Exclusive: Penny Drossos Did NOT Admit Teresa Giudice Was Behind Cheating Scandal


In this Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey Melissa and Joe Gorga confronted Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis about who is behind the rumors Melissa cheated on Joe. When Joe asked Penny, “So who’s behind this cheating thing?” Penny is shown saying, “It was your sister.” Adding, “She asked me if I knew who Bulldog was. Then she said to me, ‘Can you confront my brother about it?'”

Melissa recalls the Milania Hair Care Launch Party where Teresa said to Penny, “Penny we aren’t friends right?” And Penny says, “Right, that’s a lie.”

Melissa reveals to Penny that Teresa doesn’t like her. Penny says, “As far as her not liking me, there’s a lot I could say. I can show you in my phone right now I have her house number and her cell number. You want me to show you?”

“I’m not going to take the bullet for everything,” Penny says. “John has text messages from her.”

But an insider is telling us EXCLUSIVELY what really happened when Penny met the Gorgas that night (February 28th) at Chakra. “Penny did not say Teresa was asking her about Melissa cheating on Joe,” our source reveals. “This is all Bravo’s editing. When Penny says ‘it was your sister’ she was responding to who invited her to the Milania Hair Care Launch Party.”

“Penny was showing Joe and Melissa Teresa’s contact information in her phone because Melissa revealed Teresa was calling her a stalker,” our source shares. “Penny went on to reveal that her husband, John, also had text messages from Teresa inviting them to events and asking to help her with The Celebrity Apprentice.”

“Joe and Melissa met with Penny at Chakra on February 28th, before the cast headed to Miraval on March 16th. If Joe supposedly “knew” Teresa was to blame for the cheating rumors why wouldn’t he have used that against her in Arizona?” our source asks.

“This entire conversation is edited to blame Teresa,” our insider says. “Everyone that signs a contract with Bravo or Siren Media agrees that Bravo can ‘edit, delete, dub or FABRICATE’ story lines.”

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo