think it was ugly enough to justify being axed from the… Read more »

I agree, ChristopherM,

I am just curious. If she knew, and lying to thousands of people who had sympathy and empathy and being TOTALLY disrespectful to people who do have cancer, isn’t enough to get you fired what is? I think it is a total disgrace. In a sense wasn’t she doing it to make money from the show and isn’t that fraud?

I don’t follow that whole line of reasoning about disrespecting people who have cancer. If someone lies and says they’re pregnant when they’re not, are they disrespecting pregnant women everywhere? Meh. I doubt many cancer patients are interested enough in silly Brooks to care what he does.

Pregnancy isn’t exactly an illness that may be fatal. It is more of a natural occurrence. Hysterical/false pregnancy is more a psychological disorder as well in most cases. When someone outright fakes an illness that causes pain and suffering to many and their loved ones, it is not something to take lightly. It is a disgrace, and it is from someone who clearly has no feelings for anyone but himself. He did not deserve other’s sympathy if he faked it. It does make light of others who do suffer, and it causes pain to those who see someone belittle the… Read more »

Sorry JJ but many cancer patients and survivors are sick at this story between the two of them, I am!

KEEP VICKIE!!! Get rid of Meghan!!!!

Keep Vicki, bring back Jenna, and get rid of these other idiots.. PS-Tamara is dirty Crab girl

Bravo, this cast needs a major revamping.. please bring back: Vicki for sure! Gretchen (evening though not a fan, would be nice to see her up against Tamra- who unfortunately you will keep) Get rid of Shannon, she is a bore.. hate her storyline and can’t stand her constant bitching Limit Heather to part-time.. she is obnoxious, thinks she’s funny and cute.. she isn’t.. just her kids Megan- duh.. nothing to contribute there.. at all .. I think that everyone else agrees Lizzy- is cool, but seems like she took the safe road.. so part-time.. Bring in other ladies, PLEASE..… Read more »
Vicki is still the worst, but what was Heather’s story this season… hmmm selling products, what was Tamra’s story this season… hmmm last episode baptism…. what was Meghan’s story this season… hmmmmmmmmmmmm….. poking nose at other people’s business….. the only one who had a storyline was crazy, delusional, fame whore Shannon, who would do just about everything to be on this show, she sinks so low that even I who am very uninhibited sometimes cringe (like his husband looking for a piece of plastic up her ass) Shannon will do anything to be in the spotlight, she will exhibit everything… Read more »

Why watch if you hate everyone?

Yes I agree Milivanili! The whole cast can go!! Get new ladies!

So agree.. get rid of them.. Bravo it would be fun if you revamped it and got a new cast.. I can’t look at Tamara without thinking about how she admitted that she had crabs.. She is dirty.

OMG, smh, what does your handle stand for “spread more hate?” You’re vulgar.

Can I just suggest a dirty man gave it to her? Maybe her ex? So then why would she be dirty?

I have an idea….recast the whole show. Teach them who’s in charge. The producers and executives not the women.

Cassy, you have a good point there!

Yes, that is a very good point. Since when do the cast members get to decide who is on the show or not?

If these ignorant bitches push Vickie off the show, my friends and I will no longer watch it!

I won’t watch either. They need to get rid of meghan. I won’t watch another season of her.

Ok, ok….two people will not watch the show….we get it..LMAO !!

I agree!!

If Vicki is back, I won’t be and many others that have genuinely been affected with cancer! If she is back I will inundate Bravo with emails, maybe it won’t do any good but it will make me feel better perhaps I will start today!!! Hmmmmm!

First you have to know who to mail, otherwise it’ll just be dumped into the bin. Try Tweeting instead. It’s a little frustrating because it only allows length for about 2 sentences. However, at least your intended reader can see the message directly, and depending how often they check their Twitter account on their device of choice, they’ll see it in a timely fashion.

Thank you! I will have to run that but I would have to condense what I wan to say first!

I’ve had cancer and I am with you Sally.

Aunt Bee!, For me I will never forgive either of them so I wouldn’t watch and I know you feel the same! Xo

Hi Aunt Bee! I lost a dear friend to breast cancer, and my sister is a breast cancer survivor. This whole show was a disgrace!! Cancel the whole show!!

Sally, 100% agree!

Sally, she- Vicki- seems completely remorseless for her part in the fake cancer story line that dominated the season. It is absolutely shameful and incredibly hurtful to do to many real Cancer sufferers past and present that she and Brooke’s did this. But in true Vicki style she doesn’t own up to her behaviors and instead she deflects and points fingers else wear. It’s despicable.

You are so right and the perfect word, despicable!

I so agree Karen. I get no pleasure in it but Vicky is getting what she brought on herself. What she and Brooks cooked up is truly despicable.

Debra, I have suffered thru 3 separate cancer’s. I find it horrific that anyone would pretend to have this horrible disease just for ratings and money. Sham on Bravo for tolerating this injustice.

As someone with cancer it is unacceptable to fake it for ratings. With that said who do these other women think they are. Tamara using religion is also unacceptable Meghan stalking a man she doesn’t even know calling a doctor and faking her own cancer for information is just as gross. Shannon shares way too much and involved her kids in her marital issues is disgusting. Heather and her rich girl problems boring. Never have we seen these women show an ounce of humility ever.

Was a good story line. I can’t wait for the outing on the reunions. However is is despicable and time for Picky and Crooks to go.

Vickie is guilty of one thing, that she fell in love with a man named Brooks. She believed him and trusted him, stood by his side and defended him when the pack of bitch wolves surrounded, attacked and stuck their noses into his PRIVATE medical business! These nasty assed women swear that they are friends of Vickies, with friends like that, she needs no enemies! In the end, they will all find out just what a sneaky snake Meghan is and how she came between their friendships, so sad, watch her facial expressions when Vickie is being attacked, she is… Read more »

Perhaps you are right Vicky is a poor little innocent and everyone else is wrong! Respectfully my view is there is no way that she didn’t know!! Having lots of members in my family who have gone through cancer some successfully some not you know!!! You can’t not know!!!

It’s like Mother’s who say they didn’t know their kids were being abused by their Dad. Had to write that before I run.

Very well said Linda. I agree 100%.

Linda Baker, how I AGREE with your every word. So, so true.

Linda, you said it all perfectly. If Vicky is pushed out by any of the lying and hypocritical “Housewives” and if Andy or Bravo give in to this BLACKMAIL I will never watch a Bravo show of any kind. I’ll save the money and would prefer in that case replace Bravo with HBO on my satellite. Bravo is on the line already IMO by paying millions of dollars to the Guidices, those Federal and State cons who cost us all that money they cheated they stole from us taxpayers. Who the heck do those women think they are by trying… Read more »

Megan enjoyed causing the ciaos.. She is a sick, evil, giraffe.. Get a life.. go back to the zoo

She is being attacked…get rid of Tamara reborn again my ass!!!! She still evil and Heather is a follower!!! Disappointed in Shannon and Megan has to go!!!

I think Vickie was duped by Brooks on the cancer thing, and I don’t think she even knows if he really has it or not. How dare these arrogant bitches turn on her for something that I believe she isn’t sure about herself! Her heart is broken not only by the passing of her mother, but by the reality of finding out that NOT ONE of her “friends” on the show are really friends to her. I feel really bad for her, Vickie, God Bless you and do yourself a favor, dump these losers!

U are delusional if you think Vicki didn’t know about brooks lying. She admitted she lied for him. All the women did was call b*llsh*t on brooks. He can’t back up his claim that he has cancer. If he had cancer & he truly wanted to shut this sh*t down he would’ve gotten one of his doctors to come forward. Just sayin.

I thought Vicki made a “binder” for all his medical information? And she said she made it. Therefore she would know exactly what kind of cancer, what treatments, etc. instead of hemming and hawing. Sounds like you are either Vicki herself or a friend of Vicki’s cuz she is NOT liked on this post. And for those of us who are going through cancer or caregiving someone who has cancer, this is the ONE subject you don’t lie about. Your love of Vicki isn’t going to go far on this blog.


Yep the binder lie- the going to him to chemo apts lie- calling Dr Dubrow for help lie- and on and on. And people still defend her. Unbelievable.

I completely agree with you Linda Baker! I just don’t know how she found the strength to continue on filming with these sleazy dingbats.

She found the strength in the little dollar signs in her RHOC contract & her marketing for the juice club.

Amen Linda Baker! Why do they feel their demands and behavior are in any way appropriate under any circumstances? I am not sure Brooks does not have cancer; there may be some parts that are a little shady but I truly believe he is a sick man for some reason. And to think this all started with a psychic’s random comment [enter Meghan stage left, slinking and slithering…licking her filthy chops….]. The rest is history.

Oh he’s so alright. But not cancer. He’s a sociopath & unfortunately he can’t be treated for that. It’s amusing how posts call out the women for asking questions but no one ever asks why the man she says loved her like she’s never been loved, didn’t care enough about her to step up for her & quash (not squash, Vick) the issue for her sake. My man, a MAN, would put his ‘privacy’ after my needs. You don’t have to show records. Show them the pic line, or your rx, or a multitude of other things that aren’t records… Read more »

Oh he’s SICK alright. ( not ‘Oh he’s so alright’)

I have had a parent die from cancer, let me just say that anyone that has had any type of treatment for cancer you know it! Radiation leaves a redish sun burned on what ever area is being treated and it does not go away…if your doing chemo your in no way feeling well, throwing up, chills and the remainder of the time before your next treatment is awful. ..so for her to not see or know what was going on is Bull Shit! My dad had both types of treatments, and for someone to mok it is beyond word…she… Read more »

Ana, I am so sorry about your Dad. There are so many effected by this vicious disease it sickens me, of course she knew unless she is stupid.

Thank you Sally…

My mother suffered with Stage 3 ovarian cancer for six years; at the same time, my sister was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. I had two of my loved ones going thru cancer at the same time; both bald, ill. My mom did not make it; my sister has been a survivor. I have lost my grandmother to leukemia, my uncle to liver cancer (I was not able to see him much, he lived 700 miles away). He tried many holistic treatments including shark’s fat and Essiac which was a type of grass which he boiled; they claimed he… Read more »

Also, my grandmother kept her treatments and disease very quiet and private I believe to shelter us as we were a bit younger.

Louise, my son had NHL at ten years of age. It is not the same as many cancers as the tumour grows so fast the treatment is vicious! My son scraped through just and is fine now but a friend didn’t have the same chemo it came back within months, she was too weak to cope with the correct vicious first chemo, she died within weeks. I do not believe he has NHL! It is brutal, I have lost my mother, MIL to other cancers and they are not the same. Several friends have had breast cancer, it’s not the… Read more »

I am sorry for all of your family past and present that have suffered with this disgusting disease.

Amen Ana!

She hasn’t been a “true friend” to Tamra, who she went out of her way to get back with several times, got her a bracelet with BFF engraved on it, and then whispered innuendos into the ear of everyone who would listen. So, I wouldn’t be too quick to back her up either if I was Tamra. Everyone keeps implying that Tamra brought the psychic in to talk about Brooks, well, if we are giving the benefit of the doubt then that was actually the last question she asked, and she didn’t do it in a deceitful way. She knows… Read more »
It’s always difficult to see what anyone’s story has been or could have been when a season has been over taken by a thing like the Brooks cancer story. I happen to be a Tamra fan, although I have disliked things she has done, I find her to have a real life and she does the best she can. I don’t see why she is thought to be such a liar, honestly, I just watched the entire series this last month. If anything Viki has made her out to be a liar, taking advantage of her already spotty reputation. Let’s… Read more »

Wow, 3D’s. You really laid it out & so well too. Well done.

I do agree with you all the way on the Heather aspect. She is unreal! And asking Tamra “WHY???” she is doing real estate, was pretty condescending too. Maybe Tamra has some gumption and aspirations beyond shopping for the latest ‘it’ bag and making money for money’s sake. Shannon was a cold witch at the lunch with Vickie; where is that woman’s soul? I was pretty grossed out with the whole butt storyline last night as well. SMH, who does that?

I am from Saudia Arabia , I wached this program just for Vicki if shes not there next season I will not watch
she’s not perfect no body is perfect but she’s funny real with strong personality I love her and I choose her
the other ladies are just pull shit

Just ask Jill Zarin what happened to her when she refused to film with others! Vicky should do a PSA about what living with and believing in a con-artists does to your life. That Numbskull is still standing up for her Crooks. I’m sorry but she is totally using Jeanna keough because nobody can stand her anymore. Just stop it with the injections her lips look ridiculous and her face looks distorted. If anyone watched wwhl after the show, Laurie Peterson’s face look distorted to. I wish these women could see how to much junk being injected into your face… Read more »

Laurie has never been attractive, but you are correct she looks horrible with all the fillers and Botox. It makes them look deformed.

Laurie looks like the character that wore the mask in the movie V with Natalie Portman. Too much makeup, hair and teeth. In her quest to remain looking young, she looks exaggerated.

I just watched WWHL and I see what you mean about the face lifts, fillers, Botox. It was creepy. I always liked Jeana and think she is pretty but she doesn’t even look herself anymore and no words for Lauri.

What makes you think Vicky had fillers? You are assuming just like many of these people here who are assuming Vicky knew Brooks didn’t have cancer. FYI in case you’re not up on the latest, Some years back Vicky went through a horrible illness and it took 8 brain surgeries that were all risky and praise God, Vicky came through it all but she did suffer some nerve damage to her face which have paralyzed parts of her face including her lips. Remember don’t assume because more than likely you probably don’t have all the facts.

Vicki Gunvalson is no stranger to going under the knife. Since she began appearing on Real Housewives Orange County, in addition to Botox and fillers, Vicki has gotten a tummy tuck, liposuction, a nose job, a chin implant and a boob job – and she might be ready for more if that’s what it takes! Are you guaranteed a card? Find out now! “I want to look as best I can, so if it takes plastic surgery, dieting, working out or whatever, I will do it,” Vicki asserts. Part of the problem for Vicki is that television makes her hyper-aware… Read more »

This was taken from an interview with Vicki about plastic surgery.

Yes, I saw that too. Also, if her lips were numb, she could not speak very well, so it must have been a temporary problem that got better. Facial numbness from Botox is common.

For someone who said last season they DONT need the show, then Vicki should be gone. Ships is a “LiarFACE”. All she does is yell and contradict. I especially hate how she doesn’t take responsibility for her own shortcomings. true, she is being duped by Brooks, but She was dumb enough not to believe the warnings. This person who went on camera about how Don cheated on her was exposed by her own daughter for being a cheater herself with Brooks while she was still in the marriage with Don. LiarFACE!

Brianna loves to humiliate her publicly….what a daughter.
Then she marries a rage-aholic and acts like Vicki is the one with all the men problems.
Everyone on the show needs to look in the mirror.
I thought Tamra was “saved” by Jesus…so shouldn’t she be in forgiveness mode? Basically her baptism was just a dip in the pool and had a party celebrating herself after. That is so spiritual. Isn’t that what Jesus would do?

You are right moriah!

I can’t stand Heather or Tamara. Heather had no story (except herself & hubby’s big house). Tamara had no story. She did the baptism, but I’m sorry I don’t see as a Christian at all. Heather & Tamara are ultimate mean girls; they are keeping it under wraps because of the backlash last year. I hope they are both gone next season. I use to like Shannon, but when she jumped on the Tamara/Heather bandwagon made me see a different side to her. At least Vicki did not go to Megan’s party & had lunch with Shannon so she would… Read more »

Contracts have not even been passed out yet. You can’t make filming demands on a job that has not yet been renewed for another season.

