EXCLUSIVE: Nicole Napolitano’s Boyfriend Bobby Gets Along With Her Family Just Fine


During Sunday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, viewers met Nicole Napolitano’s boyfriend, Bobby Ciasulli. The Housewives were celebrating Christmas and Bobby came under fire when it appeared he presented Nicole a gift that was a shoe and also a wine holder.

Nicole cleared up in her Bravo Blog that Bobby also gave her a very nice necklace. But according to our insiders it seems Bobby will be under the microscope even more this season. Previews indicate Nicole’s family does not want her to be with him.


But an insider is EXCLUSIVELY telling us that this is just a storyline and that Nicole’s family loves Bobby.

“The wine holder was just Nicole’s stocking stuffer,” our insider tells us. “Bobby is a great guy and is well liked by everyone. The family ‘not liking’ him is just a storyline. He gets along with Nicole’s family¬†well.”

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3 comments on “EXCLUSIVE: Nicole Napolitano’s Boyfriend Bobby Gets Along With Her Family Just Fine

  1. I am sick of hearing about “story lines”. I thought “reality shows” were supposed to be about real people and their “real” lives. No longer watch this one as everything about this trashy show seems fake and made up to enhance their “story lines”. Y U C K

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