Exclusive: New Details On Joe Giudice’s Court Case

Joe Giudice
Don Smith, NorthJersey.com

We have updated EXCLUSIVE information regarding Joe Giudice’s court case. A source close to the situation tells us, “Joe’s Status Conference has been changed to April 1st, 2013.” The insider continues, “The Status Conference was to determine if the plea bargain is not accepted. If the plea is not accepted it will determine if there is any outstanding evidence that the defense has not received or if there are any witnesses that are not available. If the parties are not willing to plea then a trial date will officially be set. If there is a possibility Joe decides to take the plea, the court will schedule another status conference. Since another status conference has been set, it appears the parties are still trying to work on a plea.”

Our insider reveals that Joe and his legal team are working very hard with the prosecution to come together with a plea bargain. “Word is they are working very hard to get a plea together. Joe says he won’t take the plea if it requires jail, but up until the moment the Prosecutor’s office insists on jail time.”

As we previously reported, Prosecutor Jay McCann is taking Joe’s case very seriously. Joe had previously rejected the plea bargain that included serving five years in prison, because the prosecution decided Joe’s offenses were severe, and he would definitely do “some jail time.”

Joe’s lawyer, Miles Feinstein, is said to argue that since Joe has no prior record he should be eligible for probation, but according to Feinstein the state is taking a tough approach because Giudice is in the public eye. Chief Assistant Prosecutor Jay McCann has denied that there is any personal vendetta against Joe, saying the allegations against Giudice are serious.

Photo Credit: Don Smith, NorthJersey.com