Excellent point, this why I don’t even believe this story. NON oh the women even know if they’re coming back next season

Good point!

That’s the first thing I thought when I read this story, so I had serious coubts about its validity. Usually they wait until closer until they start the new season for these type of hype stories.

We’ll soon be bombarded with “Did Vicki Get Fired from RHOC? “…”Did Vicki Quit RHOC?”….”Did Vicki Get Back Together with Brooks?” headlines. Be prepared, you know its coming.

Stupid Bitches…Vicki is the OG and I’m sure next season she & Tamra will make-up, Heather plays peacemaker… Whatever… Meghan was totally the boring irrelevant bitch this season… She just started the whole fight… She made her first thought by a psychic… And then she decided to hold a bigger investigation about Brooks then the FBI does to murder crimes!!! Who can think Meghan was the right person??? Do you remember she didn’t invite Shannon to her boring charity events and not helping Vicki at all when her mom died???

If Tamara and Vicki agreed to wear an electronic anklet that shocked them every time they reach a certain decibel level of screeching, maybe I could watch this show again:)


And Shannon!!

Could Vicki’s be really strong please. Also a shock for every lie she tells!

Omg. Love it. I literally hit the mute button. Very obnoxious.

Me too. That screeching makes my cats ears start rotating.

Haha! I would love to see that!


I think what’s happening from reading these comments about a variety of the Houseeife shows, is that we are getting impatient and kinda tired and have little tolerance for the housewives we don’t like :). It’s ‘ housewife fatigue syndrome’ LOL. I’m personally over RHOA and never watching again. So I’m not surprised when I read that people won’t watch if Vicki is back or if Meghan is back etc etc. ok! That’s my one profound thought of the day and I used it all up in this posting 🙂

So are you suffering with Brain Freeze? I agree Rain, Maybe there should be a large upheaval of housewives all through the franchise!

I’m only beaching OC and RHOBH now so I’m doing better 🙂

Only watching, not beaching lol

Whatever both work!

I think you’re right Rain, I’m done with Atlanta AND Jersey. And that hoes gir the spin-off shows that accompany tjose franchise as well. I may read the recsps, but that’s about the extent of it. I was nearly done with New York, but I loved last season. I think, after so much noteriety, fame and money the lure to be fake, even for veteran Housewifes is just yo strong, to stay “relevent”.

ITA Karen 🙂

I am also not watching Jersey or Atlanta, unless maybe they get entirely new people…which is highly doubtful.

Rain, I think you have something there..I stopped watching many of the Housewives.. I look at all of the ones that live way beyond their means but still act like they have it.. Several in different shows have filed bankruptcy and look at Teresa & Joe in NJ..They are all human and all the films are cut to try to make for a better rating. I think that one Dr told Brooks there was a mass but I don’t remember Cancer being said.. I guess I got full of Vicki when her daughter got married and then moved to Okla… Read more »

Kesha I’m betting if your much loved daughter moved to some far away state you too might do the same thing as Vicky and make an emotional comment like did about Oklahoma. PS: Breana isn’t very happy in Oklahoma but we all have our opinions.

I cannot watch Atlanta. I grew up and still live in Chicago part time. Had enough of that drama.

We need a Real Housewives of Chicago!

If they would just get rid of the lying, bullying, attention-craving Vicki, AND stop the endless shilling of products (I’m looking at you, Heather Dubrow), the show would be better. Shannon’s marital issues were watch-worthy, but they continued to be a keening whine for far too long. Meghan is just a bit exhausting. Lizzie so unremarkable in her normal-ness that she really isn’t very good TV, although she’s probably the only one I could stand in real life. Next year, perhaps focus on the ridiculous house-folly that Heather and Terry have built. It’s so nouveau that it’s just silly…but it… Read more »
I don’t like Vicki’s attitude about working women/SAHM. She got sucked into a scam with a liar and she believed him and fought for him. She didn’t let anyone convince her of anything different. He had her so convinced that she didn’t listen to her own children. That is all at the hands at a master manipulator, Brooks. But worst of all her mother died unexpectedly this season. Pathetically ALL those spoiled women chose to ignore the emotional turmoil she was going through at the loss of her mother and continually confront her on the whole Brooks issue. I could… Read more »
I wanted to at first say, None of the above as my answer. Then after second thought…No Heather for sure. I can even tolerate Meghan now though I do not feel she is the best fit. Shannon has a few moments of comic relief amidst all the nuttiness. I like her. I would not miss Tamra at all. Vicki needs a year off at least, but if this is true, she cannot even return as a friend. Shannon and Meghan…need more housewives, maybe fortiesh or so who is successful and a mother and wife. I would live to see beautiful… Read more »
Correction…please do not show Jim ever if Meghan returns. They are terrible together. If Meghan leaves, I won’t miss her. I just like a little bit more about her. Screaming Vicki has always been what OC was about, so it would be an entirely different show without her. Maybe a cast upheaval…I find Tamra pretty but boring. Her hubby is annoying too. She is also more of a fixture…so…OC needs a new OC maybe. Tamra and Vicki are a team…or were. Maybe give Shannon a spinoff with Carlton. We need nutty and funny. I used to stare at Carlton’s house.… Read more »

But Carlton was from Beverly Hills I know…

Ooh 🙂 I LOVE the Shannon and Carlton spin off idea!! I always thought Carlton was portrayed poorly in her first season and that’s production’s fault, they just focused on her witch and sexual stuff even though she’s also a mother and has other things going for her. As a lover of anyone slightly cooky (being one myself lol), I think your idea is genius RealSandy, those 2 are a perfect match!! Just when I thought I couldn’t love you more

Wait just one darn minute! I’m pretty nutty myself!!!

You’re sweet!!! 🙂 maybe slightly nuttyLOL

Nutty is fun!

Wait a minute!! You are very nutty! I mean that in a good way of course!

I’LL say!!! lol Let’s make it all about you!

Awww. Rain. You are the best! Love you too! (and Sally…she is sensitive..have to mention her. 😉 )

I should think so! I was just about to greet! (Cry)!

Oh I love you Sally ! You know that 🙂 🙂 .

I can sleep now happily!! Love you to Rain 😀

I thought Carl was judgmental and sanctimonious. She did everything in her power to make Kyle uncomfortable at that lunch she had at her “house” She wouldn’t even answer the innocent questions she had, then it was OK for BG to spew her usual gutter, vulgar mouth. No one, even Kim of course stood up for her just sat back and watched it happen. No wonder Kyle won’t step in for Lisa in a fight, she never stepped in for her at that time.

Season 11’s cast should be:
+ 2 new wives

On a totally superficial note, I thought the ladies looked unglamorous, compared to the RHOBH reunion e.g . I was hoping for a friggin gown or 2 for goodness sake

Hi Rain and I agree with you. And once again, Vicki has all her sun-spotted, wrinkled cleavage hanging out draped in her real? (or fake) Chanel necklaces and her bad skin caked with make-up. She is SO insecure she thinks showing her cleavage makes her desirable. Pathetic. She needs to take a year off. heather’s top/dress was nice tho, atleast it had something to to it. Tamra STILL has that “I used to be a stripper” look with the low-cut dress with the hole underneath her bra area. Sorry Ladies, there comes a time when it’s actually more seductive to… Read more »

Yeah, I think Hearhers was the prettiest dress ( I hated admitting that lol). I’m Tamras age and I think those dresses are a little too young . She has a gorgeous body but she mostly looks silly all the time .Meghan looked like she was going to the Republican convention or something. Where’s the glamor? Where’re the gowns? Andy should’ve told those hefers to go change then come back 🙂 🙂 🙂 . even looking at Lisa V or Yolanda’s closet was more glamorous than looking at that reunion couch lol

I think Yolanda is pure class all the way….not too adventurous but classically elegant and tasteful.

I thought that Vicki’s dress was great, however there was too much breast exposure. I’m not sure why Vicki and Tamara are compelled to show their breast because it only accentuates the fact that their necks are unattractive.

Agree about the breasts lol

THAT is just so horribly mean.

Vicki and Tamra would not consent to wear a gown. They want to demonstrate to the audience that their breasts are surgically perky and yours are inadequate in their natural state. Exhibitionism trumps style.

Bravo would never let Vicki go at this point, given the focus on her this past season – and how they can bridge that into rebuilding relationships next season (without Brooks). It’s already a built in storyline. This supposed dispute could end quickly, all they need to do is fire Meghan to show – OK women, you want to play difficult, here’s how expendable some of you are. The rest will come running. Wouldn’t be surprised if they bring back Jeana, someone to be on Vicki’s “side” to kick off the season.

I have said that same thing before and reluctantly agree with your logic. I think Andy will see how RHOA will do without Nene!!!! Bravo is petrified that their golden show ,RHOA, will take a ratings hit without Nene. If that does happen, there’s no way they will get rid of another OG and risk that. Even in this forum, you can see Vicki has a lot of fans , and most of these OGs have big fan bases, be it Teresa, Ramona or whoever .

Keep Vicki and get rid of everyone except Lizzie. Tamra, Megan, Heather and Shannon were relentlessly attacking Vicki all season. Not a single one of them have the charisma and fun that Vicki endears us with. They are all catty and jealous, loud-mouthed and judgmental, selfishly endorsing themselves to the point of tears. NOBODY cares about Heather’s ostentatious materialistic indulgences. NOBODY cares about Shannon’s brow-beating and humiliating her poor tortured husband. NOBODY cares about Tamra’s phony christianity while she throws a sex party, pretense that all is well with her son and baby mama, back-stabbing betrayal of friendship to Vicki.… Read more »

Can I just say I agree about Heather, as for Tamra, do Christians not have sex? If you get rid of everyone except Vicki and part time Lizzie the show would be cancelled, Vicki has long past her sell by date but this season she has gone way over the top. Vicki is a liar, has always been a liar, but this season has sunk to an all time low!

Andy LOVES Heather so I’m afraid she’s going nowhere! I hope I’m wrong because she had NO story line

You are right they are his cash cows!

BRAVO Caily. You voiced my exact thoughts. Great Job.

Caily I love the line about ostentatiousness! Brilliant! I am with you too Starr, Rain and Jane!

Thanks Louise. I would add a smiley face, but I don’t know how.

😀 is : D with no spaces
🙂 is : ) with no spaces

Charisma? When? If you can tell me what episode, I’ll try to look for it, because I must have missed it with all the screeching, sanctimonious ignorance that comes from her mouth.

Heather isn’t going anywhere….besides, she has to show off her big newly decorated house next year (ok, secretly dying to see it myself). Meghan can go

And all them Gucci bags lol

How much meaner can those mean women be? The are beyond horrid. Out the door all of them, not only Vicki. What exactly did they bring this season ? Heather & her over kill with money & her over the moon house. Meghan, the spoilt interferer. Shannon the whiner & Tamara who I really hope will grow in her faith & develop a clean heart. NOTHING!!!!! Lizzie is the only one worth staying. I vote a big fat NO.

Yes, I do NOT like gang ups, regardless of how terrible that person was. It’s like high school bullying

Yes Rain, I fully agree. This is bullying. They act worse than mean schoolgirls.

This story is way too early, why would they even really say that. they know how it all works. Polarity is the best thing for the show. We are ensuring they, or at least Viki, will be back because of all of the differing opinions.

so the ladies are boycotting Vicki…Hey – what do you say we boycott Orange County housewives until they provide a cast that is worth watching….

Keep Vicki and get rid of the rest lol Shannon husband is waiting so he can get a divorce and so is Jim Edmonds lol

Keep Vicki. Get rid of all of the rest. Shannon is a cry baby.. Tamara is just a conniving con. I don’t believe anything that comes out of her mouth. Heather has become a media junkie. Meghan just ignorant.


I don’t really have a problem with most of the women, except, Mehgan. I really liked her the first few episodes, then it all went down hill. I don’t understand why she had to continually interject herself into someones elses business. i dont like Brooks but, if he’s lying that his problem to deal with. Her trying to be jury, judge and executioner was taking it way too far, IMO. She continually dragged the other women into it with her Inspector Gadget BS. All the while, trying to be the saint and advocate for people with cancer. Lets be honest,… Read more »
Wow. Do the ladies this season really think they are that interesting. Let them hold out, or hold off all they want, they will be doing that time slot a favor. Bravo, should be quite disappointed with such a ridiculous “Storyline.” No one should get paid. I would love to see the ratings for this season. I am not a huge fan of Vickie, but the other ladies definitely crossed that line a long time ago. I really think that Bravo would get rid of the other ladies, before they get rid of Vickie. Be very careful ladies. The noose… Read more »

Hee hee!

Maybe we should start a hashtag on Twitter #VickyMatters…


I don’t think you people realize that Brooke is the user and a grifter. She bought him new clothes new teeth tried to buy him hair for him to fit her image. Just because megan is young and tells the truth doesn’t mean she should be not on the show. Oh and she bought him a car also if money means so much to her then why would you get mad at her friends if they think that he was stealing her money. Maybe not cash but he’s got at least $50,000 worth of teeth in his mouth now

Meghan tells the truth? Her truth maybe. There’s no PROOF of her truth, really.

Oh, I think it’s well established that Brooks is a user and a grafter. Megan might do better if they bring at least one other younger Housewife on the show. She just didn’t fit in.

He may be those things but that does not mean he is lying about having cancer. I don’t believe he is. Meghan is just not that bright to put it simply.

So sick of the Dubrows…every time we surf the channels it’s either them on Evine, Botched or lately this mess of RHOC, and what a snoozefest part one of the Reunion was! Yeah ALL of the housewives have displayed way too much “holier than thou” attitudes, downright snooping, and judging regarding Vicki, that is for sure. I have no idea if Brooks is lying or not – that will play out on its own and it should have — just saying if I were Vicki’s friend, I would just be there for her. The way Tamra and Shannon shifted over… Read more »

Yes it was weird! It IS! PREACH sistah!!

Mousie, great comments. I don’t like blackmail so I would dump those full of themselves housewives who are pulling this on Bravo. I truly believe in my heart and soul that Vicky was duped by Brooks. She isn’t perfect but far better than those “blackmailers”.

PS: I highly doubt the Dubrows will be on the show much longer. They got what they both wanted, a show on another network for Terry, show for Heather on the same channel and they launched their product line which will pay for the rest of their mansion.

First of all Mehgan needs to butt out of Vicki’s business…. Mehganh is a young bitch and all she is trying to do is cause problems… Her husband don’t wont to be around her or Jim would be in town more often… He knows all she is doing is causeing problems after problem…None of the ladys were there for Vicki when her mom passed away.. and thats not right…

Vickie is a BULLY and I am so tired of watching her—will continue to watch if she exits…

How can you say Vickie is the bully when she has been nothing but beaten down by each and every one of these housewives? Individually AND collectively. At lunches, parties, dinners, baptisms…over coffee.

Vicki has been a bully since season one. She bullies everyone around her. Why would her son not let her have his address? I would be devastated if one of my kids did that. She wants control of everyone including the other housewives.


The truth is that the other housewives are completely irritated that they cannot CONTROL Vickie with their demands for physical proof of the man’s personal, private medical records which are so personal and private that they are protected by federal laws. Vickie is requesting support from people she thought were her true friends and is finding out that they are not and she is devastated. But I’m sure Rena will respond to my post if she so chooses as I was asking her a question.

Vicki not stupid, she knew Brook’s things from day one, she just want more money , cover her lost in Wine business. Please kick her out, she just bully and scream on girls. Time to go, need fresh face.

Has anyone seen the Crooks interview on E? I guess part one aired last night and part two airs tonight?

Of course they’ll all be back next season, maybe not Megan. But Vicki will be there. If Tamra can survive last season being the odd man out and, anyone can.


Did no one notice that Vicki was so f___d up that she was not really responding in her normal screeching voice. The women need to dress their age & who wants to see all those fake ass boobs.Vicki board ass needs to go & take that damn saying “OG” ( old gag ) with her

I am not sure why but Vicki dies not get on my nerves nearly as much as I know she should. Yes, I did notice that she looked quite f____d up!

Vicki is a nasty old creep, she feels it is perfectly alright to pick on Megan for her age! Vicki thinks calling herself an Orange County Original gangster is okay?? A business woman I wouldn’t buy pretzels from her. Yikes, she presents her Daughter and Son-in-law with a car they paid her . What a phony. Bravo should do themselves a favor and dump her save themselves a large salary.

This was the word season- I font blame Vicky or Brooks- the cast had plenty of stories with out focusing on this cancer BS!!! Don’t get rid of Vicky- Meghan has to go

I meant to say “worst” season, and I don’t blame Vicky… But she could have cleared up a lot earlier on

OMG, no kidding. Jeanna looked great, though, don’t you think? Never seen her slim, and it didn’t ruin her face as often happens when we are chubby and lose so much weight after 50. Laurie looks like a doll that melted. I never cared for her, and again, even tho I am not a fan of Viki, I didn’t like what she did in the season she came back and went to Canada with the girls.

I keep getting an “error” window when I try to post. this was supposed to be in reply to CassyJ way up thread.

Ha ha ha ….. A doll that melted!!!’ I just snorted milk up my nose!!!

Gigicat, that is TMI!!!

That is hilarious, I laughed out loud. Is that ok? no lol!!

Thank you, Sally. I am googling the winking smiley face tonight.

😉 is ; ) no spaces

😛 is : P is pokey tongue if you want an extra
😡 is : x angry face

😉 I am going to write this down. Thanks, Sally!

People often act crazy when they are going through a divorce. Perhaps that is the reason for Vicki’s poor judgment with Brooks and now it will be over. I didn’t like Don any better. He was way too wimpy. Maybe next time Vicki will get it right!

A doll that melted, haha! She has always seemed to me like she’s on downers. All she seems to want is to be married to a rich man at all times so she can sit there and look stupid while her kids go to hell in a handbasket.

I’m not sure disrespect is the most appropriate word but its pretty close. I volunteered for Make-A-Wish for a number of years, & it never ceased to amaze me how children (in this particular case) were incredibly resilient. When someone has or had cancer they go through horrendous physical, emotional & physchological pain. So for someone to appropriate the title of cancer survivor or someone battling cancer, it is an affront. Their family & support system deal with a lot as well. & while you’re right that most could care less what a vile little man on a reality t.v.… Read more »

i’m sorry, this was meant as a reply to Judge Judy’s post addressing the disrespect of cancer patients & survivors.

Roxanne, Perfectly said, Make a wish Foundation is the most amazing charity for very sick kids and terminally ill kids. When my son was ill a lot of the kids had either holidays or days out or met pop stars or sports stars through the charity. We didn’t because my son came out of it and lots didn’t or wouldn’t and we could afford to do things but lots couldn’t! I just wanted to say well done in volunteering! 😀

I am so sorry for your families suffering. i’m glad your little boy recovered. Alot of the parents expressed similar sentiments, but Make-A-Wish has access to things parents may not. I always managed to convince them to let us try. Besides it gives us volunteers a chance to meet real life heroes!

It is one of the most amazing charities ever! There were such a lot of kids that needed it! We loved seeing all the pictures of swimming with dolphins and race days with the formula I raving drivers! Well done! My boy is now 28 and brilliant 18 years on!


Big typo there but maybe appropriate ‘raving’ should be racing’ haha

My heart just swelled listening to Roxanne and Sally talk. I only stated names because my reply keeps going to the wrong place. Make-a-Wish and then hearing that your wish, Sally, came true. That is so wonderful.

I hope bravo keeps vicky! I love her and wish her well. This is not her fault. She did the best she could at the time. The other ladies need to get over it!!!!!!!

Just a thought. I think Crooks is the smartest of all. He lied, got to go to parties and hob nob, got on a reality show, got notoriety, hooked up with a rich lady, had her fight his battles at parties and dinners while living in her beautiful home and having her support him. When things got too heated at dinner or parties he had Vicki trained and primed to rise to his defense, fight his battle and then demand to leave so he could safely exit . He had her turn on friends and family without cost to him.… Read more »

In agreement until the implied characterization of Vickie as a victim. If you want to keep a man like Girth Brooks, you pay the premium. She was a co-conspirator.


I cant stand to watch Vickie anymore. I havent believed anything shes said is the last 4 seasons. Shes not a nice woman and they way she treats people is terrible. Shes mean and vicious. I do feel sorry for her mother passing away. But that doesnt give her a free pass on that awful behavior. Im voting to get rid of Vickie and keep the other girls. I enjoy fun and mischief. I dont want to watch someone being excessively mean.

Ditto. However, when her mother passed away and they filmed Vicki’s reaction, I honestly could not help but feel it her reaction was over the top and for the cameras. I don’t think she has a genuine bone in her body.

I felt the same. When she kept telling her brother to ‘Wake her up’ it seemed very odd. Maybe children would react like this but from a grown adult, it doesn’t feel authentic. after her mother’s death, it was about her. ‘My mom died ON ME’. ‘There’s no one there FOR ME’… She is a classic narcisist. Her brother found their mom & its about her.

I say GET RID OF HER! I did not watch once this season because I cannot stand Vicki so much. I did, however, watch the reunion show. If Vicky and Tamra were gone, I’d be back to watching full time. I say get some new blood. Can’t stand Vicky OR Tamra. Heather is also annoying.

To Roxanne, I didn’t mean to imply Vicki was a victim with Crooks. I agree with you, she was in on the ruse willingly and not the victim.

Oh well now yeah, ITA!

Aw heck, y’all. Summing every opinion up. This show is like a bad movie. Make believe horse radish. (Not to give horse radish a bad name.) My posts never appear on threads on this website so maybe I am not logged in. I never receive comments or new posts by e-mail. Somebody tell me why?

Under the comment box you can click both or one of two boxes that say notify me, then get and email that says subscribe to blog, click the email and then you will begin to get email notifications of posts by others. You have to do this for ever story. If you do not get the first email look in your spam.

Thank you, CassyJ. I have been clicking both boxes and have subscribed but still nothing. Not even my junk mail box. I appreciate your help and will continue checking my mailbox where my settings may be blocking receipt.

Double check your email. When I got my new phone I typed my email in wrong and so I wasn’t getting anything. I know you probably already have but it just crossed my minds I did that once.

Is it working now, River?

VICKI is the OG and STAR of HWOC !!!! She is funny, goofy, real, honest and always bring the drama aka storyline!!! The other HW are BORINGGGGG with cat faces and are Mean Girl bullies. I use to like Shannon but then she became part of the Mean Girl Club: Tamra, Heather & Meghan. I really liked Lizzie — she was an ally that Vickie needed. Why didn’t Bravo utilize her more??? Meghan has got to go — her husband don’t care about her, her step kid don’t care about her, I DONT CARE ABOUT HER — boringgggggg ! Team… Read more »
Get rid of Meghan!! She never fit in. If she stopped criticizing Vicky she would have no storyline and she is too young for the group and does not I repeat does not fit in!!! She is a trouble maker and a kid and does not know how to play with the grownups. Also, Heather, SHAME ON YOU with your disguting display of wealth by building a house that no “normal” family should live in. There are so many homeless out there. There is really NO excuse for them spending all that money to build such a monstrosity. All my… Read more »

I’m am by no means a Heather fan nor do I want to hear about how much their house costs. However they have worked hard invested well and have the money, why shouldn’t they build the house they want? Why say shame on you for being wealthy?

I also want to see it. I personally think great for them with the money, they can be relieved that they won’t need to worry about money. What I didn’t like was how she was so invested in Alexis for being aware of her money, just wouldn’t shut up about the fake ring, renting a house, kept it up with her rehearsed comments thru the reunion, and now is blatantly shoving the cost of every thing in that ridiculous house in everyone’s face. I wouldn’t have cared a wit about it if it wasn’t for that. She always had a… Read more »

Oh you are completely correct. She is a complete narcissist and talks out of both sides of her mouth. It is always ok for her to do what she calls others out for.

I agree. She is a bit pretentious & preachy. But she & her husband have done well financially. They can spend on whatever they like. He’s a medical dr. & they don’t give out medical school for free. If you didn’t help him earn it then you have no say on how they spend it.

I am pretty sure his Med. school bills were paid off after the first thousand nose jobs. They live in one of the most exclusive communities in the U.S. I have exactly no problem with them having money, or spending money. What I have a problem with is her constantly rehearsed interviews to camera, her constant judging in the name of any conversation she had in her 1st. 2 seasons. Especially where Alexis was concerned. If saying to camera, “If they have all this disposable income, why are they renting?” isn’t judgmental, I don’t know what is. Alexis was usually… Read more »
Alexis had her own agenda. She through out her narcissistic (stupid, moronic) comments threw money right in the face of everyone, problem was they really did not have that much. They rented a home, bought the trampoline park on loans and wears a fake ring (because her real one is half the size of her fake one). Alexis and Jimmy the chin have taught their children the the more expensive it is the better it is. So sad. The only time I have ever heard Heather talk about her house was when she had the girls over ( although that… Read more »

Very easy decision…. Bye Bye Vickie…. the OG of the OC has run her course…. out she goes.

DUMP Vicki!

Please get rid of Vickie. And Kelly too. There both very spiteful, mean people who only want to attack